2.1 I started my journey in Lionism in 1989 by joining Ado-Ekiti Lions Club Dist.404 Nigeria as a Charter member. The Club was chartered by PDG. Steady S. Arthur-Worrey. However, I moved to Ado-Ekiti Central Lions Club in 2006 when Ado-Ekiti Lions Club was cancelled. Little did I know that one day I would have a shot at the office of the District Governor. Having the opportunity to serve humanity in my capacity as President of Ado Ekiti Central Lions Club, Zone Chairperson, Region Chairperson and District Committee Chairpersons at different period of my journey in the service of humanity gave me a lot of formidable experiences to pilot the affair of our great district, 404B2 Nigeria.


2.2 I started this journey of leading our district far back to 2017. Two years ago, I declared my intention to contest for the position of Second Vice District Governor where you gave me the opportunity wholeheartedly. My election as First Vice District Governor also showed the fact that you all accepted me 100%. This is the time to attain the position of District Governorship of District 404B2 Nigeria.




It is a great honour and privilege to stand before you, the eminent personalities and my leaders to accept the challenges of leading this great District 404B2 Nigeria, in 2023/2024 Lions service year. I must thank you all for the encouragement and supports that culminated into this great day. Let me appreciate my Club, Ado-Ekiti Central Lions Club for presenting me for this office, the great Lions’ leaders and members of our beloved district and more importantly leaders and members of my direct constituency, Ekiti Axis. I will continue to thank my wife, Lion Funmilayo Fagbohun and the Children for their supports and understanding during the campaign and even now.

This assignment is divine. So, I promise not to take the confidence and trust you have in me with this great responsibility for granted and work assiduously throughout my tenure to stabilize our District and Multiple District to the required standard of International Association of Lions Clubs.

I shall uphold and implement the Constitution of our dear Association as well as the Lions Code of Ethics and Lions International Purpose.




4.1: International President’s theme and logo.

The International President’s theme is “CHANGING THE WORLD”.


International President’s logo.



4.2: District Governor’s theme and logo.

The District Governor’s theme for the year is


District Governor’s logo.





As Lions serve a wide range of needs in their respective community, more clubs are being formed around a specific area of interest, a single cause or common background.

Specialty Clubs allow people to join a community focused on common pursuits and interest-growing membership and helping our organisation to do even greater good.



Lion members represent every culture, background and generation. This year we can strengthen our Clubs by inviting young people and adults to join us in service to humanity. This generational approach is critical and vital in unifying people, leveraging skills, experience and clubs a welcoming place for all.


Lions around the world have great opportunities through global causes to unite and solve some of the most pressing issues facing humanity such as Pediatric Cancer, Vision, Hunger Relief, Diabetes and Environment. This lions’ year, we are going to encourage all the clubs to expand their scope of service while using the available resources to make awesome achievements in their respective communities.



Learn, Discover, Act and Celebrate. These are the four phases of our new Service Journey, a comprehensive way for Lions to increase their service impact through access to resources surrounding our global causes. As we’re serving, so as we’re also growing without any plan to stop or quit.


Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) is the bedrock of our association providing funds all over the world wherever we have natural disaster like flood, earthquake, hurricane and others. I am encouraging everyone to subscribe to Melvin Jones Fellow (MJF) and Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow (PMJF). Similarly, LCIF has been responsible for several projects in Nigeria and all over the world. Subscribing to LCIF will ginger growth both at the international level and the district.


Some of the previous projects executed in District 404B2 Nigeria through the support of LCIF funding in partnership with our District funding are:

  • Construction and equipping of Cancer Centre at LASUTH, Lagos;
  • Construction and equipping of Diabetes Screening and Treatment Centre at Osun State General Hospital, Ede, Osun State.
  • Construction and upgrade of Ophthalmology Centre at Osun State Specialist Hospital, Asubiaro, Osogbo.
  • Construction and equipping of Diabetes Screening and Treatment Centre at EKSUTH, Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State.
  • Construction and equipping of Diabetes Screening and Treatment Centre at General Hospital, Offa, Kwara State.


This is our local foundation in Nigeria that deserves all available supports, we encourage all Lions to subscribe into it for the growth of the Nigeria Lions Charity Foundation (NLCF). NLCF has been supporting several projects in Nigeria e.g Abuja Eye Centre and others.



