District 19-E Constitution & ByLaws and Policy Manual

Table of Contents

District 19-E Constitution & ByLaws - Updated April 2018 at Spring Conference

Chapter 1 Policy Manual

Describes rationale for Policy Manual, relationship to 19E, MD and LCI C&BL’s and Policy Manuals.
Chapter 2 – Cabinet
Describes make-up of Cabinet, responsibilities, quorums, etc.
Chapter 3 – Committees
Describes 3-year and 1-year committees, committee membership, duties and responsibilities of chairpersons.
Chapter 4 – Communications
Covers District newsletter.
Chapter 5 –Spring Conference
Describes conference operations in more detail regarding chairperson responsibilities, reports required and time frame.
Chapter 6 – Budget & Finance
Covers B&F appointments, responsibilities, relationships to cabinet, DG, etc.
Chapter 7 – Rules of Audit
Covers reimbursement for authorized persons, relationship to District accounts held by MD, District 19E Administrative Fund, proper forms for expense claims, etc.
Chapter 9 – Foundations and Societies
Describes process for electing and appointing individuals to the foundation and societies supported by District 19E
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