Global Leadership Team (GLT)

Leadership is critical to the overall success of any organization, including LIONS Clubs International. An effective leadership team provides the vision, guidance and motivation necessary for our association to continue to fulfill its mission of providing quality, relevant service to communities around the world.

Your district Global Leadership Team is made up of the district governor, the two vice-district governors,  and the Global Membership Team leader. The zone chairs are also involved in giving information to  these leaders as a liaison to the clubs. We are here to help you and your club be “the best that you can  be.”  Each club in our district is autonomous, but still a part of the whole district. Each club is different and  has its own unique qualities. We can all learn from each other as well as from training that we get in  district, state, and international trainings. Sharing ideas at your zone meetings is a good way to do this.  Reading articles in the newsletter about what other clubs are doing can give you ideas for your own  club.

There is an abundance of online training on the LCI website for officers and leaders in your club. I  encourage you to surf the website and try some of these trainings. LCI is always adding webinars with  informative subjects. It is not hard to do a webinar. Try it!

The District 2-S3 GLT Coordinator for the LIONS year 2017-2018 is PDG Mike Smith, email -, phone - 830--625-8061, cell -830-708-3007.



Global Membership Team (GMT)

District Governor Mike Smith has outlined a plan to bring in new members to our lions clubs and retain members and has idenentified up to five clubs for rebuilding process.

  • Four New Clubs (one per quarter)
  • 15% greater retention effort district wide
  • Need for guiding lions for both recruiting and rebuilding is essential.

The District 2-S3 GMT Coordinator for the LIONS year 2017-2018 is PDG Shirley Dillman, email, phone - 512-809-4556.


Global Service Team (GST)

The District 2-S3 GST Coordinator for the LIONS year 2017-2018 is IPDG John Lyon, email -, phone - 512-847-7654, cell - 512-964-6521



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