Our overall mission shall be to express our creativity to find unique solutions to better our present situation and to create a new model for our District through all inclusive, teamwork, dynamic leadership and great commitment in a passionate manner.



As listed in our goal for 2023/2024 lions service year, the following are the bullet projects to embark upon:

  • Promotion of membership growth, development and formation of new Clubs across the whole District.
  • Extensive Leadership Training at Clubs, Zones, Regions and District levels.
  • Aggressive eyes screening exercise to detect glaucoma and all other eye related ailment for treatment across the District 404B2.
  • Cataract surgery where necessary.
  • Distribution of free eye glasses.
  • Effective eye/sight care enlightenment programmes through the Print Media, Radio, TV and other social media.

5.3: Reporting on my MyLion &MyLCI.

I stand to say that Because of the merging of MyLion & MyLCI, there would be a proper training and retraining of Clubs Officers on axis basis (Lagos, Osun, Ekiti and Kwara).

6.0: District Administration.

6.1: The DG team.

The DG team (consists of the DG, first vice and the second vice DG) was developed with the purpose of ensuring a spirit of teamwork, innovations and shared responsibilities for continuity in the district administration.

To achieve this, I promise that every effort will be put into use within the available resources to enhance the efficiency of the district secretariat in discharging her responsibilities to the clubs and members.

In order to maximize the District Governor Team achievement, we shall utilize the following tools:

  • Effective multi-directional communication;
  • Commitment to individual and team roles;
  • Continuous appreciation of diversity, mutual support, trust and understanding;
  • Collective success which I believe is better than individual success;
  • Shared vision, goals and direction.


The specific goals for GAT have been to provide learning opportunities to over 500,000 Lions and Leos and grow the association to more than 1.7million Lions and Leos so as to have capacity of impacting 200 million lives per year through 2024. The conception of the Global Action Team envisions a day when every need in the world can be served by a Lion or Leo.

Our team shall work diligently in bringing about the change and also give an impressive contribution through all the clubs and at the district level.



Learn.  Lead. Grow.

Learning is part of the human experience. It empowers us to improve our thinking, our feeling, our communication, and our service. When Lions and Leos put learning into action, leadership happens. The Global Leadership Team will work year-round with Lions and Leos who want to continue growing for the sake of their clubs, their communities, and Lions clubs International.


Leadership training brings about development of deep insights, skill and leadership styles to influence and inspire others and also drive performance in any organisation.

  • Increase Service Activities: The right and consistent leadership can increase the productivity of our members; leadership development brings about understanding the emotion of both members being led and the society that’s being served.
  • Retention of Lions Member: almost 75% of members leaving the Association don’t quit because they dislike service but because of the leadership styles of their Club executives, members leave ineffective and unaccommodating leaders to continue alone.

However, we shall facilitate various levels of leadership trainings in this year for different level as follow:

  • Club Officers Training;
  • Club GAT Officers Training;
  • New Members Orientation Sessions;
  • Club Leos Adviser Workshop;
  • District Officers Training;
  • Zone/Region Chairpersons Training;
  • Certified Guiding Lions Workshop;
  • Mentoring Process/Training;
  • Club Quality Initiative Workshop.


At the Multiple District and International levels, we shall encourage deserving members to attend International Institute such as:


  • Emerging Lions Leadership Institute (ELLI);
  • Regional Lions Leadership Institute (RLLI);
  • Advanced Lions Leadership Institute (ALLI);
  • Faculty Development Institute (FDI);
  • Lions Certified Instructor Program (LCIP).


Innovative Award Programs for participation in formal and online training programs will be emplaced; we therefore anticipate that all our deserving members would take advantage of these opportunities with a view to building and improving their capacities for our activities as Lions and also for our business and private endeavors.



The Global Membership Team (GMT) supports membership development by recruiting new members and promoting positive membership experiences. The Global Extension Team (GET) is an optional offshoot of the Global Membership Team that is focused on starting new clubs within its district.

Being a lion means knowing that kindness matters. We believe in changing the world by serving the need of our communities.

