JUNE 2018

* Start planning for your various Committees and appoint your respective Conveners;

* Assist your Treasurer to prepare your Club budget for presentation at the Board meeting;

* Carry out community needs assessment, select suitable activities for our area from the District program and embark from day one;

* Have the resolution for the change of Bank signatories’ minute in the Board and do the needful;

* Contact various DISTRICT CHAIRPERSONS for guidance and arrange with them to visit your Board or Regular meeting to talk about their activity;

* Prepare your membership Directory and send copies to all your members;

* Plan your monthly Newsletter;

* Along with your Membership Directors, look for service minded men and women to join your club, Order your new members kit in advance; and

* Membership kits are free for new members joining the Club.

JULY 2018

* This is your first day in office and the District Governor’s as well;

* Receive the District Governor at Julius Nyerere International Airport on 20th July at 7:50

* Motivate your membership to attend the Leadership seminars;

* MMR should be sent on or before 20th July, ready for posting with the minutes of the Board. This should be done throughout the year on the 20th day of the month;

* You are the backbone of the DISTRICT Program. Plan and Implement the same for yourselves and DISTRICT GOVERNOR’S success;

* Order PEACE POSTER contest kits and involve a minimum of two schools;

* Plan for a MEGA fund-raising activity;

* Mark the dates for leadership and Orientation seminars and attend them;

* Prepare well in advance for your DISTRICT GOVERNOR’S visit; and

* Prepare your activities and administration budget and send to the Cabinet Treasurer;


* Contact the zone chairperson for details about first DISTRICT GOVERNOR’S ADVISORY meeting and make arrangement to attend the same. It is mandatory for President, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Directors to   attend;

* ARRANGE meeting with your conveners to plan your activities and for well-attended club meeting;

* Look out for the Community function or activities in which your Club can be involved;

* Look for other Club/organization and NGO’s to form partnership in service activities;

* Promote Peace Poster contest. The last day to buy Peace Poster kits is 1st October 2018;

* Look for Prominent speakers to address your Club meeting;

* Involve all your members in SIGHT FIRST activities;

* Start planning for your club’s major fund-Raising activity now; and

* Attend the First Cabinet meeting in Dar es salaam.


* District and International Dues must be paid within the first 150 days of the beginning of the Lionistic year;

* Audited accounts for the year 2017-2018 to be approved and sent to the Cabinet Treasurer;

* Finalize your plans for the 8th October world service day;

* Invite ZONE CHAIRMAN OR DISTRICT OFFICER to visit your club;

* Prepare your Monthly Newsletter and sent to each of your member;

* ENSURE your MMR and Activity Reports are being sent on time;

* Encourage your members to attend THE AFRICA LIONS FORUM which will take place in Rabat MORROCCO from 27th-30th Sept 2018; and

* Arrange for an Inter Club activity.


* Implement OCTOBER WORLD SERVICE WEEK with community involvement in mind;

* Select your entries for Peace Poster Contest, as the deadline is 15th November 2018;   

* Observe the world Sight Day on 14th October 2019 by carrying out SIGHT related activities; and

* Involve the ZONE CHAIRPERSONS and respective DISTRICT CHAIRPERSONS for Orientation and induction of new members.


* Inform your members, friends and corporate bodies about the MELVIN JONES fellowship program. Enroll many more members;

* Send your entry for Peace Poster Contest to the DISTRICT GOVERNOR’S   OFFICE before 15th  November 2018; and

* You are about to complete your first half-year. Do your assessment of what you have achieved so far. Rededicate yourself to achieve what was not achieved in the second half of your term.


       * Attend the ISAAME Forum from 5th – 8th December, 2018 in Dubai              UAE;

* Organize a fellowship program for your members during this festive month or perhaps organize a function to involve the community to say thank you and may be a fund-raising event (New Year’s Dinner and Dance);

* Along with other club in your Zone bring the joy of Christmas to a children’s home in your area. Donate clothes, food and toys. Remember to publicize the event;

* Consolidate your planned activities;

* Ensure your club is in good standing as far as dues and sending of MMR are concerned;

* Make plans for WORLD PEACE DAY ON 24th January 2019;

* Arrange for maximum attendance at the SECOND DISTRICT GOVERNOR’S ADVISORY meeting; and

* Invite and Honor your Region Chairperson in January 2019 and also the charter members.


* Organize activities to mark the birthday of Lion founder MELVIN JONES on 13th January 2019;

* Carry out an activity to celebrate the World Peace Day on 24th January 2019;

* Women-in-Lionism – Plan for Valentine’s Day on 14th February 2019;

* Invite prospective women to join the Club;

* Attend the 2nd CABINET MEETING ON 19TH JANUARY 2019;

* Appoint Chairperson to the Nomination Committee.


* Half year Accounts should be ready to send to the respective offices in the DISTRICT; 

* Hold NOMINATION Meeting for Club office bearers for the year 2019-2020;

* Clear the District and International dues if not paid for the year 2018-2019; and

* Encourage members to plan and attend the International convention in Italy from July 5th to 9th, 2019.

MARCH 2019

* Lions day with UNITED NATIONS is in March. Organize to attend this important day with UNITED NATIONS;

* Organize an election meeting for the office bearers for 2019 -2020;

* Organize an activity to mark World Women’s Day;

* Secretary to fill in PU.101 forms and send them to International, DISTRICT GOVERNOR’S and VICE DISTRICT GOVERNOR’S office without fail. Include photographs of the officers; and

* Encourage maximum number of members to attend the Multiple District Convention.

APRIL 2019

* Plan your Induction ceremony to mark the world Induction DAY;

* Plan to order your Club awards to be presented at the Installation night;

* Make a point to call for a close meeting and review the year performance and give tips to the incoming President;

* Apply for necessary travel VISAS to Milan, Italy to attend the 102nd International Convention from July 5th to 9th, 2019, July 5 - 9, 2019, in Milan, Italy; and

* Lead a big delegation to the Multiple District Convention in Eldoret - Kenya

MAY 2019

       * Prepare for colorful installation MEETING;

* Finalize all your pending matters for a smooth hand over;

* Get set to attend the International convention in Milan, Italy; and

* Now that you have completed a successful year, remember your successor will need your guidance.

JUNE 2019

* Carry out installation ceremony of your Club’s new office bearers;

* Assist and guide your successor at all times.


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