2016-2017 Directory

Michael Smalley, April Feray (Partner in Service)

      1st Vice District Governor                                                           2nd Vice District Governor     
           Dr. Johanna Elliott                                                                        James Haverland







  1.  International                                                                                                         1

Contact Information                                                                                        1


Mission and Vision Statements                                                                         1

Lions Clubs International Founder                                                                    1


2016-2017 International President and Directors                                                        2

Past International Presidents – Texas                                                              2

2016 International Convention                                                                                   2

Centennial Celebration 2017                                                                            2

  1. State – Texas Lions MD-2                                                                                     3

State Office Contact                                                                                        3

State Districts, Counties/Location, and Contact                                                           3

State Districts Counties/Location and Contact (continued)                               4

District Governors                                                                                           5

First Vice District Governors                                                                            5

Second Vice District Governors                                                                                    6

State Committee Chairs                                                                                               6

State Committee Chairs (continued)                                                                 7

  1. District 2-S5                                                                                                          8

Governor’s Goals                                                                                             8

2016-2017 Officers                                                                                         8

2016-2017 Officers (continued)                                                                                   9

Past District Governors                                                                                                9

District Committees and Chairs                                                                                    10

Commemorative Book                                                                         10

Constitution and Bylaws Chairperson                                                   10

District ALERT Chairperson                                                               10

District Ambassador to LCIF                                                                10

District Centennial Coordinator                                                                       10

District Chaplin                                                                                               10

District Convention Chairperson                                                                     10

District Facebook Chairperson                                                             10

District Global Leadership Team Coordinator                                      10

District Global Membership Team Coordinator                                                10

District Long Range Planning Chairperson                                           10

                        District Committees and Chairs (continued)                                                     11

District Newsletter                                                                               11

District Peace Poster Chairperson                                                        11

District Tail Twister                                                                            11

Kids Sight Vision Chairperson                                                              11

Leader Dog                                                                                          11

Leo Clubs                                                                                             11

Mid-Winter District Conference                                                                      11

New Club Development Chairperson                                                    11

District Committees and Chairs                                                                        11

Opportunities for Youth – Drug Awareness,

Speech, and Diabetes Essay                                                      11

PDG Honorarium Committee Chairperson                                           11

Texas Lions Foundation                                                                                   11

Web Master                                                                                         11

World Service of the Blind                                                                   11

                        Lone Star Lions Eye Bank                                                                               12

                                    Contact Information                                                                            12

                                    Directors                                                                                              12

                                    Officers                                                                                                12

                        Texas Lions Camp                                                                                           12

                                    Contact Information                                                                            12

                                    Directors                                                                                              12

                        Award Recipients (District 2-S5)                                                                      12

                                    Hall of Fame                                                                                        12

                                    Harry Reasonover                                                                                13

                        Award Recipients (continued)                                                                           13

                                    The E.B. ‘Tex’ Mayer Award                                                              13

                                    Celeste & Harrison Sheperd Fellows                                                     13

                                    Melvin Jones Fellows                                                                           13

                                    Melvin Jones Fellows (continued)                                                         14

                                    Melvin Jones Fellows (continued)                                                         15

                                    Melvin Jones Fellows (continued)                                                         16

                                    Texas Lions Fellows                                                                             16

                                    Texas Lions Fellows (continued)                                                          17

                                    Leader Dog for the Blind Tribute                                                         17

                                    Ambassador of Goodwill Award                                                                        17

                                    Certified Guiding Lion Award                                                               17

                                    Jack Wiech Fellows                                                                              17

                                    Jack Wiech Fellows (continued)                                                                       18

                        District Zone Chairs and Club President and Secretary                                      18

                        District Zone Chairs and Club President and Secretary (continued)                   19

                        District Zone Chairs and Club President and Secretary (continued)                   20

                        District Zone Chairs and Club President and Secretary (continued)                   21

                        District Zone Chairs and Club President and Secretary (continued)____________22

                        Leo Clubs                                                                                                         22

                        District Governor Official Visit Schedule                                                          22

                        District Governor Official Visit Schedule(continued)                                        23

                        District Governor Official Visit Schedule (continued)                                       24

                        District Training                                                                                              24

                                    Trainers                                                                                               24

                                    Resources                                                                                             24

Dues and Contributions                                                                                                                        24

Dues and Contributions (continued)                                                                                          25

District Calendar                                                                                                                      25

District Calendar (continued)                                                                                                   26




International Headquarter Office

300 22nd Street, Oak Brook, IL 60521

Phone:  630 571 5466      Fax:  630 571 8890    Website:


The Lions Emblem




Our name was not selected at random, neither was it a coined name.  From time immemorial, the lion has been the symbol of all that was good, and because of the symbolism that was chosen.  Four outstanding qualities – Courage, Strength, Activity, and Fidelity – had largely to do with the adoption of the name.  The last mentioned of the qualities, Fidelity, has a deep and peculiar significance for all Lions.  The lion symbol has been a symbol of Fidelity through the ages and among all nations, ancient and modern.  It stands for loyalty to a friend, loyalty to a principle, nations, ancient and modern.  It stands for loyalty to a friend, loyalty to a principle, loyalty to a duty and loyalty to a trust.


The Lions Motto – We Serve


Mission Statement

            To empower volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote international understanding through Lions clubs.

Vision Statement

To be the global leader in community and humanitarian service.

Lions Clubs International Founder – MELVIN JONES

Melvin Jones was born on January 13, 1879 in Fort Thomas, Arizona, the son of a United States Army captain who commanded a troop of scouts. Later, his father was transferred and the family moved east. As a young man, Melvin Jones made his home in Chicago, Illinois, became associated with an insurance firm and in 1913 formed his own agency.  He soon joined the Business Circle, a businessmen's luncheon group, and was shortly elected secretary. This group was one of many at that time devoted solely to promoting the financial interests of their membership. Because of their limited appeal, they were destined to disappear. Melvin Jones, then a 38-year-old Chicago business leader, had other plans.  "What if these men," Melvin Jones asked, "who are successful because of their drive, intelligence and ambition, were to put their talents to work improving their communities?" Thus, at his invitation, delegates from men's clubs met in Chicago to lay the groundwork for such an organization and on June 7, 1917, Lions Clubs International was born.

            Melvin Jones eventually abandoned his insurance agency to devote himself full time to Lions at International Headquarters in Chicago. It was under his dynamic leadership that Lions clubs earned the prestige necessary to attract civic-minded members.  The association's founder was also recognized as a leader by those outside the association. One of his greatest honors was in 1945 when he represented Lions Clubs International as a consultant in San Francisco, California, at the organization of the United Nations.  Melvin Jones, the man whose personal code – "You can't get very far until you start doing something for somebody else" – became a guiding principle for public-spirited people the world over, died June 1, 1961 at 82 years of age.



Lions Clubs Objectives

            To create and foster a spirit of understanding among the people of the world.

            To promote the principles of good government and good citizenship.

            To take an active interest in the civic, cultural, social, and moral welfare of the


            To unite the clubs in the bonds of friendship, good fellowship, and mutual understanding.

            To provide a forum for the open discussion of all matters of public interest; provided,       

                however, that all partisan politics and sectarian religion shall not be debated by club


To encourage service-minded people to serve their community without personal financial

    reward, and to encourage efficiency and promote high ethical standards in commerce,

    industry, professions, public works, and private endeavors.


International Officers and Board of Directors 2016-2017

     International President                               Robert “Bob” E. Corlew           Tennessee USA           

            1st International Vice President                        Naresh Aggarwal                      India

            2nd International Vice President                       Gudrun Yngvadottir                  Iceland

            3rd International Vice President                        Jung-Yul Choi                          Korea

     International Directors

            K. Dhanabalan             India                            Yasuhisa Nakamura                  Japan

            Vijay Kumar Raju         India                            Luiz Gerald Matheus Figueira    Brazil

            Aruna Abhey Oswal      India                            Bruce A. Beck                          Minnesota USA

            Tony Benbow              Australia                      Jennifer Ware                          Michigan USA

            Elisabeth Haderer         The Netherlands          Nicolin Carol Moore                Trinidad and

            Markus Flaaming          Finland                                                                              Tobago

            Elien Van Dille             Belgium                        Joyce Middleton                       Massachusetts Magnet Lin                   Taiwan                                                                               USA

            Jaepung Yoo                Korea                           Sam Lindsey                             Texas USA

                                                                                    N. Alan Lundgren                     Arizona USA

Past International Presidents – Texas (*denotes deceased)

1918-1919                   I.J. Lewis*                                Dallas

1931-1932                   Julien C. Hyer*                                    Dallas

1941-1942                   George R. Jordan*                    Dallas

1950-1951                   H.C. Petry, Jr.*                                    Carrizo Springs

1968-1969                   David A. Evans*                      Houston

1982-1983                   E.J. (Ebb) Grindstaff                 Ballinger

2006-2007                   Jimmy S. Ross                          Quitaque


2016 International Convention

The 99th Lions Clubs Annual International Convention will be held in Fukuoka City, Japan, for five days, from June 24th through June 28th, 2016. At the International Convention, a lot of members will come from all over the world and celebrate, get to know each other better and learn together. I hope it will serve as a good opportunity for members from overseas to experience Japanese society and culture, and ultimately find out about the Japan Lions Club in the world. A spirit of Lionism was created by Melvin Jones 100 years ago, and it has since charmed a mass of members around the world, becoming an immensely profound and broadening great river, thanks to considerable charitable works subsequently implemented. To participate in the International Convention in Japan is to purify yourself in such a great river. You will be able to discover something new in the river by having firsthand knowledge of the current conditions of Lions Clubs around the world.


