Are you going to the MD22 Convention May 13-16? It will be an interesting time for us in District 22-W. Lion Barbara Brimigion met with the Honorary Committee prior to the 4th Cabinet Meeting and changed her intention from running for Second Vice District Governor to running for First Vice District Governor. She got her paperwork in to the Nomination Chair PCC Clare Newcomer by the deadline, leaving a vacancy in a candidate running for Second Vice District Governor. Also meeting with the Honorary Committee was Cabinet Secretary Charlie Croft who, due to time constraints did not get his paperwork in on time for Second Vice District Governor but has since gotten an endorsement from the LaVale Lions Club to run for that position. In accordance with our Constitution and By-Laws. We will take a nomination from the floor at the first District 22-W Meeting to be held on Wednesday, May 15. As usual, we will vote for District Governor, First Vice District Governor and Second Vice District Governor, along with District and MD22 changes to the Constitution and By-Laws at the second District 22-W meeting on Thursday, May 16. If you are a delegate or alternate, be sure to get your card certified when you register so that you are eligible to vote.
This week has been Leader Dog Rally week. Deanna Greco accompanied by her Leader Dog Phil spoke to Regions I and II, and Moira Shea, along with her Leader Dog Declan spoke to Regions III and IV. We raised $24,929 at our 4 Regional Rallies for Leader Dogs for the Blind in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Thanks to the support by the Lions, a legally blind person can go to the Leader Dog facility, learn about the handling of a Leader Dog, and return at no cost. Thanks to Leader Dog Chair, Lion Rich-ard Crunkilton for coordinating the Leader Dog Rallies and for the support from our Lions Clubs of District 22-W. We are the best District in the multi-ple District 22!

We have made Official Visits to 56 of our Lions Clubs and the Hagerstown Lioness Club in District 22-W. We have also made many other visits to charter nights and other events held by our Lions and Clubs and the Lioness Club. Our membership is down, but we are inducting many new members. I have been mentioning in my speech the acronym ASK. A stands for just Ask one person to serve with us in Lions, S stands for Seek new ways to serve, and K stands for Keep one Lion from leaving by involving them in meaningful service.

Please try to attend one of our White Cane brunches to be held on May 18 at 10 AM at the Terra Rubra building hosted by the Terra Rubra Lions for Regions III and IV, or on June 15 at 10 AM at the Williamsport Order of the Red Men hosted by the Williamsport Lions Club. This year our clubs should make their checks to DISTRICT 22-W White Cane instead of Keralink. We will have a check presentation by our clubs at the White Cane brunches or checks can be mailed to Cabinet Treasurer Susan Favorite, 6 Clarke Avenue, Thurmont, MD 21788. Thanks to Sight Conservation/White Cane Chair, Lion Leon Cardiff for co-ordinating the White Cane brunches.
Together, our clubs in District 22-W can make a difference in our communities and around the world. Always remember our motto: WE SERVE. Please support our candidates for District Governor, Evan Gillett; First Vice District Governor, Barbara Brimigion; and our candidate for Second Vice District Governor to be nominated at the convention.
Again, thanks for all you do as Lions by continuing to serve those in need in your communities. I can be reached if you have any Lions needs in 2018-2019 by email: gbeachy@verizon.net or by phone, 301-707-7200.


Gerry Beachy

District Governor

175 Parkview Circle, Grantsville, MD 21536

301-707-7200 | gbeachy@comcast.net

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