District Governor Troy Jenkins (Stillwater Noon)




First Vice District Governor Tom Mulligan (OKC Northwest)

Second Vice District Governor Derek McCubbin (Stillwater Noon)

Council Advisor/Global Leadership Team (GLT) District Leader Tom Cummings (Cushing LC)

Global Membership Team (GMT) District Leader Marvin Ainsworth (OKC West Side)

District Treasurer Rev. Derrek Belase (Prague LC)

District Secretary Gladeen Allred (Stillwater Noon LC)


Zone A Chair: Mark Adair - Harrah, Midwest City, Norman, Norman Sooner, and OKC Capital Hill
Zone B Chair: Pam Wright - Newcastle Community, OKC Downtown, OKC Northwest, OKC West Side, and The Village
Zone C Chair: Russ Thurman - Chandler, Davenport, Prague, and Stroud
Zone D Chair: Doug Emde - Crescent, Morrison, Mulhall-Orlando, Perry, and Stillwater Noon
Zone E Chair: Brian Norton -Edmond, Carney, Cashion, Guthrie, Langston City, and Perkins
Lions Alert Committee (Disaster Relief and Preparedness): Troy Jenkins, Chair; Jacque Mooney; Tom Mulligan; Derek McCubbin

Committees  (*Chairperson of State Committee) 


