Lion’s Eye Bank of Saskatchewan Inc.

The cornea of your eye is like the crystal on a wristwatch - clear.

Infection, injury, and aging can all cause the cornea to become cloudy.

When this happens, light cannot enter your eye; without light, your eye cannot function properly and impairment of vision or blindness results. In a corneal transplant operation, the cloudy cornea is removed and replaced by a healthy, clear cornea from a donor. Because light can once again enter the eye, vision is restored.

To anyone who's been through the process, from light to dark to light again, it really is a medical miracle.

The Lions eye bank in partnership with the Saskatchewan Transplant Program is responsible for the recovery or donated eye tissue. Donor eyes are used for sight restoring corneal transplant surgery and for research and education concerning the prevention of blindness.

The Lions Eye Bank of Saskatchewan has been in operation for over 25 years.

The Lions Eye Banks perform valuable sight-saving functions. A staff of professionals at the eye bank recover, evaluate and distribute human eye tissue for vision restoration, research and education. Eye surgeons rely on eye banks to supply them with eye tissue for sight-saving procedures for persons who have eye disease or injury.

Lions have been providing support for eye banks for nearly 65 years. Currently, there are 53 official Lions Eye Banks throughout the world.

A Lions eye bank is a not-for-profit organization that:

• Operates within established Lions Clubs International Board Policy for the program

• Is sponsored by a Lions club, district or multiple district

• Has an established working relationship with a medical facility

• Complies with government medical and education standards

• May coordinate Lions' financial assistance for sight-saving corneal transplant surgery

Lions clubs, as well as the public, have opportunities to play a key role in support of Lions eye banks:

Lions Eye Bank Week.

World Sight Day provides an opportunity to focus on Lions eye banks and corneal donation. • Get involved throughout the year! Various countries have a designated day, week or month for emphasizing corneal donation. In the US, for example, March is "Eye Donor Awareness Month."

• Participate in fundraising event for the Lions eye bank.


Life Membership 

$100.00 award for anyone wishing to be a member or for a person who has performed duties deserving of recognition (either Lion or non- Lion) (Certificate and a lapel pin)

Garnet Davis Fellowship 

$500.00 donation - purchase to honour someone who has done long term or outstanding work with a Lions club or for a Lions club (Framed Certificate w/lapel pin)

Progressive Garnet Davis Fellowship

$500.00 donation - Purchase to honour someone who has already received a Garnet Davis Fellowship and continues do long term or outstanding work with a Lions club or for a Lions club (Certificate w/lapel pin)

Contributing Member Pin

$25.00 available to anyone wishing to support to work of the Lions Eye Bank of Saskatchewan (Lapel pin)

Cliff Worden Fellowship

$1,000.00 award for someone contributing volunteerism and dedication beyond the expectation of a volunteer (Framed Certificate and a lapel pin)

Make A Donation

If you wish to help with a monetary donation please make cheques payable to:

Lions Eye Bank of Saskatchewan Inc.

Box 831 Regina, SK S4P 3B1

Phone: (306) 537-0202


For information about eye or tissue donations please call (306) 655-5932.


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