Hi there! I'd be Lion if I wasn't excited to see you here! 

HAHA I love Lion jokes, my name is Lion Dan. 

I heard from a reliable source you want to be a Lion?

Not Going to Happen!
Wouldn't Think of it!

........Ok fine, but you’re going to have to prove to me you can handle it.


First, I need to make sure your vision is up to date. 
A good Lion must be able to see his prey.
Read the eye chart out loud:





Outstanding! Wasn't too hard, was it? 

Now that I know you can see, it’s time to go hunting!
What’s that? You don't know how to hunt? No big deal! I just so happen to have an old instructional video laying around....



Okay, now that you’re trained in the art of hunting, next is my favorite part. FEEDING. 

If you’re going to be a Lion, you must Feed like a lion.





You’re almost ready to be a full-fledged Lion, but you need to figure out what pride to be a part of.

 Click "Pride," and when you find one and you’re ready to join, come back and we will move forward with more. See you in a bit!



Did you make a decision?


You're ready to go and meet your new pride. There's one last thing i need you to do. Click and print off an application. 

We just have to make sure no gazelles sneak in. They will do anything to find our secrets out. 

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