3-A Hal Long Rookie of the Year


2000 Darlene Schulz North Enid

2000 Susan Skinner Ladner Ponca City Noon

2001 Lilly Strickland Ponca City Noon


2002 Harold Cooper North Enid


2003 Sharon Squires Enid Briggs Evening


2004 Carl MacPherson Enid Briggs Evening


2005 Dolores Hugaboom Garber


2006 Allene Wright Newkirk


2007 Mary Fultz Ponca City After Five


2008 Deanna Carson Garber


2009 Arlene Shore Garber


2010 Colleen Michael Guymon


2011 Harold Shore Garber


2012 Sherry Sterling Covington

2013 Marshall Ward North Enid


3-A Lions of the Year


1974 Dick Clifford Keyes

1975 Vernon L. Beebe Enid Briggs Evening

1977 Joe McGehee Garber

1979 Charles Burleson Fairview

1980 Richard Jones Enid

1981 Jack Wicker Guymon

1982 R. Hal Long Garber

1983 DeRoy Skinner Ponca City Noon (3-M)

1984 Arnold Halligan Guymon

1985 Jay Chambers Enid Briggs Evening

1986 LeRoy Skouby Enid Briggs Evening

1987 Leland Pratt Fairview

1988 Mickey L. Young Vici

1989 Dale Baade Enid Briggs Evening

1990 Rex Mahlman Alva

1991 Ivan Dunsworth Enid Briggs Evening

1992 Carobelle Carson Garber

1993 Niles B.”N.B.” Young Vici

1994 Raymond A. Jennigs Pioneer Pleasant Vale

1995 Karl Youngers Pioneer Pleasant Vale

1996 Yolanda Martin Garber

1997 Paul Nelson Kingfisher

1998 Virginia Rodriguez Enid Briggs Evening

1999 Don Melka Medford

2000 Elmo Castle Garber

2001 Francis Rodriguez Enid Briggs

2002 William E. Hassler Enid Briggs

2003 Darlene Schulz North Enid

2004 Ron Schulz North Enid

2005 Kim McFarland Enid Briggs Evening

2006 Harold Cooper North Enid

2007 Faron Johnson Kremlin

2008 Charles Michael, Jr. Guymon

2009 Mary Fultz Ponca City After Five

2010 Arlene Shore Garber

2011 Joyce Halligan Guymon

2012 Deanna Carson Garber

2013 Paul Babiak Hennessey


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