Global Acton Team Chairperson - PIP Dr. Wing-Kun Tam - Service Global Acton Team Vice Chairperson - PIP Wayne Madden - Leadership Global Action Team Vice Chairperson - PIP Mahendra Amarasuriya - Membership LCIF Trustee - PIP Barry Palmer

Area Leader: MD 5 (NE, NW, SE, SW) 5M (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) 9, 27 PID Karla Harris

State Leaders:

PDG JAY NESSETH (Stacey) 560 W. Kinne; Ellsworth, WI 54011 


PCC EVETT HARTVIG (Don) 321 Water Street, Rosholt, WI 54473



Kathleen Vanden Berg 


PDG Dan Montaine


Kenneth Rivers 


PDG Susan Selner


PDG Robert Henning 


 PDG Roger L Weber


Mike Keller


PDG Marty Osinski


Thomas Pratt 


Lion Wayne Babros 


Key Activities of the Global Leadership Team

Identify and Develop Future Leaders:

Identify potential leaders based on objective criteria

Educate members about leadership development opportunities

Encourage potential leaders to assume leadership roles and responsibilities to enhance their skills Promote the active involvement of Lions Leadership Institute graduates and other trained Lions in leadership responsibilities

Motivate Lions to seek out proven leaders in the community to join as new members

Train, Educate, Mentor and Motivate Leaders to Maximize Effectiveness:

Establish annual leadership development plan

Ensure effective delivery of vice district governor training

Organize training for zone chairpersons, guiding Lions and others

Ensure effective delivery of club officer training

Implement Club Excellence Process workshops

Encourage active coaching through Lions Mentoring Program

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