The Multiple District 22 Constitution and By-Laws

The constitution of Lions Multiple District 22 contains the fundamental principles which govern the operation of the multiple district. The bylaws of Lions Multiple District 22 establishes the specific rules of guidance by which the multiple district functions. Last approved approved by Council of Govenors on December 3, 2017.


MD22 Constitution and Bylaws


The Multiple District 22 Policies and Procedures

The policies and procedures document is a composite of responsibilities and obligations for those serving as a District Governor of a sub-district in Multiple District 22. The procedures covered are either constitutionally mandidated, and are identified as such, or are a continuation of acceptable procedures that have become tradition by continued usage. Lions Clubs International provides each District Governor with the tools they will need to organize their sub-district. However, you will find participation in the Council of Governors an experience that is totally new and this docuement will help you better understand understand your time with the council. Last updated July 2018.


MD22 Policy and Procedures




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