Centennial Celebration 2017

June 30-July 4, 2017: Chicago, Illinois, USA.  Lions Clubs International is celebrating its 100th Anniversary!  Welcome to Chicago!  Set amid one of the world's most magnificent skylines, miles of stunning lakefront, unrivaled architecture, and world-class shopping and dining, the "The City That Works" is the ideal convention destination.  Jam-packed with cultural riches, an abundance of activities, a diverse ethnic population and friendly hospitality, Chicago is an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages.




State Office 

            Sandy Merritt, State Office Administrator

            P.O. Box 294509, Kerrville, TX 78029

            830-257-6557 Fax 830-896-6557



State Districts, Counties/Location, Website

Texas is the second largest state in the union, and is home to 850 clubs and over 23,000 members.  Each year, Texas Lions contribute nearly two million service hours helping their communities and charitable organizations.  Texas is divided most recently into 16 districts, all within Multiple District 2.  Below is a map of those districts.


District                                    Counties/Locations                                          Web Site

2-T1                Armstrong, Briscoe, Carson, Castro, Childress,   

                        Collingsworth, Dear Smith, Dallam, Donley, Gray,

                        Hall, Hansford, Hartley, Hemphill, Hutchinson,

                        Lipscomb, Moore, Ochiltree, Oldham, Parmer, Potter,

                        Randall, Roberts, Sherman, Swisher, and Wheeler.


2-T2                Bailey, Borden, Cochran, Cottle, Crosby, Dawson,

                        Dickens, Fisher, Floyd, Gaines, Garza, Hale, Hockley,

                        Kent, King, Lamb, Lubbock, Lynn, Motley, Scurry,

                        Terry, and Yoakum


2-T3                Andrews, Brewster, Crane, Culberson, Ector, El Paso,

                        Hudspeth, Jeff Davis, Loving, Pecos, Presidio, Reeves,

                        Terrell, Upton, Ward and Winkler


State Districts, Counties/Location, Website  (continued)

2-E1                Archer, Baylor, Callahan, Clay, Comanche, Eastland,

                        Erath, Foard, Hardeman, Haskell, Jack, Jones, Knox,

                        Montague, Palo Pinto, Shackelford, Stephens,

                        Stonewall, Taylor, Throckmorton, Wichita, Wilbarger,

                        and Young


2-E2                Collin, Cooke, Denton, Grayson, Hood, Johnson           

                        Parker, Somervell, Tarrant, and Wise


2-X1                Dallas, Ellis, Hunt, Kaufman, and Rockwall        


2-X2                Bowie, Camp, Cass, Delta, Fannin, Franklin, Gregg,

                        Harrison, Hopkins, Lamar, Marion, Morris, Rains, Red

                        River, Smith, Titue, Upshur, Van Zandt, and Wood


2-X3                Anderson, Bell, Bosque, Coryell, Falls, Freestone,

                        Hamilton, Henderson, Hill, Houston, Lampasas, Leon,

                        Limestone, McLennan, and Navarro


2-A1                Brown, Coke, Coleman, Concho, Crockett, Glasscock

                        Howard, Irion, Kimble, Llano, Martin, Mason,

                        McCullock, Menard, Midland, Mills, Mitchell, Nolan,

                        Regan, Runnels, San Saba, Schlecher, Sterling, Sutton

                        and Tom Green


2-A2                Atascosa, Bandera, Bexar, Dimmit, Edwards, Frio,

                        Gillespie, Kendall, Kerr, Kinney, La Salle, Live Oak,

                        Maverick, McMullin, Medina, Real, Uvalde, Val

                        Verde, Webb, Wilson, and Zavala


2-A3                Brooks, Cameron, Duval, Hidalgo, Jim Hogg, Jim

                        Wells, Kenedy, Kleberg, Nueces, San Patricio, Starr,

                        Willacy and Zapata


2-S1                 Angelina, Cherokee, Hardin, Jasper, Jefferson,   

                        Nacogdoches, Newton, Orange, Panola, Polk, Rusk,

                        Sabine, San Augustine, Shelby, Trinity and Tyler


2-S2                 Chambers, Harris, Liberty, Montgomery, San Jacinto

                        Walker, and Waller


2-S3                 Bastrop, Blanco, Burnet, Caldwell, Comal, Hays,         

Milam, Travis, and Williamson                          


2-S4                 Aransas, Bee, Brazoria, Calhoun, Dewitt, Fort Bend

                        Galveston, Goliad, Jackson, Karnes, Lavaca,

                        Matagorda, Refugio, Victoria, and Wharton



State Districts, Counties/Location, Website (continued)


2-S5                 Austin, Brazos, Burleson, Colorado, Fayette, Gonzales

                        Grimes, Guadalupe, Lee, Madison, Robertson, and



District Governors

District                        Name                                                   Contract Information

CC                   Ernesto “TJ” Tijerina                          210-414-3319 /

2-T1                Robert Bain                                          979-332-0284 /

2-T2                Jim Petty                                             325-207-1952 /

2-T3                Brian Caswell                                       915-929-9509 /

2-E1                Rodney Foyce                                      940-224-8384 /

2-E2                Tom Hayford                                       489-831-5403 /

2-X1                Bill Smothermon                                  972-571-0806 /

2-X2                Jean Sandlin                                         903-491-3529 /

2-X3                Glenn Brandt                                        254-541-3092 /

2-A1                Dave Richison                                      325-388-2091 /

2-A2                John Lee                                              830-370-3156 /

2-A3                David Krebs                                         361-813-0619 /

2-S1                 Bobbie Fagan                                        936-245-0044 /

2-S2                 Mark Roth                                           713-962-4194 /

2-S3                 John Lyon                                           512-964-6521 /

2-S4                 Malaki Gore                                         409-626-0793 /

2-S5                 Michael Smalley                                   979-208-9337 /


First Vice District Governors

District                        Name                                                   Contact Information

CCEE               Rick Talbert                                         956-373-5321 /

2-T1                Phyllis Elsey                                        806-336-8424 /

2-T2                Vance Gipson                                       806-783-8692 /

2-T3                John Feighery                                      915-383-9333 /

2-E1                Kenneth Baxter                                               940-839-6011 /

2-E2                Charles Bethards                                  817-999-4784 /

2-X1                Henry White                                        469-387-4923 /

2-X2                Paul Boggs                                           903-746-4133 /

2-X3                Joe Holman                                          254-291-2607 /

2-A1                Amando Subia Sr                                  432-238-2267 /

2-A2                Donald Krichhoff                                 830-331-0815 /

2-A3                Jesse Rodriguez                                     956-624-8042 /

2-S1                 Russell Wheeler                                    806-676-6088 /

2-S2                 Betty Ezell                                           281-743-0523 /

2-S3                 John Pruett                                          830-377-0031 /

2-S4                 Jerry Gilbert                                         281-635-0655 /

2-S5                 Dr. Johanna Elliott                              979-567-9895 /







Second Vice District Governors

District                        Name                                                   Contact Information

CCEE               John Landrum                                      214-403-8894 /

2-T1                Cody Chandler                                     806-220-9422 /

2-T2                Terry Hawkins                                     806-787-7976 /

2-T3                Dr. Kathy Summers                              432-266-1128 /

2-E1                Chuck Sims                                          325-829-3552 /

2-E2                Pete Koschelew                                                903-814-7695 /

2-X1                Keith Murray                                       979-492-7310 /

2-X2                Charles Hom                                        903-576-6183 /

2-X3                Lisie Meeker                                        254-289-9550 /

2-A1                Russell Livingston                                432-559-9010 /

2-A2                Roberto Castillo                                   830-422-1630 /

2-A3                David Christopher                                361-522-7550 /

2-S1                 Roger Doyle                                         936-590-2281 /

2-S2                 Karl Johnson                                        936-524-0386 /

2-S3                 Linda Davis                                          512-799-2924 /

2-S4                 Debbie DeLeon Davant                                    979-637-0736 /

2-S5                 James Haverland                                  979-229-5910 /


State Committees Chairs/Liaisons/Advisors/Executives

District                Committee/Position              Incumbent                             Contact Information

2-A2         Texas Task Force Liaison   CC Ernesto “T.J.” Tijerina      210-414-3319 


2-S5          Campus Club                       DG Thom Holt                                  979-574-4331                                                                                                                                         

2-X1         Constitution & Bylaws/       DG Bill Smothermon              872-571-0806    

                     Policy Manual                                                      

2-A3         Diabetic Awareness Prog     PDG Cesar Montelongo                      956-460-7801 


2-E1         Financial Advisor                PDG Gary D. Sult                    254-968-6662 

2-X1         Information Technology    Lion Korky Kathman             214-673-2956 


2-S5          International Relations       PID Joe Al Picone                  979-421-0689

                    International Liaison                                            


2-E2         Leader Dog Forum              PDG John Paul Burnett                       817-729-0111


