This portal has been developed to give all Lions in MD C an easier access to various online training tools and resources on Lions Clubs International website.

There will be a menu  of various online tools and/or resources when you select some you will be able to get to them right away, for items in the Lions Learning Centre you will be presented with a Login Page and then you will need to follow the prompts on that page to get logged in.


When you open any of the following links to take the online training for your position you will find a link in the document that will take you to the workbook for the specific session you are taking and you will be able to print it off to use when you proceed through the online course.

President and Vice President Training Power Point

Secretary Training Power Point

Treasurer Training Power Point


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1917 to 1940

1917…Although Montana had no Lions clubs at the time it was included with Wyoming and was called District 3 (one of the nine districts in the USA)

1921...all of the USA was redistricted. Wyoming and Montana became District 15. Billing Lions Club was chartered in 1921.

1926…Montana was separated from Wyoming and was designated the 37th District of Lions International. After the separation of Wyoming and Montana Billings Lions would become the first club in MD37.(Julius Wuerthner was District Governor for District 37 in 1926-27)

1929…The Calgary Lions club and the Edmonton Lions club were formed.

1930…Now International Director Julius Wuerthner recommended that Alberta become a permanent part of District 37 and on July 1, 1931 Alberta was added to Montana and became a part of District 37

1940 to 1960

1942…Two District Governors (James Wallace of Edmonton, Alberta and Stuart DesRosier of Browning, Montana) were elected to serve District 37…this was the start of Multiple District 37. 1946-47…MD 37 had three sub districts… A, B, & C. 1948-49…MD 37 had four sub districts…A, B, C, & D. 1959-60…MD 37 had five sub districts…A, B, C, D, & E.

1960 to 2000

1966-67…MD 37 had six sub districts…A, B, C, D, E, & F. 1976-77…MD 37 had eight sub districts…A, B, C, D, E, F, G & H 1987-88…MD 37 redistricted seven sub districts…A, B, C, D, E, F, & G

2004 to 2013-14

2004…….MD37 redistricted to five districts, L,I,O,N, & S

2014-15 to Present

Montana became District 37 and remainder of MD 37 became MDC (consisting of District C-1 and C-2)

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Click here to view the Executive Summary from the First MDC Council meeting

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