The District Directory and Past Lions Club Officers Directory are dynamic documents that are constantly being edited and updated, as new/old information is revealed and/or changed.
Inputs to the District Directory (DD) is at the discretion of the District Governor and as directed through his proxy, the Directory Editor.

Changes to these directories (both for the District Directory and the Past Lions Club Officers Directory may take place without prior notice. The only visible change in the document will be reflected in the change of revision number (when changes are considered major) and/or by date (used for everything else, including major changes) as noted at the top of each page, except for the front page.

Clubs who do not or cannot change their online information, when a change is known, should contact the District / Multiple District Information Technology Chairperson for help entering the club's information into MyLCI and/or MyLION.

When the Directory Editor/District Webmaster becomes aware of changes, the following actions can occurr in the DD:

  1. For the most part, all pertinent information displayed in MyLCI for clubs will be posted verbatum in the DD. There can be exceptions...
  2. Exceptions to statement #1 is that; when additional information is provided through email correspondence, i.e. 3rd party information being posted in the DD, then a "star" ideogram will be annotated next to the information which denotes that, "This information has NOT been verified through MyLCI, but through email correspondence." This annotation will remain in-place until the MyLCI's information online has been updated. Once verified online, the "star" will be removed in the DD and the corrected directory uploaded to the District website at its next revision.‚Äč

For accessing the Directory documents below, you will need the Lions Key.
Your Club President and/or Club Secretary should be able to provide you with this information; however, if that is not an option for you, then contact the District Webmaster with your request. Be prepared to give your LCI identification number and the name of your Lions Club, as a minimum, so that your ID can be verified. Thank you for your understanding.

32-S District Directory

Revision 0, dated August 29, 2023.
(the revision number & date are found on all pages (except on the title page), in the upper left-hand corner of the page)
The same Lion's Key opens both documents on this page.

32-C District Directory

Version 11/20/22.
(the version date is found on the title page, in the lower right-hand corner of the page)
This directory does NOT require a Lion's Key to open.

This Past Lions Officers Directory continues through all District Governor administrations.
Should you have information that is pertinent to this directory's content, please contact the District Webmaster with any corrections/updates.

If you know anything about these present/past officers, say something so that this information will not be lost.

Past Lions Club Officers
with Multiple District Positions


Revision 2, dated February 24, 2022.
(the revision number & date are found on all pages (except on the title page), in the upper left-hand corner of the page)
The same Lion's Key opens both documents on this page.

District Webmaster, Lion Jack Brock

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