2-T2         Legal Advisor                       PDG Dan Warrick                  806-762-6625


2-S3          Leo Clubs Program/Texas      Lion Elizabeth Bumguardner    512-292-8777 

                        Leo Council                                                       

2-X1          Long Range Planning         DG Carolyn Dorman                  512-203-5972  

                       MD2 Centennial Coord                                         

2-X2         Long Range Planning          DG Jean Sandlin                       903-491-3529

                        Committee Liaison                                                    

2-T3         GLT Coordinator                PDG Aubrey Cherry                 915-478-4425



State Committees Chairs/Liaisons/Advisors/Executives (continued)

2-S4          MD-2 GMT Coordinator     PDG Ronnie Martin                 979-236-8817   


                  Newsletter                          Unfilled Position

2-S5          Opportunities for Youth     Lion Newton Borjack               979-885-8601 


2-S1          PDG Association President PCC Stump Weatherford           409-313-0827


2-E1         PDG Association Secretary PDG Jeanne Adkison                817-821-4804


2-T2         Peace Poster                                   PDG Peggy White                     806-928-7723


2-T3         Public Relations                  Lion VDG Orlando                   915-873-0555


2-S3           State Alert                         PDG Art Dearing                     254-965-2947


2-T2           State Environmental         PDG Fredda Buckner                 325-725-3493

                      Photo Contest                                                     

2-X1           Texas Centennial              DG Bill Smothermon                 972-571-0806

                      Celebration Liaisons   /

2-S4                                                    DG Malaki Gore                        409-626-0793

2-A2          Texas Lions Camp CEO     Lion Stephen Mabry                830-896-8500


2-S3            Texas Lions Camp            DG John Lyon                            512-964-6521

                        Executive Comm Liaison                                          

2-A1           Texas Lions Camp                        PDG James Browning               903-658-6666


2-A1          Texas Lions Eyeglass         PDG Carolyn Keskitalo             361-779-7168

                          Recycling Center CEO                                            

2-X3           Texas Lions Eyeglass        DG Glenn Brandt                      254-541-3092

                           Center Liaison                                                        

2-A2           Texas Lions Foundation    PDG Gil Burrell                         512-272-5100


2-T2            Texas Lions                     PID Marshall Cooper                 806-790-5051

                            Foundation COO                                                   

2-S4            Texas Lions                                  DG Malaki Gore                        254-541-3092

                            Foundation Liaison                                               

A-2A           Texas Lions State                         DG John Lee                             830-370-3156

                         Office/Museum Liaison                                                 

2-S1             TLF Secretary                  PDG Waldo Dalchau               979-251-4353


2-S3             TLIF Ambassador               PID Joe Al Picone                    979-421-0689


2-S4             USA/Canada Forum          PDG Charles Dentler               361-220-1958


2-E2             World Services for the     PDG Jim Coleman                   214-708-0800


2-S3              Youth Exchange             Lion Bill Hull                         512-351-6936





Governor’s Goals

  1. Establish at least 4 new clubs in the district
  2. Establish at least 4 new Leo clubs in the district
  3. Establish at least 20 new centennial branch/affiliate young clubs in the district
  4. Have 2 Membership Blitzes in October, 2016, and March, 2017, with the goal of having 500 new members recruited during each of the 2 membership blitzes
  5. Have each club formulate a membership committee which focuses on membership recruitment and retention
  6. Have each club in the District elect a Membership Chair
  7. Have each club in the District be positive in membership growth
  8. Have our District be #1 in the State in Membership by the end of the year.
  9. Help to strengthen the struggling clubs in the District by having workshops with the District Governor Leadership Team
  10. Identify Potential New Leaders in the District; once the new leaders are identified, provide training for the new leaders with help from the District Governor Leadership Team
  11. Have all of the Clubs in the District be Centennial Service Clubs, by completing service projects in the following 4 categories: Environment, Hunger, Vision, and Kids.
  12. Have all of the clubs complete at least 1 Legacy Service Project.
  13. Encourage more of the Club Leadership and Members to participate in and attend District Meetings.
  14. Provide New Member Orientation to New Members
  15. Promote effective communication and leadership in the Clubs with help from the District Governor Leadership Team
  16. Have every member of the District be a contributing member to the Lions Club International Foundation in the amount of $21.56 per member.
  17. Promote the concept of Team Work in following the District Governor’s theme of Team Up For Service Excellence
  18. Remember to have fun and enjoy being a Lion!!!!!

2016-2017 Officers and Executive Team

District Governor                                             Michael Smalley

                                                                        PO Box 344

                                                                        La Grange, TX 78945




1st  Vice District Governor                                Dr. Johanna Elliott

                                                                        101 East Highway 21

                                                                        Caldwell, TX 77836




2nd Vice District Governor                               James Haverland

                                                                        5451 Timberwood

                                                                        College Station, TX 77845





2016-2017 Officers and Executive Team (continued)


District Secretary                                             Ben Schovajsa

                                                                        PO Box 344

                                                                        La Grange, TX 78945




District Treasurer                                             Mark Ulrich

                                                                        PO Box 344

                                                                        La Grange, TX 78945




Immediate Past District Governor                    Jim Fox

                                                                        PO Box 776

                                                                        Weimar, TX 78962



Past District Governors

2015-2016       Jim Fox                                                1995-1996       Ray Criswell


2014-2015       Thom Holt                                          1994-1995       Ron Gay


2013-2014       Danny Stribling                                                1993-1994       Lee Boyd Montgomery                                               

2012-2013       Ernie Koy                                            1992-1993       Elden Korenek


2011-2012       Andy Rodriguez                                    1991-1992       Felix Meyers


2010-2011       Vicky Murray                                       1990-1991       Clinton Blezinger


2009-2010       Lewis Simpson                                     1989-1990       Clarence Wolfshohl


2008-2009       John Rauser                                          1987-1988       Ralph Henry


2007-2008       Floyd Golan                                         1983-1984       Jay Williams


2006-2007       Charles Villeneuve                                1981-1982       Gordon Richardson


2005-2006       Waldo Dalchau                                     1980-1981       Dr. L. Don Mayer


2004-2005       Myron Koehler                                                1978-1979       Mark Anderson


2003-2004       Pat Beavers                                          1975-1976       Joe Al Picone

                       No Email                                                                  

2002-2003       Edward Kelarek                                                1973-1974       Freddie Wolters


2001-2002       Uel Stockard                                        1971-1972       David Kahlich


2000-2001       Danny Zitterich                                               1969-1970       Charlie Briggs



1999-2000       Ron Heinemeyer                                  1968-1969       Dexter Anderson


1998-1999       Jessie Bryan                                         1967-1968       Roland Dansby


1997-1998       Michael Morgan                                   1966-1967       E.B. “Tex” Mayer


1996-1997       Alan Schulke                                        1965-1966       Robert Koennecke


District Committees and Chairs

District ALERT Chairperson                                       Don McFarland

                                                                                    1471 Emily Lane, Seguin, TX 78155

                                                                           / 830-401-1650           


Commemorative Book                                                 PDG Danny Stribling

                                                                                    5306 Jupiter Hills, College Station, TX 77845

                                                                           / 979-777-2420


Constitution and By-laws Chairperson                          PDG Floyd Golan

                                                                                    106 Greenway, Bryan, TX 77801

                                                                           / 979-218-4803



District Ambassador to LCIF                                        PDG Charles Villeneuve

                                                                                    910 North Milam Street, Seguin, TX 78155

                                                                           / 830-379-8632


District Centennial Coordinator                                               PDG Ron Gay

                                                                                    1106 Deacon Drive, College Station, TX 77845

                                                                           / 979-412-2750


District Chaplin                                                                       PDG Andy Rodriguez

                                                                                    PO Box 791, Gonzales, TX 78629

                                                                           / 830-263-5500


District Convention Chairperson                                             Linda Diers

                                                                                    2509 Guenther Road, La Grange, TX 78945

                                                                           / 713-249-2813


District Facebook Chairperson                                     Emily Toensing

                                                                                    6636 West William Cannon #511 Austin, TX 78735

                                                                           / 979-966-8117


District Global Leadership Team Coordinator              Kenneth Gottwald

                                                                                    PO Box 160, Gonzales, TX 78629

                                                                           / 830-672-8676


District Global Membership Team Coordinator                        PDG Ron Gay

                                                                                    1106 Deacon Drive, College Station, TX 77845

                                                                           / 979-412-2750       


District Long Range Planning Chairperson                   PDG Gordon Richardson

                                                                                    PO Box 667, Caldwell, TX 77836

                                                                           / 979-595-6666


District Committees and Chairs (continued)

District Newsletter                                                       Terrell Newton

                                                                                    2125 E Old State Hwy 71, La Grange, TX78945                                                                                      / 979-249-6345


District Peace Poster Chairperson                                Patricia Jackson

                                                                                    2748 CR 133, Giddings, TX 78942

                                                                           / 512-517-5662


District Tail Twister                                                    Joe Franks

                                                                                    691 Acorn, Giddings, TX 78942

                                                                           / 979-820-5863


Drug Awareness Red Ribbon/Wrist Bands                      PDG John Rauser

                                                                                    1811 Lawyer Place, College Station, TX 77840

                                                                           / 979-777-5742


Kids Sight Vision Chairperson                                      Mike Wilson

                                                                                    117 Hidden Oak Lane, Seguin, TX 78155

                                                                           / 830-305-4085


Leader Dog                                                                  James Heinrich

