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In the photo, LT to RT, front row : PID Yves Leveille and his wife Dominique, Greg Holmes, PID Dr. Patti Hill, Anne Kennedy, Diane Bray, DG Francis Sawiak, John Sawiak, and Christine Lank. Back Row: David and Susanne Leshchyshn, Darryl Rawleigh, DG Tyler

Meeting Inspection Team at Calgary Airport

Inspection Team and their wifes after being white hatted

MDC Lions and Inspection TEam and their wives

PID Gary ANderson and Lion Denise Axenty at CLERC

PID Doug Lozier and Lion Darryl Aventy at CLERC

PID Lowell Bond and Lion Denise Axenty at CLERC

MDC District Governors, C-2 Tyler Bray and C-1 Francis Sawiak

MD C members at the Canadian Caucus meeting in Las Vegas. Seated, Francis Sawiak, John Sawiak, and Pauline Cooper. Standing : Sharon West, Dale Grooves and his wife, Cathy Anderson, Brian Stevenson, Diane Bray, Tyler Bray, Tim Haight, Christine Lank and B

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