My Fellow Lions and Leos:


I am sincerely honored and humbled that you have elected me to serve as District Governor of one of the finest districts in this organization.  Thank you for having confidence in my leadership abilities and for inspiring me with the determination to excel.  I would be remiss if I did not thank PDG Ozzie, Leo Brandon and other family members, Brooklyn Caribe Lions Club and The Committee to Elect Lion Melissa Torres for all their immeasurable support and love. I acknowledge that a successful tenure as District Governor cannot be “a one-person show”.  Teams of dedicated Lions and Leos must band together with a single-minded commitment to serve the needy in our various communities.  This IS the key to a successful year of service in District 20-K1.  It is certainly true that one person alone can make a difference - but pooling our resources together, we CAN impact the world.


We have had a very productive first quarter.  We began by celebrating our 10th Anniversary of Family Fun Day.  Months of preparation paid off because it was a terrific event.  This year along with all the wonderful array of food, drinks and music we had exhibit booths and a Care Project Service Activity.  I would like to congratulate Lion Myrna Atherley- ACT, Lion Rosa Marte and the entire committee because all their efforts paid off, and the event turned out to be fantastic.  On September 7, 2015 we participate

In the WIADAC Labor Day Parade.  My sincere thanks to the chairs Lion Rayboyd Stennett, Lion Michael Yansen and the committee for all their work.  The Lions of District 20-K1 came out and marched with the District Flags.  Thanks to PDG Brereton, PID Alexander, Lion Stennett for collectively retrieving the District Flags.  It was impressionable to see the Lions march down Eastern Parkway with our flags.  On September 12,, 2015 we participated in the Teal Walk in Prospect Park and I would like to thank

Lion Audrey Julien and Lion Doreen Thomas for all their efforts.  On September 26, 2015 the District had its first Internet Café with the participation of 25 lions.  I would like to thank Lion Beatriz Fabergas, Lion Ingrid Campbell and Lion Levi Jeffers for all

Their efforts.  Since it was such a success we plan to have another Internet Café soon.   One of the District service activity that we began at Family Fun Day was the Care Project.  We delivered over 90 bags to a Shelter Home in Brooklyn.  The committee went over and beyond any expectation, special thanks to co-chairs Lion Collene Questelles Lion Joy Shorey and their committee for all their fabulous work.   Finally, I am truly grateful to both PDG Joyce Cochran and Lion Maureen Thomas for, working two weekend back to back, and for putting on two very important and wonderful events.  The re-certification of Guiding Lions and the Leadership training.  We had a guest speaker attend the Leadership Training on Oct. 03, 2015 PCC Gary Brown, MD20 GLT coordinator, we appreciate that he made every effort to attend and share valuable information with our district.  


The essence of International President Jitsuhiro Yamada is a very simple focus on Dignity, Harmony and Humanity.  He believes that by bringing dignity to the lives of others through humanitarian service, we can foster harmony among the peoples of the world.  He is encouraging Lions around the globe to develop programs that will assist the less fortunate, aid and strengthen the weak and nurture our youth to develop into productive citizens.  In celebration of LCI’s 100 years as a service organization, he has challenged every Multiple, District and Club to establish Centennial Projects in four key areas of need - Vision, Youth, Environment and Hunger Relief.  I strongly urge every club to participate in this campaign and support IP Yamada to accomplish these goals.


One of my priorities during the last two years, was to survey and analyze this vibrant, energetic District.  It is our ethnic and cultural diversity that sets us apart from other Districts and Multiples.  We are also blessed with an abundance of dynamic and knowledgeable members who are willing, ready and able to volunteer their time and resources in service to others within their community and around the world. Our outreach capability is truly extraordinary and we must continue to capitalize on this strength to maintain an upward momentum of growth in membership and leadership. 


This year, our theme for the district is “Empowering Our Members To Serve From The Heart”.  I believe that consistent growth is contingent upon our willingness to take care of each other, focus on our initial attraction to Lionism and make a conscious decision to honor and respect our pledge to serve and assist the less fortunate.  Our objectives are ~                    

                *               Growth through Retention. 

                *               Embracing and Strengthening Our Leos

              *                Establishing Effective GMT and GLT Membership and Leadership Programs

                *               Launching alternative committees to facilitate district operations


Because these are SMART goals, I am certain that they can be achieved as long as District 20-K1 stands together, united under one and the same Lionistic banner that declares, “WE SERVE.”


Will you join me to motivate and unify our members to be the best that they can be?


Sincerely yours in service,

Lion Melissa Torres

District Governor

2015 - 2016