                                                                                    1054 CR 251, Weimar, TX 78962

                                                                           / 281-414-8184


Leo Clubs                                                                     1stVDG Johanna Elliott          

                                                                                    101 East Highway 21, Caldwell, TX 77836                                                                                 / 979-450-1331


Mid-Winter District Conference                                              Linda O’Brien

                                                                                    9051 CR 162, Somerville, TX 77879

                                                                           / 979-450-4183


New Club Development Chairperson                            James Haverland

                                                                                    5451 Timberwood, College Station, TX 77845

                                                                           / 979-229-5910


Opportunities for Youth – Drug Awareness,                 Newton Boriack

Speech, and Diabetes Essay Contest MD-2                   PO Box 278, Bellville, TX 77418

State Coordinator                                                / 979-885-8601



PDG Honorarium Committee Chairperson                   Jim Fox

                                                                                    PO Box 776, Weimar, TX 78962

                                                                           / 979-224-7759


Silent Auction Chairperson                                          Rita Herzik

                                                                                    1473 FM 2434, Weimar, TX 78962

                                                                           / 979-253-0320


Texas Lions Foundation                                                           PDG Jessie Bryan

                                                                                    403 West Buck, Caldwell, TX 77836

                                                                           / 979-567-4587


District Committees and Chairs (continued)

Web Master                                                                 Richard Spiller

                                                                                    1513 Fontaine, College Station, TX 77845

                                                                           / 979-845-4439                                                                                                                                                           

World Service of the Blind                                           Jan Chovanec

                                                                                    2615 FM 1291, Fayetteville, TX 78940

                                                                           / 979-249-7034


Texas Lions Eyeglass Recycling                                               Richard Baur

                                                                                    3403 Spring Lane, Bryan, TX 77802

                                                                           / 979-820-3238

Lone Star Lions Eye Bank

102 East Wheeler Street / PO Box 347, Manor, TX 78653

800-977-3937 Fax 512-457-0658


Board of Directors      

President                                                                      Region 4 Director

Don Ballad                                                                   Al Hedtke

894 FM 2776, Bryan, TX 77808                                             4050 CR 114. Lincoln, TX 78948 / 979-589-353                        / 512-923-9990

Region 1 Director                                                        Region 5 Director

            Robin Lester                                                                Don Ballard

1800 Waelder Road, Apt. 101, Gonzales, TX 78629    894 FM 2776, Bryan, TX 77808 / 830-857-3077            / 979-589-3535

Region 2 Director                                                        At-Large Director

            April Feray                                                                  Adrien Drouilhet

            3033 South US Highway 77, La Grange, TX 78945      PO Box 1325, Caldwell, TX 77836

   / 979-966-9965           / 512-461-2972

Region 3 Director

            Toni Burns

            103 ½ Becica, Columbus, TX 78934

   /  979-732-8181


Texas Lions Camp

PO Box 290247

Kerrville, TX 78029

830-896-8500 Fax 830-896-3666


Texas Lions Camp Directors District 2-S5

Pat Mosher                                                      Butch Moore

1207 Water Street                                           1615 Luza Lane

Gonzales, TX 78629                                        Bryan, TX 77802                           

830-203-1492                                                 979-823-4719


Award Recipients (*denotes deceased)

District 2-S5 Hall of Fame Members

            1972    PID E.B ‘TEX’ Mayer*                                   1997    PCC Joe Al Picone                  

            1980    PDG P.C. Franks*                                2000    PDG David Kahlich

            1982    PDG Robert Koennecke*                     2003    Gerry Chandler Criswell

            1985    PDG Dexter Anderson*                                   2006    PDG Uel Stockard

            1991    PDG Freddie Wolters                           2009    PDG Ron Heinemeyer

            1994    PDG Mark Anderson                            2014    PDG Charles Villeneuve                       12


Harry Reasonover Award

     PDG Robert Koennecke*    Seguin Noon                 PDG Freddie Wolters          College Station Noon

     PID E.B. ‘TEX’ Mayer*     La Grange Noon           PDG David Kahlich             Weimar    

     PDG Roland Dansby*          Bryan Noon                 PCC Joe Al Picone              Brenham Evening   

     Clifton Haas                                    Seguin Noon                 PDG Mark Anderson           Eagle Lake Noon

     Sid Stevenson*                    Burton Noon                PDG Clinton E. Blezinger    Industry-West     

     PDG Dexter Anderson*      Eagle Lake Noon         PDG Dr. L. Donald Mayer   La Grange Noon  


The E.B. “Tex” Mayer Award

1990    Walter Oeltjen*                             La Grange              2003  PDG Jessie Bryan                    Caldwell

1991    Floyd Golan                       College Station       2004  J. Lee Dittert*             Bellville

1992    Lloyd Williams*                Franklin                 2005  PDG Uel Stockard          Bryan Noon

1993    Lester Wbytek*                             Carmine                 2006  PDG Ray Criswell*        Bryan Breakfast           

1994    PDG Clarence Wolfshohl    Giddings Breakfast 2007  PDG Danny Zittrich        La Grange 

1995    PDG Ralph Henry*            Navasota Evening  2008  PDG Doug Lillie             Columbus

1996    PDG Felix Meyers*            Madisonville          2009  PDG Myron Koehler*     Bryan Breakfast

Yellow Rose     2010  PDG Ron Heinemeyer     Seguin Noon  

1997    PDG Elden Korenek*         Wallis                    2011  Mark Ulrich                      La Grange Noon

1998    Nelson Kieke*                   Wallis                    2012  PDG Charles Villeneuve  Seguin Noon

1999    Gerry Criswell                    Bryan-Brazos         2013  Joe Franks                      Giddings

                                                                  Valley                    2014  Le Verne Krumrey         Washington 

2000    Mel Grones                        Sequin Sunrise         2015  PDG John Rauser                       College Station                                                                 County Ladies                                                                      Noon

2001    Newton Boriack                 Bellville                 2016 Michael Bolton               College Station

2002    PDG Michael Morgan        Giddings                                                                             Noon



Celeste & Harrison Shepherd Fellows From 2-S5

            Carolyn Baur                Richard Baur                Gerry Criswell

            PDG Ray Criswell         Kimberly Morgan         PDG Michael R. Morgan

            Richard Strauss             Caroline Vogel


District 2-S5 Melvin Jones Fellows

Bellville                                   College Station (cont.)            New Baden Camp Creek Evening (cont.)                      Newton Boriack                       Raymond W. Loan                   Howard L. Dehart

            J. Lee Bittert                            Diane Jones-Meier                   Fred W. Hanhart

            Vit Janda                                  Homer Myers                           Jerry Redden

            Ernie M. Koy                           Mary Jane Petty                                  Geraldine Sanders

            Robert J. Lange                                    L.S. Pope                                 Donald L. Simpson

            James H. Marek                                   Alvin A. Price              New Baden Evening

Max Nehrkorn, Jr.                   John L. Rauser                         Edna Jo McNutt

            Kenneth Peters                                    Janna J. Rauser                         Imogene R. Roberts

            Harvey A. Schiller                    Richard Rezak              New Ulm

            Richard Strauss                         Terrell Rowan                          Gregory J. Buenger

Brenham Evening                                Nancy Schneider                      Anneta L. Buenger

            Ervin Addicks                          Edward L. Scott                                    Sharon Ann Conner

            Wilfred Dietrich                       Pattie Sears                              Warren W. Conner

            Joe E. Ellis                              Loren C. Skow                         Nelda J. Daricek

            Clarence Gaskamp                    Punnee Soonthornpoct                        George W. Krause

            Ben Hajovsky                          Romona G. Stites                     Gloria L. Krause

            Charles A. Heller                      Danny M. Stribling                   Dan F. Muske

            Randal Hoppens                       Harvey Striegler                       Joyce Muske

            Wilbert Horstmann                  Norman C. Waggoner              Bonnie Schulz                          13

Melvin Jones Fellows (continued)

Ronald D. Humphrey               Joe E. West                              David W. Schulz

Gary W. Ivy                 College Station (cont.)             New Ulm (cont.)

