History of Lions Cavalcade for Diabetes

The Lions Cavalcade came into existence in 1987 when it was felt that as Lions we needed to establish a highly visible province wide fund raising program to raise funds to help support the Diabetes Canada with one of their programs to raise funds for Diabetes Awareness throughout Alberta and NWT.

In 1991 the Wetaskiwin Lions and Lioness clubs donated a van for Canadian Diabetes Association to use for this project.

In 1996 this particular project had to be changed due to changes in the Alberta Health Care System.

Thus the T.D.R.P (Traveling Diabetes Resource Program) which was being operated by the Diabetes Canada (Alberta/NWT) at that time was adopted by the Lions Cavalcade for Diabetes committee.

Each year a Lions Club in Alberta hosts a Lions Cavalcade Parade and campout in their community on the first weekend of June at which time any club in attendance can present their donations to Lions Cavalcade for Diabetes Awareness committee who in turn pass these donations on to Diabetes Canada to support the TDRP.

The parade takes place through the streets of the Host clubs community and is made up of decorated vehicles from all the Clubs present. After the parade a BBQ is held with a session of fellowship and entertainment.

The Lions Cavalcade for Diabetes Awareness committee has raised in excess of $600,000.00+ from Lions Clubs and Private donations to support the Traveling Diabetes Resource Program and the Vans operated by Diabetes Canada (Alberta/NWT), which are used to promote this program throughout the Province and NWT since its inception.

In 2020 due the Covid-19 situation in the world Diabetes Canada discontinued the Traveling Diabetes Resource Program (TDRP) and introduced a Digital Awareness program called Peer Connect and it ran for 2 years (2021 AND 2022). 

MD C Lions Cavalcade for Diabetes sponsored a full program in 2021 and partial program in 2022. We also supported Diabetic Camp digital program in 2021 and then 4 youth to the face to face Diabetic Camp program in 2022.


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