Growing our membership is essential for realizing our vision of being the global leader in humanitarian and community service. New members inspire our clubs with new energy and ideas while providing the next generation of Lion leaders. New clubs extend our reach into new communities, allowing us to serve more people in new ways


Over 2,000 members within the District are working to support humanity. This is the time for District Growth to compliment the great work of our past leaders. For a greater and more efficient service, membership growth is germane and that is our target in the new service year, 2023/2024.The greatest challenges of Lions Clubs in Africa especially in Multiple District 404 Nigeria and District 404B2 are membership growth, retention and satisfaction.

Membership growth and retention will be our greatest priority in this Lions service year while we won’t relent in recruiting new members as well.

We shall reinforce and improve on the strategies that have been working for us in the past and presently, we shall also boost our growth with some other productive approaches and innovative strategies. To achieve this, our Clubs would be given a lot of incentives to encourage more hard work, improve their meetings, engaging their members, run an inclusive leadership and positively involving all members in Club activities.



The Global Membership Approach is a four-step process that has been proven to increase both member satisfaction and new member recruitment, as well as new club chartering. The four steps are:

  • Build a team;
  • Build a vision;
  • Build a plan and
  • Build success.

The Global Membership Approach equips districts to develop membership through a strategic process focused on:

• Rejuvenating districts with new clubs;
• Revitalizing clubs with new members;
• Re-motivating existing members with fellowship and exciting service.

The approach has universal applicability, allowing for customization based on regional needs and circumstances




The Global Service Team (GST) helps clubs identify resources and use best practices to improve their projects and, by extension, their impact. Quality service projects increase member satisfaction and help attract new members who are looking to serve. The GST will champion the service programs, supervising Lions and Leos in the district to maximize their service impact and reportage.



Over the last 105 years, the kindness of Lions and Leos has multiplied across borders, oceans, and continents. With over 1.4 million members, we now have an opportunity to truly change our world. That’s why we’re uniting our global service around five areas of need. These Global Causes present significant challenges to humanity, and we believe it’s our turn to meet them.



We serve to reduce the prevalence of diabetes and improve quality of life for those diagnosed. We shall conduct Diabetes Screening and Treatment Programmes throughout the year for a minimum of 500,000 people before the year ending 30th June, 2024.



We serve to prevent avoidable blindness and improve quality of life for people who are blind and visually impaired. Our Core project will focus on Vision where 100,000 eye glasses will be distributed, 100 Cataract surgeries and 50 Glaucoma surgeries will be carried out. Donation and upgrade of medical equipment to ophthalmology department of Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital Ado Ekiti.

Hunger Relief

We serve to ensure all community members have access to nutritious foods. We shall carry out Hunger Relief program for 500,000 people before the year ending 30th June, 2024.


We serve to sustainably protect and restore our environment to improve the well-being of all communities. We would commission construction of Lions Monumental Structures across the district. All clubs will be expected to carry out environmental activities.


Childhood Cancer

Lions and Leos provide support for the needs of children and families affected by childhood cancer through impactful service activities. We shall embark on several awareness and support activities for the year.



As the younger member/youth activity of Lions Clubs International, Leo embodies the best qualities of our credible organisation. They are the devoted young people who are energetic, innovative and service minded. Together, Leos and Lions form a powerful partnership, one of mutual respect where Leos learn from Lions and Leos gain access to the proven strategies of those who have successfully served the world for decades. Leos get things done and they are the one who will carry our great story into the future and improve upon it.



Cabinet meetings are statutory and very important meetings in the calendar of our dear District. Lions, either as Cabinet Officers or Observer will be encouraged to attend these meetings in other to enhance experience and self-developments.

However, the attendees at such meetings must conduct themselves in the best traditions of Lions Clubs International by adhering to codes of conducts of business meetings.

These meetings have been designed and proposed to be held as follows:


  1. First DG’s Cabinet Meeting: August 04, 2023
  2. Second DG’s Cabinet Meeting: October 14, 2023
  3. Third DG’s Cabinet Meeting: February 17, 2024
  4. Fourth DG’s Cabinet Meeting: April 27, 2024



As part of the resolution of our District to spread visibility and showcase this very important event to all the nooks and crannies of our district and to encourage membership growth in areas where such is low, the city of Ado-Ekiti in Ekiti State has been chosen to host the District Convention. This will be co-hosted by the Clubs in Ekiti and entire Region 13 (Ekiti Axis) in February, 2024. It promises to be unique, fantastic and fun-filled Convention.