Donald Kasprowicz                  Dick Witherite                         A.E. Spence

Melvin H. Kettler                    Fred A. Wolters                                   Jean Spence                             

Marvin C. Lanier                     Eric R. Wylie               Nixon

            William V. McAdams               Charles W. Zipp                       Nathan E. Wheat

            Robert Parker                 Columbus                              San Felipe

            Joe Al Picone                          Lin Baron                                Melody J. Beers

            Merle Picone                           Ernest H. Baumgant                 Charles A. Beers

            Darrell Reimer                         Kay Burns                                Billy Browne

            William Schiller                       Weldon E. Chollett      Schulenburg

            Jeff Scott                                 Louis B. Cordes                                    Kenneth Behlen

            Glenwood, Vierus, Jr.                Dodie K. Dungen                      Ray R. Elliott

Brenham Noon                                                D.C. Fehrenkamp                     Doug Gray

            Roy May, Jr.                            Billy J. Hartley                         Ronnie L. Herzik

Bryan Brazos County                           Carl Heinsohn                          John R. Ligon

            Jeanne H. Criswell                    Harry C. Henkhaus                   Mary M. Zeller

            Bess Slovacek                           Ervalin Jungmann        Sealy

            Mickey Wolters                                   Gilbert L. Kiel                          Jody Mazac

Bryan Breakfast                                               Douglas W. Lilie          Seguin Evening

            Bradley G. Cernovich               JE Meismer                              Elton Bohmann

            Ray B. Criswell                         George A. Poppe                      Lee R. Jahns

            Frank Elliott                            Harold Stirl                              Albert I. Orr

            Lannes Hope                            Warren E. Wilburn       Seguin Noon

            Thomas Jones              Dime Box                                            Harold Baenziger

            Myron Koehler                                    Carol Dismukes                                    Harold H. Beauchamp

Gene Voelkel                            Milton Dismukes                      Donald W. Beicker

Bryan Evening                                     Barbara Hoover                                    Charles A. Berry

            Carolyn Criswell Baur               Paul D. Hoover                                    Ruth Berry

            Richard A. Baur                        Roger Wubbenhorst                  Ernest M. Cloughly, Jr,

            Gerry Chandler-Criswell   Eagle Lake Noon                              Guy Core

            Wilburn Coe                             Mark Anderson                                    James Dietz

            Clair E. Fink                            Victor Corman                         Harry Dietz

            Vance Hamann                         Evelyn Kieke                           William F. Ermel

            Arthur Herwald                                    Joe Lee McCreary                    Cesareo Guadarrama III

            John B. Hopkins                      Frederick Bobby Weishuhn       Clifton Haas

            Jason James                  Franklin                                               Beverly D. Hart

            Lowell F. Jones                                    Leslie Ralph Bush                     Ronald Heinemeyer

            R.B. McDonald                                    Charles W. Hairston                 A.G. Hodges

            Doris P. Patterson                   George G. Harris, Jr.                 Lawrence E. Hoffer

            Delores Ryan                           Harold Hyde                             William J. Klingemann

            Earl Ryan                                 Joe Y. McNutt                         Donald L. Magin

Bryan                                                   Wayne E. Perry                                   James L. Martin

            Bernard L. Acre                                   M. Loyd Williams                    Mark D. Moeller

            C.J. Allen, Jr.               Garwood                                               Carol Nored

            Jerry Barton                             Robert C. Schiurring                 Leon Pape

            John M. Bush                           Lawrence Stallman                   Harold Prochnow

            Charles H. Ellis                        Geronimo Lions                                   Milton Rehfeild, Jr.

            Ivan Frizzell                             Don McFarland                                    Luther Paul Sagebiel, Jr.

            K.S. Hallaran                Giddings Breakfast                                Rosalie Van Booven

            Sherrie G. Hopkins                   Michael R. Morgan                  Charles F. Villeneuve

            Paul A. Kunz                            Janelle Morgan                         Herman Vogt

            James I. Mallet                         Gerald L. Morgan                     James A. Vordenbum                14

Melvin Jones Fellows (continued)

Michael E. McGuire     Giddings Breakfast (cont.)        Seguin Noon (cont.)

Marjean Neve                          Vernon H. Simpson                  Diane Wallace

Earlon L. Payne                                   Clarence A. Wolfshohl             Michael Wilson

            Bobby A. Riggs             Giddings New Horizons                         Theodore A. Wobler

Arthur J. Roach                                    Linda Ehler                  Seguin Sunrise

            Pete J. Scamardo                      Sandra Furry                             Mark Alan Bennett

            Carl T. ‘Bess’ Sprague              Joyce Gallier                            La Moyne Blessing

            Uel R. Stockard                                    Lana Green                              Allen Brewster

            Ina Mae Thompson                 Elizabeth Denice Harlan           Peter G. Campbell       

            Linda Whitfield                                    Laurie Jurk                               Mike De Leon

Burton                                                 Jaime Keng-Manning               Thomas Dodgen

            William L. Kellogg                   Tracy Mangold                                    Charles H. Foss

            Dee E. Lomax                          Kimberly Morgan                     Melvin Grones

            William H. Neinast                  Vicky Murray                           Tony Hammock

            Sid B. Stevenson                       Casey N. Smith                                    Lee Heiser

            Oliver Whitener                       Giddings                                               Jim F. Johnson

Caldwell Burleson County                     Charley C. Baugh                     Marvel Maddox

            Patricia Beavers                                   Joe R. Franks                           Jack Mayfield              

            Jessie Bryan                             Meredith Franks                       John Nash, Jr.

            Al Bryan                                  Curtis E. Frosch                                   Alan Purdon

            Adrien F. Drouilhet, III                        Bobby Lehmann                       Frank Riggs

            Edile Lightsey                          Robert James Nitsche               Hernan Rivera

            Lynne C. Matcek                     Spencer Wayne Schneider        Suzanne L. Sanders

Caldwell Early Evening                        Gonzales Breakfast                               Loy D. Self

            Miriam Feigenbaum                  Kenneth Gottwald                    Bryan Terp

            Delia Orlopp                            Elgin R. Heinemeyer                Armando E. Villalpando

Caldwell                                               Andy Rodriguez                        Sharon E. Villalpando

            Verne C. Andrews                     Frank E. Sievers                       Greg Winters

            Ira H. Beavers, Jr.                    LR Smith                     Seguin Sunset

            Kenneth B. Clark         Hilltop Lakes                                       Linda Dietz

            Wilson P. Deutsch                   Hugh L. Blair                           Janet Ignasiak

            Robert Siptak                           Fred Bruce                                Ruth Rieger

Carmine                                               Hiross Campbell           Sheridan

            Orville W. Kunkel                    Herbert Cryar                           Lavo Brisco

            Laverne E. Kunkel                   Pat A. Gibbs                             William C. Gohlke

            Louise E. Woytek                    Barbara Looney                                   Jean Walker

            Lester O. Woytek                    Dolores Bordner Mardis

College Station Morning                      JD Brady Petty                        Smithville New Generation

            Carl Bussell                              Robert Rice                              Clayton W. Adams

            Richard P. Dornacher               Otis W. Stewart                                    Roy R. Adams

            Frank Duchmasclo                   John TJ Stewart                                   Heidi R. Erwin Dixon

            Joseph H. Fisher                       Melvin J. Thompson                Charles E. Kier

            Chalon Jones                            Norman G. White        Smithville

            Roy W. Kelly               Industry West End                               Dennis C. Dolgener

            James E. Moore                                   Clinton Blezinger                     Roger Hewitt

            Robert E. Roepke                     Jay C. Buenger                         Richard Latham

College Station                                     Edwin A. Kuehn                       James H. Long

            Robert J. Anderson                   Larry W. Madison                    Amberley J. Palmer

            Donald M. Bailey                     Newton O. Perschel                 James L. Tinkel

            Carol D. Binzer                                    Thomas Richter                       Waelder New Millennium

            Michael W. Bolton                  James W. Ripple                      Ernest F. Cobler                                                                                                                                                                       15


Melvin Jones Fellows (continued)

College Station (cont.)             Industry West End (cont.)        Waelder New Millennium (cont.)

Tony Brown                            H. Harrison Shepherd               Felipe E. Martnez, Jr.              

            Kenneth Brundidge                   Celeste K. Shepherd                 Eugene Wilson, Sr.

Gordon A. Brynildsen   La Grange Noon                       Wallis

            W. Elmo Crenshaw                  Linda Burke Diers                    Freddie Engelbrecht

            Allen E. Denton                                   James Helms                            Nelson Kieke

            Christopher D. Dickenson        Anne Kennedy                         Elden W. Korenek

            Sharyn Galvin                          L. Donald Mayer                      Jerome Macha

            Ronald L. Gay                          EB ‘TEX’ Mayer                     Michael Lee Scearce

            Frank E. Gilstrap                      Nell Mayer                   Washington County Ladies

            Floyd A. Golan, PhD                Paul E. Mikula                         Linda Oberhoff

            Harry J. Green, Jr.                    Walter Oeltjen             Weimar Encore

            Matthew Greene                       Michael Smalley                       James Fox

            Foree Grove                             Mark Ulrich                             David Gindler

            Leland C. Grumbles      Madisonville Yellow Roses                   Charles Herzik

            Barry Harding                          Marian DM Klawinsky             David K. Kahlich

            James R. Haverland      Madisonville                                        Walter Scott

            H. Phil Hobson                                    David Y. Ely                            Eugene J. Vacek

            Joseph Hobson                         Felix G. Myers             Wellborn

            Wesley Clint                            Bill Tom Shine                         A.P. Boyd

            Thomas H. Holt                       Navasota                                              Hugh Lindsay

            Remus L. Jones                                    Ralph L. Henry                                    Ann Lyons

            Chad E. Jones                           Wilbert Hilley                          Tommy Lyons

            Gene T. King                           David F. Lehnert                      Angela Pozzuoli

            Ivan Buddy W. Kirk                 Tony Maddox                          Ron Treat

            Lawrence Kubacak       New Baden Camp Creek Evening         Dwayne P. Walters

            William C. Lafield                    Leonard D. Becktold    Texas – No Club

            Bill G. Lay                               Charlene Bush                          Wilbert t. Mason, Jr.                           