Constitution and By-Laws        
  2 Year 1 Year      
3-O Vacant Gene Redford      
3-K Mike Elliott Billy Thompson      
3-L Vacant Marge Williams      
3-A Hal Long John Schmidt      
3-H Robert McMasters Kent Clovis      
Credentials and Elections        
  2 Year 1 Year      
3-O Linda Hughes Vacant      
3-K Vacant Russell Wright      
3-L Kenny Watts Lora Blanton      
3-A Eugene Bachman Harold Shore      
3-H Vacant Jim Barnett      
Finance and Audit        
  2 Year 1 Year      
3-O Wayne Middleton Larry Johnson      
3-K Vacant Sherry Keisman      
3-L Dianna Thompson Mike Drechsler      
3-A Yolanda Middleton Harold Cooper      
3-H Vacant Darnell Williams      
3-O Kent Ryals        
3-K Vacant        
3-L Ralph Bauer        
3-A Vacant        
3-H Vacant        
Long Range Planning        
  2 Year 1 Year      
3-O Linda Hughes Wayne Middleton      
3-K Vacant Cloye Thompson      
3-L Vacant Doug Garren      
3-A Bill Middleton Terry Woodruff      
3-H Vacant Russ Adams      
State Building          
  2 Year 1 Year      
3-O Vacant John Edwards      
3-K Vacant Don Childers      
3-L Jerry Burrow Darliene Garren      
3-A Bill Middleton Jerry Carson      
3-H Richard Schiver* Richard Schiver      
State Convention Planning        
  2 Year 1 Year      
3-O Vacant Trudy Enyart      
3-K Vacant Russell Wright      
3-L Kenny Watts Doug Garren      
3-A Carobelle Carson Arlene Shore      
3-H Ramon Valdez Lynda Cummings      
Alert (Disaster Relief)        
Chair Troy Jenkins Vice Chair Marvin Ainsworth    
  District Governor 1st VDG (District Chair) 2nd VDG IPDG  
3-O DG Leanne Bercher Vacant Vacant PDG Elmer Enyart  
3-K DG Don Shaw Stephanie Pettett Vacant PDG Daryl Pultz  
3-L DG Kristi Fields Karen Blanton Daniel Farrell PDG Sue Thompson  
3-A DG Dee Carson Joe Chandler Harold Shore PDG Terry Woodruff  
3-H DG Dawn Miller Jacque Mooney Troy Jenkins PDG/CC Tom Cummings  
State Treasurer Sharon DiGennaro State Secretary Dawn Miller PID Pat Shurley  
3-O Mike Fritz        
3-K Stephanie Pettett        
3-L Karen Blanton        
3-A Joe Chandler        
3-H Jacque Mooney        
Cultural and Community Activities      
3-O Vacant        
3-K Vacant        
3-L Kenny Watts        
3-A Barbara Swineford        
3-H Vacant        
Diabetes Awareness and Action        
3-O David Wooddell        
3-K Vacant        
3-L Joanne Curran        
3-A Michelle Southwick        
3-H Rick Gladden        
3-O Vacant        
3-K Vacant        
3-L Vacant        
3-A Paul Babiak        
3-H Jim Morgan        
Hearing Preservation Awareness and Action      
3-O Vacant        
3-K         Vacant        
3-L Vacant        
3-A Eldon Hugaboom        
3-H Vacant        
3-O Dollie Wooddell        
3-K Vacant        
3-L Lora Blanton        
3-A Tom Morris        
3-H Vacant        
Information Technology        
3-O Vacant        
3-K Vacant        
3-L Al Granger        
3-A Ron Schulz        
3-H Troy Jenkins*        
International Relations        
3-O Vacant        
3-K Vacant        
3-L Vacant        
3-A Joe Chandler        
3-H Vacant        
Leo Club        
3-O Vacant        
3-K Vacant        
3-L Victoria Cleveland        
3-A Charles Michael, Jr.        
3-H Kateri Holbert        
Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF)         
Chairperson Kent Clovis        
3-O Vacant        
3-K Vacant        
3-L Pat Halsey        
3-A Carobelle Carson        
3-H Pat Shurley        
Lions Opportunity for Youth        
3-O Vacant        
3-K Vacant        
3-L Victoria Cleveland        
3-A Gina Zaloudek        
3-H Vacant        
Lions Quest           
Chairperson Tony Dowell        
3-O Dennis Sagely        
3-K Vacant        
3-L Dan Farrell        
3-A Charles Metscher        
3-H Vacant        
Lions Services for Children        
3-O Vacant        
3-K Vacant        
3-L Vacant        
3-A Gina Zaloudek        
3-H Vacant        
Peace Poster        
3-O Linda Hughes        
3-K Vacant        
3-L Kenny Watts        
3-A Barbara Swineford        
3-H Vacant        
Public Relations and Lions Information        
  2 Year 1 Year      
3-O Jay Cranke Herman Thompson      
3-K Vacant Ferril Williamson      
3-L Vacant Al Granger*      
3-A Colleen Michael Dee Carson      
3-H Linda Webb Troy Jenkins      
Sight Preservation Awareness and Action    
  2 Year 1 Year      
3-O Vacant Vickie Hampton      
3-K Vacant Donnie Moore      
3-L Kay Love Don Riley      
3-A Karly Youngers Debbie Woodruff      
3-H Mary Ainsworth Pam Wright      
Youth Camp and Exchange        
3-O Vacant        
3-K Vacant        
3-L Vacant        
3-A Gina Zaloudek        
3-H Vacant        
Global Leadership Team (GLT)        
3-O Delbert King        
3-K Vacant        
3-L Pat Halsey        
