The International Association of Lions Clubs (Lions Clubs International, (LCI), is the largest and most active voluntary organisation in the world, with a membership of over 1.4 million men and women in more than 46,000 clubs, in more than 210 countries and geographical areas of the world. In July 2017, this Association will be celebrating 100 years of existence.

Lions around the world are united by a spirit of giving and dedication to helping others. As the official funding arm of LCI, Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) supports Lions’ compassionate works by providing grants to their local and global humanitarian efforts. 

These include combating vision problems, responding to major catastrophes, providing valuable life skills for youth, partnering with governments to fight preventable diseases through immunisations and other health interventions.


District G 411B District Governor Lion Dr. Stanley Bubikire



Dear Lions & LEOs,

                From the bottom of my heart, I welcome each one of you to this year of our humanitarian services to the less fortunate members of our communities. Our district will be guided by the theme “Service with Passion” and with humility, dedication and commitment.


In line with the International Presidents words “The future will be whatever we create”we are prepared to steer the ship with all the stamina, to ensure we create a remarkable difference in our respective communities by offering landmark & relevant services.


The global dynamics continue to change in regard to drivers of development, monitoring of programs, analysis of our interventions that all guide strategic planning. We shall embark on ICT new innovations to guide our service interventions & programs.

This is the time to market lionism & enhance our visibility. All services need to be guided by strategic programming. No wonder therefore that great efforts will be directed towards the delivery of a five year district strategic plan, appropriate branding and marketing to increase visibility, innovative ICT strategies to reach everyone and promptly, and discover potential areas of service delivery where we can offer impactful programs, while ensuring legacy in as far as Lionism is concerned

Mindful of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) whereby emphasis is put on ensuring nobody is left behind in the development agenda, as Lions we need to re-define our strategies towards our humanitarian services for meaningful and more sustainable programs. Let us promote inclusive development, while focusing on the major global fields as advised by LC1.

I call upon all clubs to utilize the district Action plan to develop club specific plans to promote service delivery and visibility across board.

Having crossed the two thousand membership level in our district last Lions year, we need to be mindful of the need for more growth. Strategies such as GET, GMA, New Voices that accelerated our growth must be strengthened. Further membership growth will promote our district visibility, strength and recognition. How glad I would be if we grow to adequate numbers that warrant bifurcation to two sub-districts. Yes, it is possible and achievable, and we can be promoters of this dream.

As our membership continues to grow there is need to empower ourselves with knowledge about Lionism in particular, but also development in general. Let us utilize all training opportunities at our disposal, right from club level, adequate numbers and global levels to empower ourselves. Both physical and virtual trainings should be utilized. The Lions Clubs International Learning center offers a variety of courses relevant to your personal growth and Lionism  in great detail and should be utilized maximally.

Let us have adequate orientations to new members as they join the organization. This has a positive impact on retention.

Our district has benefited from funding of several projects by Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF), the financing arm of our Association. In the spirit of give and take, let us all endeavor to contribute generously to LCIF through individual donations, paying for MJF & PMJ, and clubs aspiring to become model clubs. To those clubs which have already pledged to be model, I encourage them to fulfil their promises. I also appeal to other clubs to follow suit. The Treasury and LCIF coordinators will continue to approach and encourage you.

Remember proof of activity and service provision is by appropriate reporting. Endeavour to utilize all reporting mechanisms on social media, print, electronic, MyLCI, MyLion and any other innovation possible to alert all the Lions fraternity and the very communities we serve. Utilize all opportunities to increase Lion visibility be it camps, installation & induction ceremonies, community engagements (meetings, outreaches), celebration of relevant National and International days.

As your Team Leader for the year 2023-24, I implore each and everyone to offer services with passion utilizing whichever talent God gave you and which you have enhanced through knowledge acquisition and skills development in your respective careers. These services should be with all the humility, dedication and commitment.

Guided by transparency, mutual trust, respect for each other as our core values, I appeal to you all for advisory and not diversionary approaches to accomplish services with passion.

This handbook and its directory are of great value since it gives prompt reference to all the District Officers for ease of communication. It is expected to build bridges of friendships, promote fellowships and mutual understanding in the entire Lions fraternity.

 I look forward to further growth of our district, as we all offer services with passion.














Lions Clubs International is the world's largest service club organization with more than 1.4 million members in approximately 46,000 clubs in more than 200 countries and geographical areas around the world.

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