Empowering Clubs through the Power of Action

The aim of the Global Action Team is to one day ensure every need in the world is served by a Lion or Leo. It brings together the three key areas of Lions:

  • Leadership development
  • Membership
  • Service

By unifying the Global Leadership Team (GLT), Global Membership Team (GMT) and Global Service Team (GST) as the Global Action Team, we will create synergy and new opportunities for clubs to grow and serve.

Our Mission – The Global Action Team will champion the vision of LCI & LCIF and build on the passion of our Lions and Leos through service.

Our Goal – To impact over 200 million lives through service, increase our membership to 1.7 million Lions and Leos, and provide learning opportunities to over 500,000 members by the year 2020.

You’ll see the Global Action Team Difference

The Global Action Team can help you energize your members and take your club to the next level.

  • Get great service resources and dynamic project support
  • Identify leadership development opportunities to empower all Lions
  • Find compassionate new members and keep current Lions coming back

You can do more good for more people when you have some extra help. That’s your Global Action Team. At the end of the day, it’s all about service.


The Global Action Team is a permanent part of the Lions Structure, led by the International President and Executive Officers.

Global Action Team Chairperson - PIP Dr. Wing-Kun Tam

Global Acton Team Vice Chairperson - PIP Wayne Madden

Global Action Team Vice Chairperson - PIP Mahendra Amarasuriya

LCIF Trustee - PIP Barry Palmer

Constitutional Area 1 Leaders:

GLT - PID Bob Libin - 443-985-6584 – rmlibin64@yahoo.com

GMT – PID Jerome Thompson - 256-340-4762 – hjeromelaw@aol.com 

GST – PID Gene Spiess - 864-316-1830 – gene.spiess@att.net 


Area G Leaders:

GLT - PID Ed McCormick – 316-680-0944 – pidedmc@aol.com

GLT Regional Specialist - Brenda Boehm - 630-468-7033 - brenda.boehm@lionsclubs.org

GLT Coordinator - Sheila Adams - 630-468-7117 - sheila.adams@lionsclubs.org


GMT - PID William Phillipi – 785-562-8463 – lionbillphillipi@aol.com

GMT Regional Specialist - Roxanne Stec - 630-468-7035 - roxanne.stec@lionsclubs.org

GMT Coordinator - Michele Kost - 630-468-7013 - michele.kost@lionsclubs.org


GST - PID - John Harper – 307-631-8189 – joharpe@aol.com

GST Regional Specialist - Beth Ruff - 630-468-7034 - beth.ruff@lionsclubs.org

GST Coordinator - Emily Norgaard - 630-468-6727 - emily.norgaard@lionsclubs.org

Passionate volunteers. Dynamic leaders. Innovative service.

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