Texas Lions Fellows

            PDG Mark Anderson (5)          Tracy Mangold

            M. Noble Anderson                  Chris Manning

            Rebecca Anderson                    Jaime Manning

PDG Patricia Beavers (2)         Lynee E. Matcek

Harold Beeziger (2)                  Tom Matney

PIP Dr. Jean Behar                  PID E.B. ‘Tex’ Mayer

PIP Bill Biggs (2)                     PDG Felix Meyers

Jerrial Brown                            Marian Meyers

Al Bryan                                  Billy C. Miller

PDG Jessie Bryan                     PIP J. Frank Moore III

John Callaway                          Kimberly Morgan

Gerry Criswell (2)                     PDG Michael R. Morgan

PDG Ray Criswell                     Pat Mosher

PDG Waldo Dalchau                Mary B. Murr

J. Lee Dittert                           Keith Murray

Victor Donsbach (2)                 Vicky Murray

Dr. Johanna Elliott                  Casey Newman

Charles Ellis, Jr. (2)                  Sarah Oltjen

Larry Emis                               PCC Joe Al Picone

Cliff Gage                                 Norman Pleasant

PDG Ron Gay                          Steven W. Ponder, M.D.

Terri Gay                                 Herman Rivera


Texas Lions Fellows (Continued)

Cliff Giese                                Clint J. Roberts

Pat Grall                                  Andy Rodriguez

Melvin Grones                         Delores Ryan

B.D. Hart                                 Dr. Earl Ryan

PDG Ronald Heinemeyer         Gary Shavers

Vastine Janssen                                    Vernon Simpson

PDG David Kahlich                  Bess Sprague

PDG Edward ‘Edd’ Kelarek      PDG Uel Stockard

Marge Kelarek                         William ‘Bill’ Taylor

Nelson Kieke                           ID Gary Tschache

Raymond Kipp                         IPDG Charles Villeneuve (2)

Randle ‘Poochy’ Kridler          Doris Moses Warren

PDG Myron Koehler                Dr. Carla Whittaker

Danna Lehmann                      PDG Clarence Wolfshohl

Barbara Lively                         PDG Freddie A. Wolters

Dennis Maass                           Mickey Wolters

James Mallett                           PDG Danny ‘Zee’ Zitterich                


Leader Dog for the Blind Tribute

            Al Bryan                      PDG Jessie Bryan         PDG Pat Beavers


Ambassador of Goodwill Award Recipients from 2-S5

PID E.B. ‘Tex’ Mayer*                       La Grange Noon

            PDG Freddie Wolters               College Station Noon

            PCC Joe Al Picone                   Brenham Evening


District 2-S5 Certified Guiding Lion

            Don Ballard                              Fred Hanhart                            Heman Rivera

            PDG Pat Beavers                     PDG Ron Heinemeyer              PDG Andy Rodriguez

            Linda Bechtold                         Al Hedtke                                Cindy Rodriguez

            Michael Bolton                                    Rita Herzik                              Holly Rodriguez

            PDG Jessie Bryan                     Charles Herzik                         Wesley Rodriguez

            Doug Bryant                            PDG John Hopkins                  Delores Ryan

            Barbie Butler-Johnson              Sherrie Hopkins                                   Dr. Earl Ryan

            Bobby Creel                             Harold Hyde                             Suzanne Sanders

            PDG Waldo Dalchau                Jim Johnson                             Robert (Bob) Scheske

            Thelma Davis                          Harold Hyde                             Jeff Scott

            Harry Dietz                              Jim Johnson                             Frank (Sonny) Sievers

            Lome Dunham                         Ellen Mitchell                          Ruby Sievers

            Felicia Escobedo                       PDG Vicky Murray                  DG Lewis Simpson

            Joe Franks                                Carol Nored                             Punnee Soonthompoct

            PDG Floyd Golan                     PCC Joe Al Picone                   Rosie Van Booven

            Dr. Kenneth Goltwald              Janna Rauser                            Glen Vierus

            Lana Green                              PDG John Rauser                     PDG Charles Villeneuve


Jack Wiech Fellows

            Anderson, Mark                       Henry, Ralph                           Price, Al

            Anderson, Robert J.                  Hernandez, Carlos                    Pulley, Gene & Jane

            Andrews, Curtis                        Herron, Mike                           Rauser, Janna

Bailey, Donald                         Hobson, Howard Philip                        Rauser, John

Barbisch, Andy & Sherry          Hobson, Joann Ledlow             Rezak, Richard                        

Barnes, Don                             Hobson, Joseph P.                    Richardson, Gordon

Baron, Linard T.                      Hoffmann, Clint                      Richardson, Judy                      17

Jack Wiech Fellows (continued)

Baumgart, Jr., Ernest H.                       Holt, Thomas H.                      Richardson, Randall

Baur, Richard                           Hopkins, John B.                     Richardson II, Gordon

Beavers, Patricia                      Hopkins, Sherrie                      Roach, Arthur

Becktold, Linda                                    Hunsicker, John                                   Roberts, Clint

Binzer, Carol D.                       Ivey, Dennis                            Rodriguez, Andy

Birdwell, Layne                                    Jones, David S.                         Rodriguez, Cindy

Blake, Brian                             Jones-Meier, Diane                  Ryan, Cecil

Bockmon, Bill                          Jungmann, Ervalin                   Ryan, Delores

Bolton, Michael                                   Kahlich, David                         Ryan, O.E.

Bridwell, Bea                            Kelarek, Edd                            Schiurring, Robert

Bridwell, EW                            Kelly, Roy                               Schulke, Alan

Brumfield, Brian                       King, Gerald T.                                    Scott, Jeffrey

Bryan, Jessie                            Koehler, Myron                                   Scott, Walter

Brynildsen, Gordon                  Krehbiel, Elmer                                    Scott Jr, William W.

Bucek, Roy                              Kunz, Paul                               Sears, Pattie

Bucek, Vera                              Lafield, Bill                              Sievers, Frank “Sonny”

Bullock, III, William                LeUnes, Judy                            Sievers, Ruby

Calliham, M.R.                         Lilie, Douglas W.                     Simmang Jr., Michael John

Castillo, Daniel                                    Looney, Edward                       Simpson, Betty

Chollett, Weldon                     Lowe, Teddy                            Simpson, Lewis (Donald)

Clark, Candy                            Mallett, James                          Soonthornpoct, Punnee

Cleveland, Pat & Martin          Manning, Jamie                        Spanihel, Stephen        

Cobb, Brian                              Martin, J. Rod                          Stallman, Lawrence

Criswell, Gerry                         Mayer, Donald                         Stockard, Uel

Criswell, Ray                            McLain, Greg                           Stribling, Danny

Denton, Allen                          Mitchell, John R.                     Sweeney, David

Dicky, Wayne                          Mitchell, John W.                    Talbert, Rick

Ellis, Jr., Charles                      Moeller, Tammy                      Thiele, Kermit L.

Erratt, Tamie                           Moore, James                           Toole, Karen

Fisher, Fred                              Morgan, Gerald                                    Turner, Randy

Fox, Jim                                   Morgan, Janelle L.                   Uvacek Jr., Edward

Gage, Cliff & Susan                  Morgan, Kimberly                    Villeneuve, Charles

Gage, Dr. Gary                         Morgan, Michael                      Watson, Harvey D.

Garza, Melissa                          Murray, Jack                            West, Joe E.

Gay, Ron                                  Murray, Vicky                          Whitney, William A.

Gilmore, Bob & Nancy             Nash, William                          Whittaker, Carla

Goehring, Dennis                     Nichols, John                           Wiginton, Gary Ray

Golan, Floyd                            Nicolas, Frank                          Wiginton, Jennifer

Gottwald, Kenneth                   O’Neal, Cheryl                         Williams, Paul E.

Hanna, Martha                         Parr, Joe                                  Wimberly, Georgeanne

Hansen, John F.                                   Parrott, David W.                    Witherite, David

Happ, John                              Picone, Joe Al                          Wolfshohl, Clarence

Hartley, Bill                             Powell, Rick                             Wolters, Freddie

Haverland, James                     Powel, Trish                            Wylie, Eric

Henkhaus, Harry C.                                                                  Yearwood, James

                                                                                                            York, Virginia                                                                                                                         

District Zone Chairs and Clubs President and Secretary

Zone 1-A         Rosalie Van Booven, Chairperson        830-379-2460 /

                        Geronimo Lions Club

                                    President David Reiley             830-303-5973 / None

                                    Secretary Naomi Manski          830-305-7255 /


Zone 1-A (continued) 

