District Goals


  • Improve District communication by having monthly meetings is teleconference or other means to help each other and provide the best possible service to our community and clubs.
  • Ensure that each Zone holds at least three productive meetings a year to address Service, Membership and Leadership.
  • To provide an open forum for all matters of public interest.


  • Ensure all clubs are aware and informed of Lions International global service causes.
  • Encourage all clubs to work together on service to maximize the impact in their communities.
  • Utilize effective marketing strategies in social media.
  • Ensure that clubs are posting all service activities to MyLion.


  • Establish realistic and attainable growth goals.
  • Provide proper orientation of all new members.
  • Promote fun in all functions to ensure the community that the value of being a Lion is rewarding.
  • Charter a new club and achieve a net growth of +10 in membership.
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