Presidents Multiple Day Raffle Winners

2/12/2024 0193 Oland Park Charitable Corp
  0005 Karl Schulz-donated back to VOICES
2/13/2024 0031 Rozina-donated back to VOICES
2/14/2024 0116 Bolinger
2/15/2024 0254 Ronald Fruit
2/16/2024 0225 Frank Sustersic-donated $25.00 back to VOICES
2/17/2024 0018 Joni McMillan
2/18/2024 0177 Sean Hunt
2/19/2024 0182 Lynn Zeder
2/20/2024 0105 Julie Smale
2/21/2024 0061 John Chisum-donated $100 back to VOICES

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 Who We Are & What We Do

We Save Kids Sight

What does Saving Kids Sight do?

Saving Kids Sight is a program in VOICES that provides free vision screening for children six months through six years.

VOICES conducts vision screening sessions at preschools, kindergartens and other early childhood centers.  Screenings are also conducted at health fairs and other public events throughout the District.

How Much Does This Cost?

The screening is free, thanks to the support and efforts of VOICES Lions of 1A. 

How is Vision Screening Done?                                                                                         

It is as simple as having your child’s picture taken.  VOICES Lions of 1A volunteers use a Mobile Screener, a state of the art vision screening device, which is 85-90 percent accurate in detecting vision problems.  It only takes moments per child, requires no preparation or medication and is totally painless.  Parental consent is required prior to the screening.

To see the Childhood Diseases the screening can detect click here



Contact Us

If you have a question, comment, or want to be involved, please contact us via email at



A results driven volunteer charitable organization dedicated to working with the vision and hearing impaired, including research and prevention; and providing other humanitarian services to mankind.








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