3-A Terry Woodruff        
3-H Tom Cummings        
Global Membership Team (GMT)        
3-O Vacant        
3-K Vacant        
3-L Sue Thompson        
3-A John Schmidt        
3-H Marvin Ainsworth        
World Services for the Blind; 2811 Fair Park Blvd, Little Rock, AR 72204    
501-664-7100; Toll-free: 800-248-0734; Fax: 501-664-2743; Email: training@lwsb.org; Website: www.lwsb.org
Leader Dogs for the Blind; PO Box 5000; 1039 S Rochester Rd, Rochester, MI 48307-3115  
248-651-9011; Toll-free: 888-777-5332; Email: leaderdog@leaderdog.org; Website: www.leaderdog.org
International Hearing Dog, 5901 E 89 Ave, Henderson, CO 80640    
Voice/TDD: 303-287-3277; Fax: 303-287-3425; Website: www.ihdi.org    
The International Association of Lions Clubs; 300 W 22nd Street, Oak Brook, IL 60523-8842  
Telephone:630-571-5466; Fax: 630-571-8890      
LCIF Fax: 630-571-5735; ITY: 571-6533 (Deaf); www.lionsclubs.org    
Oklahoma Lions Service Foundation (OLSF)      
4123 NW 10th; Oklahoma City 73107; 405-947-6540: Fax: 405-947-3259    
Email: exdir@oklionsfoundation.org;   Website: www.oklionsfoundation.org    
Executive Director Marie Burns        
President Joshua Busby Immediate Past President Mike Graham  
Board Members 2014-2015        
  District Governor 3 Year 2 Year 1 Year  
3-O DG Randy Keller Gene Redford Eugene Reeves (S) Henry North  
3-K DG Don Shaw Kristi Wieldt Les Walker Mike Graham  
3-L DG Kristi Fields Rocco Bonacci John King Mike Drechsler  
3-A DG Dee Carson Elmo Castle Charles Michael Jr.  John Schmidt  
3-H  DG Dawn Miller Marvin Ainsworth Joshua Busby (P) Tom Cummings  
    Members-at-Large Greg Arbuckle Chloe Thompson (T)  
2014-2015 Oklahoma Lions Irrevocable Trust      
3-O Larry Johnson (T)        
3-K John Terry        
3-L George Hazelbaker        
3-A Paul Boynton        
3-H Paul Anderson        
OK Lions Mobile Health Screening Unit (MHSU) Committee      
3-O  Larry Johnson        
3-K Mike Graham        
3-K Chloe Thompson (T)        
3-L Rocco Bonacci        
3-A Charles Michael, Jr.        
3-H Dawn Miller        
Oklahoma Lions Boys Ranch (OLBR)      
PO Box 400, Perkins 74059-0400; 405-547-2462; Fax: 405-547-2058      
Email: bryanlarison@hotmail.com or boyervr@hotmail.com; www.olbr.org    
Exec. Director Bryan Larison; Admin. Assistant Rocky Boyer    
President Mike Simmons Immediate Past President Kim Wheeler    
Board Members 2014-2015        
  1st Vice District Governor 3 Year 2 Year 1 Year  
3-O VDG Mike Fritz Wayne Middleton (T) Linda Hughes Bob Hoppe  
3-K VDG Stephanie Pettett Mike Elliott (S) Fred Bunyan Mike Simmons (P)  
3-L VDG Karen Blanton Jim Irwin Jennifer Robinette Wayne Leu  
3-A VDG Joe Chandler Deane Wymer Richard Wyler Arlene Shore  
3-H VDG Jacque Mooney Dan Blankenship (VP) Don Hardin Kim Wheeler (IPP)  
Dr. Eugene Briggs Memorial Scholarship Foundation      
President Richard Schiver        
Board Members 2014-2015        
  District Governor 3 Year 2 Year 1 Year  
3-O DG Randy Keller Louis Davis Dollie Woodell Judy Echenrode  
3-K DG Don Shaw Vacant Billy Thompson Judy Elliott (S)  
3-L DG Kristi Fields Mel Rader (T) Verdana Toyeqoyah Jim Doner  
3-A DG Dee Carson Mary Fultz Dana Cowan Joyce Hallagin  
3-H DG Dawn Miller David Kerr J.D. Koch Richard Schiver (P)  
Oklahoma Lions Eye Bank (OLEB)      
3840 Lincoln Blvd, Okla. City 73105; 405-557-1393; Fax: 405-557-0086    
Email: jking@oleb.org        
Exec. Director Jeanette King        
President  Immediate Past President Alan McKee  
Board of Directors 2014-2015        
  District Governor 1st Vice District Governor 3 Year 2 Year 1 Year
3-O DG Randy Keller VDG Mike Fritz Gwen Nichols Kent Ryals Gary Taylor
3-K DG Don Shaw VDG Stephanie Pettett Larry Bailey Tom Lewis Greg Walker
3-L DG Kristi Fields VDG Karen Blanton Vicki King George Hazelbaker Tim Nelson
3-A DG Dee Carson VDG Joe Chandler Rick Coffelt Scott Corson Deane Wymer
3-H DG Dawn Miller VDG Jacque Mooney Leamon Freeman Phil Hendrick Pat Shurley
Southwest and Central Oklahoma Eyeglass Recycling Project (Districts 3-L and 3-H only)  
  3 Year 2 Year 1 Year    
3-L  Dennis Freie Pat Halsey Clint Pack    
3-H  Gerald Mooney Dave Kerr Jacque Mooney    
Bone Yard Skeleton (Officers) 2014-2015        
(Past District Governors Association)        
Head bone PCC Larry Wibben (P)        
Neck bone PCC Marvin Ainsworth (VP)        
Backbone PDG Cloye Thompson (S)        
T-Bone PCC Yolanda Martin Middleton (T)      
Tailbone PDG Gary Taylor (Tail Twister)        
Kneebone PDG Ealmer Klippel (Chaplain)        
Funny bone PDG Billy Thompson (Event Planner)      
Wishbone PDG Bob Austin (New Bones Induction)      
Wrist bone PVCC Lora Blanton (Reporter)        
Jawbone PDG Eldon Hugaboom        
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