Clubs should make every effort to recruit new members for their club.  In addition, you MUST also work hard to retain the members you already have.  This page will grow as a source for useful membership and retention materials that you can use in your local club.

Membership Pulse Newsletter

Membership Pulse Newsletter

The Membership Pulse e-Newsletter is published quarterly by the Membership Development Division of Lions Clubs International.  Get involved with the new Ask One campaign - IT WORKS! You can read the latest edition or visit the LCI website to view the past editions.  There are many tips for growing your club and invitations for informative webinars.

2012 USA/Canada Forum "How to Keep "em From Leaving


Lions Clubs International has monthly Netcasts where you can learn techniques for membership recruiting, starting new clubs, involving members, etc.  Visit the Lions website for more details using the links below:

Membership Powerpoint Available

Download the Powerpoint presentation used by International Director Steve Glass at the 2014 District 25A Convention - Download Presentation

Zone Chairperson Information

You, as zone chairperson, are a member of the district‘s leadership team. You are the link between the clubs in the zone and the district team. You motivate, counsel and communicate with the clubs. You keep the district’s leadership team informed of the clubs’ activities and share concerns about any of the clubs with the team. You also encourage clubs to support district programs and activities.

The district governor recognizes your leadership skills. As a leader of the zone, you are to support quality clubs within the zone. These clubs should understand their purpose in the association, function within the association’s constitution and policies, know they are part of the district team and strive for excellence and continuous growth.

Below you will find links to some tools that will help you to perform your duties as a zone chair.

As Zone Chair, you should be making officla visits to ALL clubs in your territory.  Also, please be sure to complete the forms above and send them to the District Governor.

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