1985-86 DG Bruce Monfette “Carrying The Torch For Lionism”
1986-87 DG Dudley R. Bufton “Bring Quality To Life”
1987-88 DG Henry P. Pagkalinawan “Lionism Is Service.  Growth Through Leadership”
1988-89 DG Wilt LeBlanc  
1989-90 DG Daniel V. DuRoss  
1990-91 DG Harold “Chief” Ballenger “Lions Pride Runs Deep”
1991-92 DG Eddie Keyse “Communications – ‘Keyse’To Success”
1992-93 DG Jesse G. Cordova  
1993-94 DG Henrietta P. Paracha “History In Progress.  Leading and Lighting The Way To Service”
1994-95 DG Don Chinery “Connect Lionism To Our Communities.  The Year Of Solidarity”
1995-96 DG Virgilio N. “Virgil” Tolentino “Serving Together For A Better Tomorrow”
1996-97 DG Dr. Chung Kim “Knowledge Integrity Motivation”
1997-98 DG Edward Weinbaum “Let’s Serve With Enthusiasm And Dedication”
1998-99 DG Steven N. “Steve” Blumin “Harmony In Diversity”
1999-00 DG John K. Tsuruta “Joining Together To Serve Lions”
2000-01 DG G. James “Jimmy” Quirarte “Growth, Unity & Service = Quality”
2001-02 DG Bella Rosal-Laureano “Light The Path … The Lions Way!”
2002-03 DG Jean “John” Antoun “We Serve To Build A Better Tomorrow”
2003-2004 DG Armando “Mandy” Francisco “Service In Friendship”
2004-2005 DG Dick Selway “Service With Passion”
2005-2006 DG Al Adams “Success Through Innovation”
2006-2007 DG Sid Sioson “Re-Energize Commitment To Service”
2007-2008 DG Maxluis Dominguez “Commitment Beyond Excellence”
2008-2009 DG William Yoon “Miracles Through Service”
2009-10 DG Rudy Salvio “For Love of God, Country And Fellowmen”
2010-11 DG Mirasol “Sunshine” Santiago “Together Everyone Achieves More In Service”
2011-12 DG Joel I.L. Pastor “Believe In The Power of 1”
2012-13 DG Michael Gill “Hope For The Future”
2013-14 DG Laurence “Larry” Donoghue “Holding Hands Together In Service”
2014-15 DG Sonja Menor "Together as One:Sharing Giving and Serving"
2015-16 DG Ki Hyo Shin

"Serve with Passion & Pride"

2016-17 DG Carol Ann Wright Emmitt "Legacy and Leadership for the Next Century"
2017-2018 DG Bhee Donoghue "We Serve"
2018-2019 DG Kenneth Blackwood "We Care - We Serve"

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