2019-2020 DG PLAN


Beyond Belief



To be the Global Leader in Community and Humanitarian Service as the World’s Best Lions district



“To empower volunteers to serve their communities while creating emerging passionate leaders, enhancing their leadership skills, strengthening positive attitudes in order for them to carry out humanitarian services”



  1. Serviceship
  2. Membership
  3. Leadership
  4. Fellowship




103 Legacy Projects (Sustainable community based projects)


  1. Restore abandoned paddy fields, farm lands and to support sustainable cultivation. 
  2. Restore and provide support to maintain irrigation projects, tube wells, agricultural wells, common wells, small-scale lakes, tanks and water reservoirs.
  3. Constructing school buildings, school libraries, public libraries, public toilets, bus halts in needy areas.
  4. Constructing community halls in identified areas, building houses for deserving families including physically challenged / differently abled individuals and families.

Global Service


  1. Relieving the hunger
  2. Diabetic free tomorrow
  3. Protection of Environment –
  • Digital reforestation via mobile app “Thuru”
  • Organize river bank protection, beach cleaning, lakes cleaning projects
  1. Prevention of childhood cancer
  2. Sharing the vision

Image Building

  1. Fixing of segregated litter/garbage bins in cities with handling instructions in urban/semi-urban/main city/town areas for dengue free, clutter free environment..
  2. Display board or banner can be displaced at Lions’ business premises to educate public on what Lions do.
  3. Identify and provide services to deserving community/family/individual needs which is highlighted by the media (digital, print and social media) after verification. The best projects to be recognized at the convention.
  4. Get involved and invite religious leaders, community leaders, area police officials and volunteer to these projects.
  5. Clubs officers/Lions should wear “Lions publicity west” while carrying out image building projects/community based projects.
  6. Give 5 Special Awards for people who served for Community in the Convention (Ex. TV Program, CSR Program , Entrepreneur  etc.)


  1. Get involved with corporate sector and carry out their CSR Projects jointly.
  2. Sinha Negam

Get involved Lions Clubs in other Regions and do joint projects, which enables to have better understanding, strong bond and comradery among the lions and the families.

  1. Disaster management and Risk management projects
  2. To develop a unit/a bank to keep and lend wheel chairs, walkers, walking aids. Lions can donate these items to the BANK as well as can obtain items from the BANK on loan basis with free of charge
  3. Organize “Road Safety projects” jointly with the area Police Station.
  4. Seminar on Risk Management & Disaster Management
  5. Youth, Children, Women and Elders Care
  6. Drug prevention projects to youth and school children
  7. “World Children’s Day projects” to be organized with the involvement of Lions children.
  8. Scholarships to be provided deserving “High Achievers”
  9. Identifying and directing street children to relevant state bodies and make arrangements to provide them protection, facilities and love.
  10. Forming of new Leo Clubs and strengthen of existing Leo Clubs.
  11. Launch “Women care projects” Prevention of harassment, abuse, violence against women & children
  12. Launch “Elders care projects”
  13. Provide Job opportunities to youth, supporting inventions/innovations and encourage small-scale entrepreneurs. (MAF Micro Loans)
  14. “Ape Gamata Sinha Saviya “
  15. Display board to be introduced at Grama Niladharee’s office and Divisional Secretariat offices - contain the list of project activities/services provided by the Lions Clubs in the area with their contact details in order to resolve village level issues via area Clubs
  16. Introduce new beneficiary selection procedure at Grama Sevaka      divisions to identify most deserving people who needs services offered by Lions Clubs
  17. Launch projects to build ethnic harmony and religious harmony and the respect for people.
  18. Educate general public on “Common Law” under the KNOW YOUR LAW Program.


