Program Overview

Read about the two Club Excellence Process (CEP) versions designed and dedicated to club improvement.
Each Lion attending the CEP Pro Workshop will be completing several assignments under the guidance of an assigned facilitator.  Contact your current District Governor for a list of facilitors in your area.
Here is a quick look at what a participating Lion will accomplish during each CEP workshop:


Step 1: Why Are We Here?
(45-60 minutes)
Complete a Community Needs Assessment to discover what your community truly needs from you
Discuss how Lions make a difference
Recognize what Lions have already accomplished
Brainstorm what Lions could accomplish in the future
Step 2: What Makes an Excellent Club?
(75-90 minutes)
Determine the characteristics of an excellent club
Identify stumbling blocks that prevent excellence
Analyze ways to improve club effectiveness
Complete the How Are Your Ratings? Survey
Step 3: How Can We Determine Our Needs?
(45-60 minutes)
Review the completed Community Needs Assessment
Review the completed How Are Your Ratings? results
Locate resources available to achieve excellence
Step 4: What Can We Do Next?
(45-60 minutes)
Set goals to meet the gathered needs
Create action plans to help reach the goals

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