First Vice District Govenor: Debbie Woodruff

Second Vice District Governor:

District Advisor: Joe Chandler

Council Advisor:: Arlene Shore

District Secretary: Karl Youngers

District Treasurer:  Jim Froese

District Advisor/ Global Leadership:  Team Terry Woodruff

Global Leadership Membership Team:  John Schmidt

Zone A Chairperson Charles Michael: Balko, Goodwell, Guymon, Guymon Panhandle

Zone B Chairperson Randy Owens: Buffalo, Laverne, Seiling, Vici ,Woodward

Zone C Chairperson: Arlene Shore  Fairview,  North Enid,  Garber,   Ringwood

Zone D Chairperson: Wendall Knouse:  Covington, Kingfisher, Okarche, Lomega, Hennessey

Zone E Chairperson:: Don Lynch   Burlington, Cherokee, Jet, Nash, Helena, Wakita

Zone F Chairperson:  Debbie Woodruff   Medford, Newkirk, Ponca City After Five, Ponca City Noon,,

Lion Alert (Disaster Relief/ /Emergency Preparedness):: Harold Shore,, Dee Carson, Debbie Woodruf

Committies 2016-2017

Constitution & By-Laws                                     Hal Long

Credentials & Elections                                    OPEN

Finance & Audition                                            Yolanda Middleton

Legal                                                                 Bill McCue

Long Range Planning                                        Bill Middleton

State Building                                                    Jerry Carson & Ron Cooper

State Convention Planning                                Dee Carson

Convention                                                         Harold Shore

Cultural & Community                                         Barbaara Swineford

Diabetes Awareness                                           Michelie Southwick

Enviromental                                                       Paul Babiak

Hearing Preservation                                           Open

Honorary                                                               Ron Schulz

InformationTtechnology                                        Ron Schulz

International Relations                                          Colleen Michael

Leo Club                                                                Charles Michael Jr

LCIF                                                                      Carobelle Carson

Lions Opportunities for Youth                                Gina Zaloudek

Lions Quest                                                           Charles Metcher

Lions Service for Children                                     Esther Wymer

Peace Poster                                                        Barbara Swineford

Public Relations & Information                              Debbie Woodruff

Sight Preservation                                                Karl Youngers

Youth Camp & Exchange                                      Open

LCI Centennial                                                      Carolbelle Carson

Briggs Scholarship                                                Kathleen Reese    3 Year

            "                                                                 Paulette Winbolt   2 Year

            "                                                                 Connie Osgood    1 Year

Meadows of Hope                                                  Debbie Woodruff

Service Foundation                                                Scott Corson

Irrevocable Trust                                                    Roy Innis

Eye Bank                                                                Dee Carspn

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