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 DG Les Taylor

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1st VDG Anthony Bell


2nd VDG Cindy Taylor

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2022 - 2023 District Goals

1. By the end of the 2022-2023 fiscal year, our district will ensure 80% of clubs report service.

2. Seventy-five Percent of new incoming club officers will complete club officer training.

3. Ninety Percent of new zone chairpersons will complete zone chairperson training.

4. Fifty percent of districts will contribute to LVS.

5. Twenty-five percent of district clubs will support LVS with the Blind Fishing Tournament.

6. Our district will achieve a positive membership growth of 40 members.

  • Our clubs will induct 160 new members into existing clubs.
  • Our team will charter 1 new club with 20 charter members.
  • Our district will not surpass 140 dropped members.
    160 + 20 - 140 = 40
    New Members + Charter Members - Retention Goal = Net Growth

7. Our district will support Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF)

  • Fifty percent of district clubs will contribute to LCIF.
  • Our team will ensure that individual participation in our district increases by 25% and club participation increases by 10%.
  • The district will raise $45,000 for LCIF
  • I will make a personal donation to LCIF and I will ask ALL of my district cabinet to make a personal donation to LCIF.

8. All clubs will be encouraged to begin one new hands-on service project during the year.  (New service project = your club has never done it but another club may have.  Put your clubs’ spin on it)

9. Twenty-five percent of district clubs will donate to the district project “Sight for Mozambique”. 




The International Association of Lions Clubs

Living Our Promise: The Core Messages

We serve where we live. We are ready whenever and however our communities need us.

We are global. We are committed to pitching in with resources wherever we are needed in the world.

We give 100 percent. We cover all costs from our own dues, ensuring that all donated funds go to the causes. Transparency and accountability operate at every level; in fact, The Financial Times has ranked Lions Clubs International Foundation the “best among non-government organizations worldwide with which to work.”

We do it ourselves. We do whatever is necessary to help our local communities and our global network. We are proud to be more than a “check-writing” organization. Whether that means raising money or rolling up our sleeves, we do it all on our time.

We are rich in heritage and pride. We are proud that our organization is close to a century old, and that it has a distinguished history of doing good works for the world. Local communities respect and trust their clubs, both because those clubs are made up of neighbors and friends who have a long record of support, and because of the Lions Clubs International name and legacy.

We are in good company. We have fun in our clubs. And when we meet fellow Lions for the first time, we treat them like old friends.

We’re open. We are kind and generous people who want to help.

We are dedicated to sight—and more. Since Helen Keller in 1925 challenged the Lions to be “knights of the blind in this crusade against darkness,” Lions clubs around the world have fulfilled the mission of addressing vision health and promoting research for solutions to vision disease. Today, Lions clubs work on global initiatives for youth, health, disaster relief and others that affect local communities everywhere.


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Lions Clubs International is the world's largest service club organization with more than 1.4 million members in approximately 46,000 clubs in more than 200 countries and geographical areas around the world.

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