District Governor
       Woodland "Woody" Hugh


Monthly Newsletter from San Gabriel Region
Join District 4L2 Lions and United States 2020 Census Bureau on
Saturday, September 12, 2020  9:00 am to 12:00 pm 
San Gabriel Superstore 1635 S. San Gabriel Blvd., San Gabriel
To help citizens fill our census forms
contact RC Scarlett Ku @ 626-437-1168
More details are in the above newsletter. Page 1 Chinese-Page 2 English


Fellow Lions Who Could Benefit. If your club has a member who you would like the district to send a card to please contact:
Lion Teri Hall (Irwindale Lions) at

District 4L2 Sponsored Project for 2018-2019

VA Fisher House - VA Hospital Long Beach


Fellow KidSight Vision Screening Team Members
(and those interested in getting involved as a KidSight screener)

Melvin Jones Recognition

District 4-L2 proudly announces the Lions that received the Melvin Jones Fellowship or Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowships for February 15, 2019 to February 7, 2020 and the clubs that supported them.

Congratulations and thank you for supporting the Lions Clubs International Foundation.

Alhambra Lions Club
GMT Lion Rico Sam – Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship - 3rd  Diamond

Arcadia Champion Lions Club
Lion Amanda Leslie - Melvin Jones Fellowship
Arcadia Host Lions Club
Lion John Meisch - Melvin Jones Fellowship
Lion Yee Horn Shuai - Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship - 3rd Diamond
Downtown Long Beach Lions Club
PDG Dennis J Drag Ph.D. - Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship-10th  Diamond
Lion Leslie Drag -Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship - 8th Diamond
Lion Gene Johnson - Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship - 8th Diamond
East Long Beach Lions Club
Lion Donna Griggs - Melvin Jones Fellowship
Lion Bill Shelton - Melvin Jones Fellowship

East Los Angeles Lions Club
Gene Aguilera - Melvin Jones Fellowship

East Whittier Lions Club
Lion Fran Coeur - Melvin Jones Fellowship
Lion Robert Ehlers - Melvin Jones Fellowship
Irwindale Lions Club
DG Gary Hall - Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship - 1st Diamond
Los Angeles Diamond Lions Club
Lion Channa Cheng - Melvin Jones Fellowship 
Lion Linger Chu -  Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship - 1st Diamond
Lion Frank Chu - Melvin Jones Fellowship 
Lion Jany Huang - Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship - 1st Diamond
Lion Jie Li - Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship- 1st Diamond
Lion Larry Liu - Melvin Jones Fellowship
Lion Angel Peil - Melvin Jones Fellowship
Lion Tina Van - Melvin Jones Fellowship 
Lion Coco Wang - Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship - 1st Diamond
Lion Jenny Wang - Melvin Jones Fellowship
Lion James W, Wong - Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship - 1st Diamond
Lion Yuxin Yang - Melvin Jones Fellowship 
Los Angeles Dynasty Lions Club
Lion Jacky Lu - Melvin Jones Fellowship
Los Angeles Overseas Lions Club
Lion Judy Hon - Melvin Jones Fellowship
Lion Jack Liu - Melvin Jones Fellowship
Montebello Lions Club
Lion Cindy FarberMelvin Jones Fellowship
Lion Dan Skewes - Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship -3rd Diamond

Norwalk Lions Club
Lion Charles LaMantia (Bellflower Noon LC)  – Melvin Jones Fellowship  

Pasadena Host Lions Club
Lion John Cullen – Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship - 1st Diamond

San Gabriel Taiwanese Lions Club
Lion Ying "Frank" Ming Huang - Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship 1st  Blue Sapphire
San Marino Griffen Lions Club
Lion Ivy Sisi Hu - Melvin Jones Fellowship
Lion Jasmine Huang- Melvin Jones Fellowship
Lion Monica Mao - Melvin Jones Fellowship
Lion Yili Sheng – Melvin Jones Fellowship 
Lion Jasmine Wan - Melvin Jones Fellowship
Lion Yanan Xu - Melvin Jones Fellowship 
Lion Helena Hong Yang - Melvin Jones Fellowship
Lion Carol Copley - Melvin Jones Fellowship

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Student Speaker Contest
MD4 Lions Clubs of California

District Student Speaker Contest
Contact: PDG Chris Ohrmund  E: 
2020-2020 TOPIC:
Will be annouced in August 2020


Donations to the Lions Family Center project are suggested and deeply appreciated. Questions? Please call Michelle Vigue at (626) 218-6560.    
























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