Our Clubs must be effectively managed in the best manner as stipulated by the International Board Policies and our Standard Club Constitution and Bye-laws.

It remains a herculean task keeping the Clubs alive and active throughout the Lions year. However, our Club Presidents and their Executive officers will be encouraged to follow the wonderful Leadership Guidelines by emphasizing the following qualitative focal points in their operations and activities:


  1. All clubs must hold at least one Business/General meeting every month. This meeting, which should not last more than ninety minutes should be held in a decent and affordable public place that is accessible to our members and guest.
  2. Club Business/General meetings should have at least one Speaker of the Day, every month or at least every quarter with topical issues that will benefit members, not only on Lionistic endeavors but also on personal/Business lives.
  3. All Clubs must constitute their Board of Directors (BOD) under the chairmanship of the President. The Club’s BOD should meet once every month to formulate the policies and directions of the Club.
  4. All Clubs’ expenditures must be approved by her Board of Directors and no President should in any circumstances leave negative account balances for their successors.
  5. Clubs should maintain at least two bank accounts, one each for Club Administration/Dues and the other for Charity/Club activities.
  6. Club BOD would ensure that the officers of the Club attend and support Zone, Region and District programmes, projects and activities.
  7. The BOD must ensure smooth succession planning by ensuring that elections of Club Officers are held at the appropriate time while the same is reported to LCI.
  8. Financial Viability: Raising of funds required to meet its functional requirement should be transparent and done with ease.
  9. Effectiveness: Ability to manage the Club to meet LCI, District and Club goals for the year.
  10. Relevance: Ability to positively impact, meet the needs and gain the recognition of the communities they operate.
  11. Efficiency: Ability to convert little available resources gathered to result oriented activities.


These will serve as part of the points to be considered in the rating or performance evaluation of the Clubs and Presidents during the year.

Other parameter for the Lions service year had been listed in the course of the booklet.



  1. Membership Growth:
  • 30 Members and above without drop                                                        10 points.
  • 20 Members and above without drop                                                        5 points
  • Formation/sponsorship of new Clubs/Branch/Leos Club                       12.5 points.
  • Net gain of 5 and above                                                                              5 points.
  1. Payment of Dues (Local & International):                                               10 points.
  2. Global Service Framework Adherence:                                                    15 points.
  3. Monthly Membership Report (MMR):                                                      5 points.
  4. Service Activity Reports:                                                                            5 points.
  5. Publicity in the prints & electronic media with proofs:                          7.5 points.
  6. Clubs Legacy Project:                                                                                 5 points.
  7. Participation in District Activities:                                                                5 points.
  8. Members Subscription to PMJF/MJF/NLCF:                                          7.5 points.
  9. Attendance at Training:                                                                              7.5 points.

TOTAL POINTS:                                                                                                  100 points.




Glory be to Almighty God, the creator of Heaven and earth. All praises, adoration and thanks are due to Him, without whose help and guidance, nothing can be accomplished. In reference to His awesomeness, I return all accolades to Him for His infinite mercy and faithfulness over my life and my family as we ascend this reputable office.


I want to deeply appreciate all my predecessors who had occupied this position in the past. You had all proven to be great visionary and proactive leaders, you had also continued to strengthen and build more on the solid foundation you laid and you are all great heroes and heroines.

I am here to complement your efforts and legacies. Please do not leave us with the job.

Join me as we do the greatest things for our beloved District so as to stabilize our asset in humanitarian services.

I believe as we all “SERVE TOGETHER, we shall SUCCEED TOGETHER”.



You will all agree with me that the journey to the enviable height where we intend to take our District is not an easy task and requires the understanding, commitment and cooperation of all members of the association. I will therefore plead for the support, understanding and commitments of all and sundry towards the attainment of all the set goals enumerated above.


Thanks, and best wishes always.

Humbly yours in service.



District Governor, 404 B2 Nigeria.


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