5M2 Project List

Can Do Canines

            Can Do Canines website
            Monthly Donor HERO Program

Environmental Photo Contest

          Contest Rules       International Winners

Journey For Service

            Journey for Service History


            LCIF website

Leader Dog

            Leader Dog for the Blind website

Liberty Day

Lions Kidsight U.S.A.

            Lions Kidsight U.S.A. website

Lions Quest

            Lions Quest Brochure

            Lions Quest website

MD5M Hearing Foundation     

            Lions Multiple District 5M Hearing Foundation website

            D-feet Hearing Loss 

MN Lions Diabetes Foundation

            MN Lions Diabetes Foundation website

MN Lions Vision Foundation

            MN Lions Vision Foundation website

            MN Lions Eye Bank website

            MN Lions Macular Degeneration Center website

Project New Hope

            Project New Hope website

Special Olympics

            Special Olympics MN website

Youth Exchange

Youth Outreach

            Leo Clubs

            Lions International Essay Contest

                   Essay Contest website

                   Essay Contest Rules

            Lions International Peace Poster

                    Peace Poster Rules

                    Peace Poster Contest LCI website

                     Order a kit

            Write Off Competition

                     Write Off Letter to Clubs 2016

                     Write Off Letter for Region & Zone Chairs

                     Write Off Notice to Schools

                     Write Off Student Resume

                     Write Off Judging

Jungle Days

5M2 Lions Golf Cup    

Lions Clubs International News
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