A Message from

District Governor Julie Mayuiers

“Sprinkle Kindness”

Who can’t use a little sprinkling of kindness as well as  sprinkling kindness on others especially during these trying times we are all enduring.  You never know what all someone may be going through.  Whether its health issues, family issues or loss of employment, a little kindness never hurt anyone.

As Lions we follow our motto of “We Serve” on a daily basis.  If we combine “We Serve” + “Kindness Matters” + “Sprinkle Kindness” we would show the world how “United, Kind and Diversified” we are.  So, I ask each of you to fill your sprinkling cans and head out into the district and “SPRINKLE KINDNESS” everywhere you go.

I would like to talk briefly about our motto of "We Serve".  All clubs are experiencing the loss of funds being raised and need to take this into consideration when funding requests are received.  Everyone will be seeking funds from Lions Clubs as we may have donated to them in the past.  However, it should be understood that our fund raising has been limited if not stopped all together right now and therefore we may not be able to be as liberal as we have been in the past with donations.  We may need to reduce our donations not by choice, but by this loss of fund raising.   I know every club will continue to do what they can and that is all that can be asked of them.  Thank you for ALL that you do!!


District 11-B2

District Governor Julie Mayuiers

& Council Chair Jeff Mayuiers

Three Rivers Lions Club

23250 Van Resort Drive

Mendon, MI 49072

C: 269.254.1938




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