One billion people lack clean water. Every day 5000 children die from cholera and other waterborne diseases. Mothers lack water to wash the kids and dirty faces attracts flies which spread painful eye diseases. Many children miss school when they daily have go long distances to fetch water. Doctors have no water to wash wounds, patients, hands and instruments.

2008 initiated LC Ahus, LC Reng Höllviken and LC Horby project "Lions Pure Water" (LPW). By providing villages, schools and hospitals in rural Tanzania with pure water LPW will prevent diseases, reduce child mortality, facilitate care and provide the villagers with better life and hope for the future.The goal is to help 100,000 people in rural Tanzania primarely Morogoro Region to get access to pure water.

In the countryside more than half the population lacks clean water. They may go far to fetch water, which is usually very infected, or buy water at high cost. In Tanzania access to water defines as 25 liters per person per day within in a distance no longer than 400 meters.

Lions Pure Water do total waterplants. We are drilling wells, installing pumps and electric generators, building water towers and domestic points and placing pipes. We install hand pumps in dug wells. We train people in the villages how the waterplants should be maintained and administered. All work is done in close cooperation with the village, district and county authorities.

We have learned how water systems can be built efficiently and sustainably and how investment funds are conveyed safely.

As of November 2018 LPW has provided about 70 000 people, 24 schools and 8 hospitals in the villages Melela, Duthumi, Mlali ward, Kibati. Mgeta, Mgolole, Kongwa and Chakwale with water. Moreover, also the district hospital in Mahenge with a catchment area of about 120 000 people has got access to water.

There are prepared projects for start in the villages Sofi Majiji, Nguyami and Mbgiri. As soon as full financing is garanteed they will start.

The need is very great and more projects are "knocking on the door."

Some facts about Lions Pure Water:

  • Investment cost of water for one person is about $13
  • Simple and well known technology used in all projects
  • Organization of administration and maintenance of the water system completed before project start and responsible persons within the village are trained
  • Involvement of the local users throughout the whole process
  • For each project an agreement is drawn up regarding content and commitments from the district, village and Lions Pure Water.
  • All projects are fully funded before start
  • All projects are revised regarding function and finances by local auditor in Tanzania
  • Is part of Lions Clubs International through Lions Clubs Hörby, Reng Höllviken, Åhus and Morogoro

Lions Pure Water is supported by Lions Clubs of Sweden, Lions Clubs International Foundation, The Children of the World/Radiohjälpen, companies, organisations and individuals.

For more information contact:
Magnus Svensson +46 (0) 415 14881
Mats Bucht, +46 (0) 733 392 395


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