Seguin Noon Lions Club

President Bennie Kalfus                       830-303-8778 /

                                    Secretary Katie Smithpeter      210-376-9895 /

                        Seguin Sunrise Lions Club

                                    President Robert Pearson         830-743-2506 /

                                    Secretary Jim Johnson              830-305-2973 /  

                        Seguin Sunset Lions Club

                                    President Frank Ignasiak          830-433-1668 /

                                    Secretary Linda Dietz               210-710-3033 /

Zone 1-B         Kenneth Mosher, Chairperson             830-203-1492 /

                        Gonzales Breakfast Lions Club            

                                    President Larry Lassig              830-540-3611 /

                                    Secretary Pat Mosher               830-203-1492 /

                        Gonzales Noon Lions Club

                                    President Kris McLain             830-263-1114 /

                                    Secretary Linda Fish                 512-660-2824 /

                        Nixon Lions Club                    

                                    President William Hodge, Sr.    830-424-3890 /

                                    Secretary Donald Janicek         830-857-5740 /

                        Waelder New Millenium Lions Club

                                    President Felipe Martinez, Jr.   830-857-6466 /

                                    Secretary Linda Martinez         830-857-6466 /

Zone 2-A         James Heger, Chairperson                    979-725-1155 /

                        Fayetteville Lions Club

                                    President Don Mendel              832-338-6630 /

                                    Secretary Jan Evans                 979-249-7034 /

                        Flatonia Lions Club

                                    President Dennis Giessman       361-772-5335 /

                                    Secretary Rodney Muras           979-247-4222 /

                        Schulenburg Lions Club

                                    President Lisa Meysemborg      979-561-6382 /

                                    Secretary Cindy Lytle-Beebe    979-561-6296 /

                        Weimar Lions Club

                                    President Jon Wunderlich         979-732-0363 /

                                    Secretary David Kocian                        979-732-1864 /  

                        Weimar Encore Lions Club

                                    President Gina Martinez                       979-633-8988 /

                                                      Secretary Mary Brenner                       281-639-3531 /

Zone 2-B         George Nash, Chairperson                    715-605-2030 /

                        La Grange Blue Bonnet Lions Club

                                    President Dale Throckmorton 979-250-1074 /

                                    Secretary Gracie Albright         979-968-6820 /

                        La Grange Breakfast Lions Club

                                    President Douglas Mueller        979-639-1930 /

                                    Secretary Cliff Kinder              979-969-4700 /

La Grange Evening Lions Club

                                    President Jim Donnelly, Jr.      None               /

                                    Secretary Randy Freudenburg    979-966-7600 /

                        La Grange Noon Lions Club

                                    President Nancy Morris                       281-435-2879 /

                                    Secretary Donna Jones             832-326-9613 /



Zone 2-B (continued)

Smithville Lions Club

President Jane Istre                  512-629-6937 /

                                    Secretary Lisa Gonzales                        512-963-8002 / None

Zone 3-A         Chairperson – Vacant

                        Bellville Lions Club

                                    President Garrett Dormon        979-251-2585 /

                                    Secretary Newton Boriack        979-885-8601 /

                        Industry West End Lions Club

                                    President Janet Smith               979-992-2842 /

                                    Secretary Mary Hohlt              979-357-4703 /

                        New Ulm Lions Club                           

                                    President Charisse Blezinger     979-251-6273 /

                                    Secretary Nelda Daricek           979-992-3793 /

                        Sealy Lions Club

                                    President William Blume          979-885-3285 /

                                    Secretary Jeffrey Tomasek       225-270-7378 /

Zone 3-B         Vance Elliott, Chairperson                   979-732-5104 /

                        Columbus Lions Club

                                    President Luther Street                        979-992-3885 /

                                    Secretary Douglas Lilie             979-732-1046 /

                        Eagle Lake Noon Lions Club

                                    President Bobbie Nolan                        979-234-4061 /

                                    Secretary Charles Abel             979-234-5239 /

                        Garwood Lions Club

                                    President Michael Lanier         979-758-4221 /

                                    Secretary Tracy Floyd              281-802-0240

                        Sheridan Lions Club

                                    President Rosalie Denton         361-648-4072 /

                                    Secretary Zelda Walker                        979-758-4625 /

Zone 4-A         Thelma Davis, Chairperson                  979-540-0265 /

                        Giddings Noon Lions Club

                                    President Al Hedtke                 512-923-9990 /

                                    Secretary Charles Cox              713-201-1169 /

                        Giddings Breakfast Lions Club 

                                    President Delynn Peschke        None / None

                                    Secretary Tim Jenke                979-366-9874 /

                        Giddings Evening Lions Club

                                    President Angie Wiederhold     979-716-9003 /

                                    Secretary Melinda Bankston     979-716-7207 /

                        Giddings New Horizons Lions Club

                                    President Patricia Jackson        512-517-5662 /

                                    Secretary Jessica Graefe                        979-212-1375 /

                        Lexington Lions Club

                                    President Steve Hunton                        909-912-4573 /

                                    Secretary Estelle Proske                       979-542-7992 /

                        Paige Lions Club

                                    President Carl Miller                512-303-0196 /

                                    Secretary Norma Chalmers       512-784-3794v/

Zone 4-B         David Brodhead, Chairperson   979-830-0040 /

                        Blinn College Lions Club


                                    Secretary                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        20          


            Zone 4-B (continued)

Brenham Evening Lions Club

                                    President Debra LaCour                       979-203-5689 /

                                    Secretary Glenwood Vierus, Jr   979-836-8299 /

                        Brenham Noon Lions Club

                                    President John Trostle             979-251-1278 /

                                    Secretary Lance Kuecker          979-277-2900 /

                        Carmine Lions Club

                                    President Lila Garlin                281-705-4647 /

                                    Secretary Lisa Mayer               979-966-3686 /

                        Washington County Ladies Lions Club

                                    President Shirley Moehlmann  979-836-9248 /

                                    Secretary Teri Parkison                       979-451-3294 /

Zone 4-C         Margaret Polansky, Chairperson                      979-535-8127 /

                        Caldwell Lions Club

                                    President Peter Glidewell          979-412-1795 /

                                    Secretary Jerry Rogers              979-587-3715 /

                        Caldwell Burleson County Lions Club  

                                    President Ken Wiltz                 979-406-0003 /

                                    Secretary Patricia Drouilhet     512-461-3012 /

                        Caldwell Early Evening Lions Club

                                    President Louise Pruett                        979-218-1780 /

                                    Secretary Judy Richardson        979-777-2474 /

                        Dime Box Lions Club

                                    President Barbara Hoover        979-884-6762 /

                                    Secretary Carol Dismukes         979-884-3227 /

                        Snook Lions Club

                                    President Greg Stasny               979-676-2203 /

                                    Secretary Robert Myers                        None               /

                        Somerville Lions Club

                                    President Adelina Tarin                       979-422-0083 / None

                                    Secretary Arlinda Gonzales       979-422-0083 /

Zone 5-A         Kenneth Elrod, Chairperson                 979-828-4986 /

                        Franklin Lions Club

                                    President Warren Simmons      713-458-8985 / None

                                    Secretary Larry Conn               979-229-5071 /

                        Hearne Lions Club

                                    President Ben Luster                979-422-3409 /

                                    Secretary Jennifer Stanush        979-279-2216 /

                        Hilltop Lakes Lions Club

                                    President Patrick Elmendorf    936-349-5903 / None

                                    Secretary Pat Gibbs                  936-855-2000 /

                        Madisonville Lions Club

                                    President Charles Viator           979-820-2525 /

                                    Secretary W.C. Bennett                       936-349-7029 /

                        New Baden Camp Creek Evening Lions Club

                                    President Dianne Schluter        979-828-5840 /

                                    Secretary Linda Becktold         979-828-3589 /

Zone 5-B         Caleb Holt, Chairperson                       806-241-7693 /

                        College Station Noon Lions Club

                                    President Loren Skow              979-255-4794 /

                                    Secretary Michael Bolton         979-574-1965 /


Zone 5-B (continued)                                                                                                                                                   College Station Evening Lions Club

                                    President Kayla Cheek             409-988-4200 /

                                    Secretary Ashley Maxwell        409-739-1321 /

                        College Station Morning Lions Club

                                    President Walter Wronka        979-777-6736 /

                                    Secretary James Moore                        979-820-2063 /

                        Navasota Lions Club

                                    President Jason Druckhammer 979-436-2596 /

                                    Secretary Jeffrey Nobles           936-825-4879 /

                        Navasota Noon Lions Club

                                    President Nancy Heard             832-274-0710 /

                                    Secretary Jerry Strode              979-218-5736 /

Zone 5-C         Bernie Acre, Chairperson                     979-220-9886 /

                        Aggieland Lions Club                           

President Natalie Lyon                        512-417-3595 /

                                    Secretary Callie Wilhite                       940-634-4058 /

                        Bryan Noon Lions Club

                                    President Sam Vernon              979-775-6757 /

                                    Secretary Gerald Popp              254-223-9997 /

                        Bryan Breakfast Lions Club

                                    President Jodie Hoyak              979-774-4151/

                                    Secretary Jodie Hoyak              979-774-4151/

                        Bryan Evening Lions Club

                                    President Richard Baur             979-820-3238 /

                                    Secretary Joshua Adams           979-450-4354 /

                        Wellborn Lions Club

                                    President John Daniels             979-204-1094 /

                                    Secretary Make McDermott     979-676-6253 /          

Leo Clubs

            A&M Consolidated High School

                        Sponsoring Club – College Station Noon

            Brenham High School

                        Sponsoring Club – Brenham Evening Lions Club

            College Station High School

                        Sponsoring Club – Wellborn Lions Club

            Giddings High School

                        Sponsoring Club – Giddings New Horizons Lions Club


                        Sponsoring Club – Gonzales Noon Lions Club

            Smithville High School

                        Sponsoring Club – Smithville Lions Club

            Waelder High School

                        Sponsoring Club – Waelder Lions Club


District Governor Official Visit Schedule

Zone 1-A

            Seguin Sunset Lions Club                      Thursday, July 14th                             6:15pm                        Seguin Sunrise Lions Club                    Wednesday, July 20th                            6:30pm

