Lions of District 2-S3: We have had the honor of having two state winners of the Peace
Poster Contest in the past. Let’s work to continue that trend. You can order your kits
for the 2017-18 year until October 1, 2017 on the LCI website. The theme for this year
is “The Future of Peace.” Have your art teachers lined up and enthusiastic about the
contest. Getting them information before school is out this spring gives them an
opportunity to incorporate the contest into their lesson plans for the fall.
Check with the art teacher at your junior high or middle school. If you have more than
one contest at different schools, you will need more than one kit. Let the art teacher
know about the LCI website and how he/she can access the past winners. If the
students are allowed to see the caliber of work that wins the contest, they will do
better. November 1st is a good deadline for the teacher to turn in the posters to your
poster chairperson. The winning poster from each contest is to be mailed or given to
the district governor or myself by November 15th. The postmark can be no later than
Nov. 15, 2017 or in our hands by that date. Those posters have to be judged and the
winning poster from the district sent to the state chairperson by December 1st. As you
can see, this doesn’t give much time for the students to work on their posters.
Make sure the art teachers know the rules for the contest. We have had to disqualify
some in the past because of words on the poster or size of poster and age of the
student. When you get your kits, look at the items in the kit and take only the items
designated to the teacher. Be sure to keep the label for the back of the poster in a safe
place until needed.
Have good judges for your contests—artists, other art teachers not associated with your
contests, and those who appreciate art. Make sure the judges know the rules and
criteria for judging. Here are some of the reasons we have had to disqualify posters:
1. Student must be 11, 12, or 13 on November 15, 2017.
2. There is a size limit stated in the rules—no exceptions
3. The size cannot be added to with borders made of construction paper or mats
4. There can be no words or numbers on the front of the poster.
Have prizes for your contest, whether it is cash or trophies, the students will work harder
with incentives. Make a big deal of presenting your prizes to your winners. Get a
picture and submit it to your local newspaper. Put it on your website. This is an
opportunity to spotlight middle school children in our communities.
Let’s all join in and sponsor this contest. We would like to have someone from 2-S3 win
the state and the international contest.
PDG Angie Nicholson, Peace Poster Chair

2017-2018 Peace Poster Contest kit order form


2019 Lions Youth Contests

Information Summary

The Lions of Texas (Multiple District Two) sponsor three contests for high school age students. They are the Diabetes Awareness Essay contest, the Drug Awareness Speech contest, and the Outstanding Youth contest. The Lions of Texas believe in the young people in our schools and want to encourage students in their pursuit of excellence while learning to be of service to others. District 2S3 Lions Clubs are encouraged to contact local high school counselors and Leo clubs with printed information about the contests and to support participation in this important outreach.

Summary of information:

  1.    Entrants must be juniors or seniors in high school.
  2.    There are three levels to the competition, local Lions Club, Lions District, and MD-2    Lions Clubs (Texas). Each level of competition carries scholarship awards. The            awards are:
  •   Local Lions Club – Determined by the local Lions Club 
  •   District 2-S3 - $500.00 for first place in each of the contests, and  $250.00 for  second place in each of the contests
  •   MD-2(Texas) - $3000.00 for first place in each of the contests, and $1000.00 for second place in each of the contests
  • Students enter the local contest with the understanding that the winner (first place) in each contest is committing to compete in the District contest on January 13, 2018 in New Braunfels and if successful there, to compete in the MD-2 contest in held in Corpus Christi  May 18-19 2018. Expenses will be paid by the Lions.

 Expanded information for the Youth Contests is available online at the Lions District 2-S3 website, Entry forms are on the MD2 website,

 Any application fees will be paid by the Lions of 2S3.  Local contests must be completed in time for entries to be returned to the local Lions Club and postmarked to the District Coordinator by January 19, 2018.

Please contact 2S3 District Coordinator, PDG Larry Nicholson (  or 512-470-1326), for help with questions that arise.

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Outstanding Youth

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