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Lions Club International Foundation

Lions Clubs of District 6-SE

October 28, 2017


Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) established a new position last year: the Club LCIF Coordinator.  This position is crucial to the success of LCIF.  Club Coordinators are ambassadors for LCIF within their clubs.  The Club Coordinator is charged with helping LCIF increase the number of clubs and individuals that support the Foundation.

To help achieve that goal, LCIF Marketing will communicate regularly with Club LCIF Coordinators.  Email messages will be sent out roughly every 60 days and will contain tools and resources that Coordinators can use to promote LCIF within their club.  These messages will direct the Club LCIF Coordinator to brochures, presentations, and stories that can be shared with their club and local media.  A “Club LCIF Coordinator Resource Page” is also available on the LCIF website.

Does your club have an LCIF Coordinator?          

So far this Lions’ year, District 6 SE has donated $6,060 to LCIF.  Last year at this time the District had donated $765.  The increase is credited to our 6 SE Lions desire to help others, especially hurricane victims.  I foresee District 6 SE donating over $12,000 this year.

Lion Donna and I would like to visit your club and share information about LCIF, the Colorado Lions Camp and the KidSight program.  I can provide your club with the amounts your members have donated toward their Melvin Jones Fellow (MJF) Award and how much money your club has in undesignated funds toward a MJF Award.  Lion Donna can provide the latest news from KidSight and I can do the same for the Colorado Lions Camp.

PCC Bob Selle, LCIF Coordinator, District 6-SE

719 347 2873

Lions Clubs of District 6-SE

August 12, 2017


During this last year, the Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF) has awarded grants totaling $1,000,000,000 since its founding in 1968.  The money has been used to support life changing assistance and humanitarian projects around the world. Without the generosity of the Lions Clubs, the Foundation would not be able to support worldwide help for those with little hope.  Over the past 50 years, LCIF has expanded well beyond the original disaster grants to grants for humanitarian efforts, youth empowerment, and sight initiatives.

In order to expand the word about LCIF, clubs are asked to appoint a LCIF Club Coordinator.  The contact information for the Coordinator should be reported to LCIF so that the Coordinator will receive important LCIF information to share with club members.  This Lion will share LCIF stories, motivate fellow Lions to support LCIF, and enable LCIF to advance its humanitarian work both locally and globally.

The Lions Clubs Centennial Commemorative Coin Is one way to support LCIF.  The coin can be purchased for $52.95 plus $2.95 shipping.  Ten dollars of the purchase price will go to LCIF.  Other ways of donating include the Melvin Jones Fellow Awards, the LCIF Contributing Member program, club and individual donations.

Lion Donna and I would like to visit your club and share information about LCIF, the Colorado Lions Camp and the KidSight program.  We enjoy making Lions Club visits between grandparent duties, church activities, nonprofit volunteering, Lions Club projects, doctor’s appointments and trips to Cripple Creek.  

PCC Bob Selle, LCIF Coordinator, District 6-SE

719 347 2873

Counselors and Applicants:


The Colorado Lions Foundation Educational Scholarship Endowment Fund applications are now available.  All Colorado residents who are High School graduating seniors are eligible to apply.  The application may be obtained from your district representative, your high school counselors or at this address


For the past several years the Colorado Lions Foundation Educational Scholarship Endowment Fund has awarded four (4) $2500.00 scholarships a year.  The requirements for the scholarship are listed on the application.  It is not required that the applicant be associated with a Lions Club member, but it is required that the applicant be sponsored by a Lions Club, Lioness Club or one of its members.


To locate a Lions Club in your area email Lion Barbara Anderson at .  The representative can provide you with more information along with names and telephone numbers of those Lions who can assist you.


The application deadline is March 15 of current year.  All applications must be signed, postmarked by deadline and mailed to Lion Barbara Anderson, 13955 Windy Pine Dr., Elbert, CO 80106.  Phone:  719-495-8673.  E-mail:


Yours in Lionism,

Lion Barbara Anderson


2017 Paul Barbour Lions Leadership Institute






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