Eye tissue has become a commodity for business rather than being treated as an altruistic gift from donors and their loved ones. Corneas from Minnesota are being sent out-of-state to be distributed by a for-profit company, CorneaGen, that has more than $90M from capital investors; investors that surely expect to be repaid.

Help preserve the unselfish nature of cornea donation. Please join us in urging elected officials to ban the commodification of gifted eye tissue in Minnesota. Ask your legislators to support S.F. 1862

Below are the links to the landing pages for sending automated letters to our state legislators. There are two links for each chamber of the legislature, the Senate and the House. Those links are one for Lions to use and another for non-Lion supporters of our legislation to use. Please feel free to share these links with anyone and everyone you feel may be supportive of our proposed laws. You have received in a previous email copies of the legislation that you can share with our fellow Lions and others. You can also use the cover letter that was previously sent to you to help with explaining why we are pursuing this legislation.

Senate – Lions: https://igniteadvocacy.com/go/stop-for-profit-eye-banking-in-mn/312

Senate – Lions Supporters: https://igniteadvocacy.com/go/stop-for-profit-eye-banking-in-mn/318

House – Lions: https://igniteadvocacy.com/go/stop-for-profit-eye-banking-in-mn/307

House – Lions Supporters:  https://igniteadvocacy.com/go/stop-for-profit-eye-banking-in-mn/324



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