St. Paul's Lutheran Church (Adam St.) In Neustadt.

2nd and 4th Monday, 6;45 pm .

2015 - 2016 Executive

President - Lion Elaine Chalmers    Past President - Lion Fred Helwig

1st Vice President - Lion Gary Smith

2nd Vice President- Lion Darryl Klein

Secretary - Lion Bill Chalmers     Treasurer - Lion Ken Polfuss

1 Year -  Lion Kathy Weber - Lion Gary Feehan 

2 Year- Lion Don Schumacher - Lion Brian becker


Tail Twister - Lion Richard Huber - Lion Tamer - Lion Bill Douma

Bulletin Editor - Lion Harry Bender & Lion Gary Feehan

District Governor - Lion Joanne Klonikowski---------------Palmerston Lions Club

1st Vice District Governor - Lion Gary Wood - Sauble beach Lions Club

2nd Vice District Governor - Lion Dennis Flavell - -------Kincardine

Zone 4 Chair - Lion Andy Ernewein -------Chepstow  


Thanks go out to

PDG Jim Prenger Installed our new executive on Monday May., 11th.


Members and Wives

PP* Allen,Jim (Nancy) ( ) -------------Neustadt

Becker, Brian (Bonnie)-- No E-Mail------------------------R.R.1 Ayton

Becker, Laverne, (Janice) ( )--------Neustadt

PP* Bender, Harry (Ruth) ( )-----------Neustadt

PDG* Chalmers, Bill (Elaine) (

ZC Chalmers,Elaine(Bill) ( )--------Neustadt

PP* Diemert,Ken (Lynda) ( )----------Neustadt

Dillon,Mitch (Tara) (

Douna,Bill (Marlene) ( bilmar@hurontel.on.c)-----R.R.1 Hanover

 PRC* Feehan,Gary (Marlene) ( )-R.R.1 Neustadt

PZC* Filsinger,Bob (Audrey) ( )--------Neustadt

PP* Fischer,Carl (Linda) ( Mildmay

Fischer,Armand (Doris)------No E-Mail-------------------Neustadt

PP* Grubb,Dennis(Janice) ( )--------R.R.1 Clifford

PZC* Helwig,Fred ( Lynda) ( llhelwig@wightman.Ca )-------R.R.1 Neustadt

PP Huber,Richard  (

Jacobs,Ted (Donna)----No E-Mail---------------------------Hanover

Kaufman,Harry (Cathy) ( )---Hanover

Klein,Darryl(Marylou) ( )-R.R.3 Mildmay

Kreager,Larry (Joan) ( Hanover

Lantz,George (Doreen)----No E-Mail-----------------------------Mildmay

Lantz,Vicki------No E-Mail------------------------------------------Hanover

Louther,Tammy & Terry ( )----------Neustadt

McLaughlin,Theresa ( )----------------------Neustadt

Merchant,Peter (Brenda)----No E-Mail---------------------R.R.1 Walkerton

PP* Plantz,Lorne----No E-Mail--------------------------------------------------Neustadt

PP* Polfuss,John(Gale ( )-------------------R.R.1 Ayton

PP* Polfuss,Ken (Nancy)--No E-Mail-------------------------------------------Neustadt

Paulic,John (Ivan)(Joyce) ( )---------------Neustadt

Price,Fred(Ann) ( Walkerton

Reist,Jim(Shirley) -----No E-Mail------------------------------------------Neustadt

Schumacher,Janette & Don---No E-Mail---------------------------------Neustadt

Smith,Gary(Ruth) ( )--------------------------R.R.1 Hanover

Snyder,Paul(Marjorie) ( )-----------------------Hanover

Weber,Kathy------------No E-Mail--------------------------------------------Neustadt


Young Chris (Cherylann)--( )-----------------------Ayton

PP*-Past President  PZC*-Past Zone Chair  PRC*-Past Region Chair  PDG*-Past District Governor





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