District Governor David Heath

I live in Ellensburg with my lovely wife, Susan, her son and daughter; Dan and Mary, son-in-law Matthew and 4-year-old granddaughter, Sarah. 

I served our country as a US Coast Guard SAR Air Crew/Avionicsman.

My life as a Lion started in February 2002 when I took up a free meal deal offered by Naches Lion Jim Gillie.

My first office at the club level was Naches President in 2004/05. I was elected Naches Treasurer in 2007 until  transferring to Ellensburg in 2012. I was Ellensburg President 2016-17 and Ellensburg LCIF Coordinator 2017-18. 

My first Zone assignment  was 19-F-1 Zone Sightfirst II Coordinator 2005-08 followed by Zone Chairperson 2008-2010 & 2014-16.

I have held numerous District Cabinet positions and I am a Melvins Jones Fellow.

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