We hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Lions can be very thankful for their many blessings and the blessings that have been given to others because of the Lions - WE SERVE. Many families were given food and winter clothing during this holiday thanks to our Lions.

Soon we will be celebrating Christmas. Already, many Lions Clubs have provided food, clothing, and toys to those in need in their communities. The LIONS MAGAZINE mentioned the DNA of Lions. Serving is truly in the genes of Lions. What a great feeling it is to help someone in need. Thanks to all Lions for what you do in your communities and around the world. The world is truly a better place thanks to Lions.

We often get the question: why do you want to become District Governor? We have had a wonderful time visiting over 40 Lions Clubs, meeting great Lions, inducting new members, presenting much deserved awards, and learning about fantastic club service and fundraising projects. I have been reviewing reports on the lionsclubs.org website before visiting clubs and have been amazed at what the Lions Clubs in District 22-W have been doing. One club reported 60 service and fundraising activities. And, they have done many of those activities several times during the year. Truly, Lions District 22-W is the best district in MD-22. We have the most clubs and the most Lions members. But we cannot rest on our successes. We currently have a net loss in membership (currently less than 1900, down from over 2000 in 2014), and have lost 2 Lions Clubs, bringing our total number of clubs to 57 (down from 59 last year). We also have over 10 clubs with less than 20 members. To help those clubs, we need new Guiding Lions. The course is available on-line, and we hope to have a 4-hour course to be held in a central location of our district. We need to find new, quality members to bolster our numbers, especially since our membership is getting older and cannot do what we used to do. We need to continue to ask younger members to help us with our service and fundraising activities, eventually becoming Lions members, continuing to serve and look Beyond the Horizon to increase our membership, leadership, to continue the fellowship we have in our clubs, and to showcase what we do as Lions. Too many times we quietly serve without telling others about our service. There are still those in our communities that don’t know about Lions. Be ready to tell them about your club when they ask What are Lions? Be proud that you are a member of the world’s largest service organization and wear your Lions pin everywhere.

We wish all our Lions in District 22-W a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thanks for all you do as a Lion and continue serving others in your communities.

I can be reached if you have any Lions needs in 2018-2019 by email: gbeachy@verizon.net or by phone, 301-707-7200


Gerry Beachy

District Governor

175 Parkview Circle, Grantsville, MD 21536

301-707-7200 | gbeachy@comcast.net

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