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Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation of New Hampshire, Inc. was begun in 1978 as a vehicle to generate monies for the Foundation’s Endowment Fund. This Endowment Fund is the nucleus of our foundation. Money placed into the endowment generates interest and this interest along with other monies raised during the year purchases hearing aids and eye surgeries for those residents of our communities without means.

Since the inception of the Foundation, over $500,000 has been granted to hundreds of members of our community across the state of NH. The Granite State Fellowship is acknowledged as the Lions highest state recognition. A worthy candidate may be one of your club members, a community business, a municipal worker or legislature, an outstanding citizen of your community, school principal or a prominent person choosing retirement.

Remember to capture this presentation with a photograph and a compelling story for your local newspaper and/or website. 


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The Melvin Jones fellowship is a $1,000 donation to LCIF (Lions Clubs International Foundation) which a club can make on the behalf of a Lion or non-Lion who exemplify humanitarianism.


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