Vision Screening Information

The Lions of District 25A work in conjunction with the local school districts, school principals and the school nurse to assist with the completion of the state-mandated school vision screenings.  Lions in our district perform BOTH acuity testing and Kids Sight testing.

A vision screening certification seminar was held on November 8, 2014 in Merrillville with 48 people in attendance.  All particpants were provided with a copy of an Adult and Children's Vision Screening Manual.  The manual was provided by Lions from District F who conducted the training.  When performing vision screenings in your club, please follow the training instruction as outlined, as it has the approval of the State of Indiana for vision screening.

Acuity Testing

Our Lions use the newest vision screening equipment available to perform visual acuity screenings.  Visual Acuity testing helps determine how well a child sees. To determine this we use charts, Optecs (like the machines used for drivers license vision testing), and sometimes computer generated pictures, numbers, etc..  We also look at depth perception. To check that we perform a Stereopsis test using "special" polarized glasses.  Our Lions volunteers watch each child while this testing is being conducted in order to observe the child and look for any signs of eye problems (such as rubbing eyes excessively, squinting, eyes crossed, complaining of headaches, etc.).  After we complete the screening process, our results, along with our recommendations, are given to the school nurse who has the ultimate responsibility for the program. She does all notifications to the parent/guardian as well as recommending follow-up with an eye care professional when necessary.

Kids Sight Testing

For those Lions in District 25A who wish to schedule a local Kids Sight (ages 6 months to 6 years) vision screening within their town, the district has three cameras.  Please contact one of the individuals below (well in advance of your planned event) to schedule the use of the equipment.
DO NOT make plans for your vision screening event until you have contacted one of the individuals below and secured a day and time for use of the equipment.

Kids Sight Equipment Contacts:

PDG Kevin Roe
701 S. Huddleston Road
Winamac, IN 46996
(H) 574-946-4701
(C) 219-863-0761

Lion Sally Davis
4767 E. 61st Avenue
Hobart, IN 46342
(H) 219-942-4433
(C) 219-689-1362

PDG Robin Smith
745-1 Capitol Road
Valparaiso, IN 46385
(H) 219-364-9432
(C) 219-916-4549

Lion Al Konieczka
12548 W. 101st Place
St. John, IN 46373
(W) 219-365-1091
(C) 219-201-9103

District 25A Operation KidsSight Forms (2021)

Download Screening Dates

If you have an upcoming vision screening event and would like to ask for volunteers, please email Lion Al Konieczka from St. John Lions, who will add your event to the District Website calendar.  Similarly, if you wish to volunteer at one of the various district eye screenings, please view the vision screening calendar and contact the person in charge for more information or with any questions.

When providing your information to be added to the vision screening calendar, you MUST provide Lion Al with all of the following:

  • Screen Date
  • Screening Location
  • Screening Address
  • Grades Testing
  • Screening Type
  • Times Needed
  • Contact Person
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