  1. Membership development
  2. Declare October 2019 as the Membership Development month. Recognize Clubs, Lions who introduce highest number of Lion members to the district.
  3. Launch a new recognition program to identify distinguish, philanthropic passionate professional and entrepreneurs, invite and felicitate them at regular Lions gatherings, project activities and invite them to the Lions movement. 
  4. Introduce Specialty Clubs such as Club with Lions with similar professions, entrepreneurs, members of same sports club, OBAs, OGAs, same universities, batch mates, etc. Eg. Lions Club of Hanwella Rajasinghe Centennial
  5. Clubs will be monitored and categorized based on their continuous membership growth. Each club should indicate significant growth of + 5 members and Each Cabinet officer should indicate significant growth of +2
  6. Introduce exit interview procedure with GMT Team to assess the situation and to retain good Lions.
  7. Launch “MJF Clubs” where all the members will obtain MJF.
  8. Directing prospective lions to some other clubs in the district.
  9. Introducing more lady lions to the club.


  1. Area wise training for Cabinet Officers and Key Club Officers.
  2. Introduce Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the Cabinet Officers and Key Club Officers
  3. Strategic Management meetings to be introduced prior to the Cabinet meeting with Key Cabinet Officers.
  4. Develop Lions – at least for two monthly meeting, a guest lecturer to be invited to deliver a speech, on a relevant topic such as leadership, motivation, time management, stress management, etc.
  5. At each monthly meeting, a “Mini Quiz” program with 5 questions to be carried out along with “tale twisting”.
  6. Enrolment fee for international trainings such as ELLI, RLLI, ALLI, FED to be borne by the District. Applicants’ air ticket has to be sponsored by the club.  This will enable clubs to have more knowledgeable lions.
  7. DG to be invited to attend a Board Meeting to strengthen the clubs (specially weaker clubs)
  8. Regional Level Progress review to be done in every quarter.
  9. Regional Level Coordinator CPE’s to be appointed to evaluate the club progress and to support.
  10. Regional mid-year review to be done before 31st of January 2020.
  11. A Guest lecture to be organized prior to the Cabinet meeting on a leadership topic.
  12. Clubs will receive points by submitting 100% accurate date to the district directory and the district website on or before 31st July 2019.
  13. International Dues and District Dues to be paid prior to the deadline. 1st half before 31st August 2019 and the 2nd half before 31st January 2020.
  14. Club Board meetings to be treated as Admin Meetings to address issues/requests/approvals and has to plan for at least 2-3 hours. Evidence to be submitted to the district website when reporting with photos, attendance.
  15. Maintain strict financial discipline at clubs. Monthly financial reports, quarterly reports to be uploaded to the district website. 
  16. Encourage more Joint Charters, Regional, Zonal, Charters and plan within the given time frame.
  17. Encourage to conduct club meetings on second or third language.  Eg If usually conducting club meeting in Sinhala conduct one club meeting either on Tamil or English language.  Same with the other languages.
  18. Evaluate high performing clubs, club officers, and line officers. Monthly top performer’s details will be displayed in the District website.
  19. Leo District President to be invited to all the Cabinet Meetings to present the progress report and to obtain approvals.
  20. Leo Advisors to be recognized at the District Convention.
  21. Lion Ladies Association activities to be presented and recognized at the Cabinet Meeting.
  22. A member contributing Rs. 50,000/- and above to the District Directory will receive 10% concessions.


  1. During “Sinha Negam” projects, to get involved with Lions Clubs in other Regions and to have joint fellowships for better understanding, strong bond   and comradery among the lions and the families.


  1. Hall of fame – framed pictures of Lion of the year, Best Club President, Zone Chairperson, Region Chairperson to be displayed at the District 306 C1 Secretariat.


  1. Recognize veteran Lions with more than 25 years in Lionism


  1. Tale twisting at the charters


  1. Promote Healthy food – serve natural drinks/soups/tea/coffee/ belimal / ranawara to members at board meetings or dinner meetings instead of cordial or carbonated beverages.


  1. Home gardening competitions – encourage gardening at any place, in home garden, in hanging pots, winners to be recognized at the convention.


  1. Club Twining – with local or international clubs


  1. Benevolent Trust Fund – to help members if they face major health issues. A death of a member’s family will receive a lump sum amount.


  1. Limit monthly dinner meeting  for less than 1 ½ and allow more time for fellowship.




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