Lions Vision Services: A South Carolina Charity


Mission:  To improve the lives of South Carolina residents by providing health screenings, optical supplies, and facilitating the receipt of hearing services and eye surgeries, for underprivileged persons without insurance and who cannot receive assistance from state, federal, or other agencies.


1968:   Study Committees are formed to explore organizing a charitable organization for the Lions of South Carolina.

1969:   At the State Convention in Myrtle Beach, the South Carolina Lions Sight Conservation Association (SCLSCA) was voted into existence.

1973:   SCLSCA moves into the South Carolina Lions Building in West Columbia.

1974:   The South Carolina Foundation was formed as the charitable arm for South Carolina Lions.

1994:   SCLSCA changed its name to South Carolina Lions, Inc.

2003:   South Carolina Lions Eye Bank merged with LifePoint.

2003:   South Carolina Lions Inc. changed its name to South Carolina Lions Charitable Services (SCLCS).

2011:   In July, South Carolina Lions Charitable Service Foundation (SCLCSF) changed its name to South Carolina Lions Foundation (SCLF). A Director of Development was hired to grow the organization’s financial assets through increasing contributions.

2014:   A grant from the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) allows SCLCS to dramatically expand health screening capacity. This grant is renewed through at least 2018.

2016:   During the Annual Meeting of SCLCS/SCLF at the State Convention in Columbia, the Board approved three measures to:

(1) to convert SCLCS/SCLF into one organization under the dissolution clause of SCLCS and SCLF Bylaws to take effect July 1, 2017;

(2) amend the SCLCS Bylaws to create an Endowment Account which will outline the stewardship of SCLCS monies; and

(3) name the new organization “Lions Vision Services: A South Carolina Charity.”


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