            Geronimo Lions Club                           Thursday, July 21st                                6:30am

            Seguin Noon Lions Club                       Thursday, July 21st                               12:00pm




District Governor Official Visit Schedule (continued)

Zone 1-B

            Gonzales Noon Lions Club                   Monday, August 8th                              12:00pm

            Waelder New Millineum Lions Club      Tuesday, August 9th                               6:30pm

            Nixon Lions Club                                 Tuesday, August 16th                            12:00pm

            Gonzales Breakfast Lions Club             Thursday, August 18th                            6:30am

            Waelder Lions Club                              Monday, August 22nd                             6:00pm

Zone 2-A

            Weimar Lions Club                              Tuesday, August 2nd                             12:00pm

            Schulenburg Lions Club                         Wednesday, August 3rd                         12:00pm

            Weimar Encore Lions Club                  Wednesday, August 10th                                   12:00pm

            Fayetteville Lions Club                                    Thursday, August 11th                          12:00pm

            Flatonia Lions Club                              Thursday, August 23rd                          12:00pm

Zone 2-B

            La Grange Breakfast Lions Club                       Wednesday, September 7th                      6:00am

            La Grange Bluebonnet Lions Club         Thursday, September 15th                       5:30pm

            Smithville Lions Club                           Tuesday, September 20th                      12:00pm

            La Grange Noon Lions Club                 Thursday, September 22nd                    12:00pm

            La Grange Evening Lions Club             Thursday, September 22nd                      6:30pm

Zone 3-A

            New Ulm Lions Club                            Thursday, September 8th                                     7:00pm

            Industry West End Lions Club              Wednesday, September 14th                    6:00am

            Bellville Lions Club                              Thursday, September 15th                     12:00pm

            Sealy Lions Club                                   Saturday, September 17th                        7:00am

Zone 3-B

            Columbus Lions Club                            Thursday, October 6th                          12:00pm

            Eagle Lake Noon Lions Club                Thursday, October 13th                                    12:00pm

            Garwood Lions Club                             Wednesday, October 19th                       7:00pm

            Sheridan Lions Club                              Tuesday, October 25th                            7:00pm

Zone 4-A

            Giddings New Horizon Lions Club         Wednesday, October 5th                                   12:00pm

            Paige Lions Club                                  Wednesday, October 5th                                     6:30pm

            Lexington Lions Club                           Thursday, October 20th                                      6:30pm

            Giddings Evening Lions Club                Tuesday, October 18th                            5:30pm

            Giddings Breakfast Lions Club              Thursday, October 20th                                      6:00am

            Giddings Noon Lions Club                    Wednesday, October 26th                     12:00pm

Zone 4-B

            Blinn College Lions Club                      Tuesday, November 1st                         12:00pm

            Carmine Lions Club                              Tuesday, November 8th                                      7:00pm

            Washington Lions Club                                    Monday, November 14th                                  12:00pm

            Brenham Evening Lions Club               Tuesday, November 15th                        6:30pm

            Brenham Noon Lions Club                   Thursday, December 8th                                   12:00pm

Zone 4-C

            Somerville Lions Club                          Tuesday, November 1st                           6:30pm

            Caldwell Lions Club                              Monday, November 7th                                      6:00pm

            Caldwell Early Evening Lions Club       Monday, November 7th                                      6:00pm

            Caldwell Burleson County Lions Club   Thursday, November 10th                     12:00pm

            Dime Box Lions Club                           Thursday, November 10th                       7:00pm         

            Snook Lions Club                                 Thursday, December 8th                                     7:00pm

Zone 5-A

            Hearne Lions Club                                Monday, January 16th                             6:30pm

            Hilltop Lakes Lions Club                      Thursday, January 19th                           7:00pm



District Governor Official Visit Schedule (continued)

            Franklin Lions Club                              Tuesday, January 23rd                             6:45pm

            Madisonville Lions Club                       Thursday, January 26th                         12:00pm

Zone 5-B

            College Station Evening Lions Club      Thursday, February 16th                        6:30pm

            College Station Noon Lions Club          Monday, February 6th                           12:00pm

            Navasota Lions Club                            Tuesday, February 7th                             7:00pm

            College Station Morning Lions Club     Wednesday, February 8th                        7:00am

            Navasota Noon Lions Club                   Tuesday, February 21st                         12:00pm

Zone 5-C

            Bryan Evening Lions Club                    Tuesday, March 3rd                                7:00pm

            Aggieland Lions Club                            Wednesday, March 4th                            7:30pm

            Wellborn Lions Club                            Thursday, March 5th                               6:30pm

            Bryan Breakfast Lions Club                  Friday, March 20th                                 6:30am

            Bryan Lions Club                                 Tuesday, March 24th                            12:00pm



District 2-S5 District GLT Training Team

GLT Coordinators        Kenneth Gottwald                         830-857-5582

                                    Robert Bland                                        830-857-3019

                                    Andy Rodriguez                                         830-263-5500

                                    Vicky Murray                     979-540-0698

                                    Patricia Jackson                            512-517-5662

                                    Judy LeUnes                                979-492-2889

                                    Judy Nixon                                             979-218-8635

                                    Paul Pape                                      512-321-4404

                                    Loretta Shirley                                       830-263-2206

                                    Rosalie Van Booven                 830-305-3978

                                    Manuel Zepeda                         830-203-9821


Training Resources

Lions Clubs International Resources Page –

Lions Clubs International Club Management Resources –


Lions Clubs International Club Officer Training and Orientation –



Dues and Contributions

Dues Paid to LCI and District 2-S5

            International Dues Individual Members

            Billed Semi-Annually = $21.50 ($43 per member per year


            International Dues Family or Student Member

            Billed Semi-Annually = $10.75 ($21.50 per member per year)


            State/District Dues

            Billed Semi-Annually = $6.50 ($13 per member per year)


            Texas Lions Camp Dues

            Billed Semi-Annually = $10.50 ($21 per member per year)




Dues and Contributions (continued)     

New Members

            A $25 new member fee will be billed the month the member joins.  Other dues are prorated for

            the reminder of the month billing cycle.


District 2-S5 Supports the Following Charities (per member per year)

            Texas Lions Camp = $10.00

            Lone Star Lions Eye Bank = $10.00

            Texas Lions Foundation = $3.00

            Texas Lions Eyeglasses Recycling Center = $2.00

            Lions World Services for the Blind = $1.00

            Leader Dog School for the Blind = $1.00

            Lions Club International Foundation = $1.00


Total Annual International, State and District Dues

            Regular Member = $105.00

            Family Member = $83.50


Financial Suspension

Effective July 1, 2015, clubs have 90 days to pay outstanding balances before they are placed on suspension.  Cancellation will occur after the 28th of the month following suspension if full payment is not received.  Clubs canceled more than twice will be ineligible for reactivation.



                             District 2-S5 2016-2017 Important Dates

First Cabinet Meeting: Saturday, July 9th, 2016, from 8 A.M.-12:00 P.M., at the Texas Czech Heritage Center in La Grange, Texas

Lone Star Lions Eye Bank Installation and Seminar-Saturday, July 16th, 2016, from 10 A.M.-1 P.M., at the Lions Hall in Manor, Texas

Officer Training: Tuesday, July 19th, 2016, from 6:30 P.M-8 P.M., in Seguin, Texas

First Council of Governors Meeting-Thursday, August 4th, 2016-Sunday, August 7th, 2016, in Kerrville, Texas

USA/Canada Leadership Forum-Thursday, September 15th, 2016-Saturday September 17th, 2016, in Omaha, Nebraska

Second Cabinet Meeting-Saturday, October 22nd, 2016, from 8 A.M.-12:00 P.M., at the Lion’s Den in Giddings, Texas

Second Council of Governors Meeting-Friday, October 28th, 2016-Saturday, October 29th, 2016, in Waco, Texas

Third Cabinet Meeting-Friday, January 20th, 2017, from 6 P.M.-9 P.M., at the Caldwell Civic Center in Caldwell, Texas

Mid-Winter Conference-Saturday, January 21st, 2017, from 8 A.M.-12:00 P.M., at the Caldwell Civic Center in Caldwell, Texas

Third Council of Governors Meeting-Thursday, February 2nd, 2017-Sunday, February 5th, 2017 in Kerrville, Texas


District Calendar (continued)

Texas Lions Leadership Forum-Friday, March 3rd, 2017-Sunday, March 5th, 2017, in Austin, Texas

Fourth Cabinet Meeting-Friday, May 5th, 2017, from 6 P.M.-9 P.M., at the Texas Czech Heritage Center in La Grange, Texas

Annual District Convention-Saturday, May 6th, 2017, from 8 A.M.-12:00 P.M., at the Knights of Columbus Hall in La Grange, Texas

Texas Lions State Convention-Thursday, May 18th, 2017-Saturday, May 20th, 2017, at the Menger Hotel in San Antonio, Texas

100th Lions International Convention-Friday, June 30th, 2017-Tuesday, July 4th, 2017, in Chicago Illinois

Texas Lions Centennial Celebration-Friday, October 6th, 2017-Saturday, October 7th, 2017, in Dallas, Texas



































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