Global Action Team (GAT) - GLT, GMT, GST

The Global Action Team (GAT) structure is a "bottom-up" approach to support clubs. It is an entire Lions network designed to work for clubs. The following is how this approach works for the clubs in Area C (MDC).

At the Club Level
Each club president is automatically the club's Global Action Team (GAT) club chairperson. This chairperson reports directly to the GAT district chairperson - the district governor.  The roles and responsibilites of the GAT club chairperson can be found here.


At the District Level
Each district has a GAT district chairperson which is automatically the district governor for that district.  Under the district governor are the GLT coordinator, GMT coordinator, and GST coordinator appointed by the district governor.  Depending on the constitution and bylaws of the district, the appointments can be from one to three years.
Job Descriptions
Click on the position below to find the roles and responsibilities of the district coordinators.
            District GLT Coordinator
            District GMT Coordinator
            District GST Coordinator
District C-2 Global Action Team
GLT Coordinator  John Goodrich
GMT Coordinator Brian Grier
GST Coordinator Cathy Anderson
District C-1 Global Action Team
GLT coordinator Susanne Leshchyshyn
GMT coordinator J. Leonard "Butch" Bouchard
GST coordinator PDG Margaret Bouchard


At the Multiple District Level
The Council Chair is automatically the GAT multiple district chairperson. The CC appoints a GLT, GMT and GST muldiple district coordinators. 
Job Descriptions
Click on the position below to find the roles and responsibilites of the multiple district coordinators.
           Multiple district Chariperson
             Multiple district GLT Coordinator
             Multiple district GMT Coordinator
             Multiple district GST Coordinator
MDC Global Action Team Chairperson    
Council Chair Pauline Cooper  
MDC Global Leadership Team Coordinator    
PCC Betty Ann Robson  
MDC Global Membership Team Coordinator    
Lion Bill Stecewicz  
MDC Global Service Team Coordinator    
Lion Diane Bray


At the Constitutional Area Level
All Lion multiple districts are assigned to a  Constitutional Area.  There are 7 constitutiontal areas globally. Each constitutiontal area can be divided into 3-8 areas depending on the number of multiple districts.  Our multiple district is in Constitutional Area 2 where there are 3 smaller areas.    Each constitutional area has a GLT, GMT, and GST constitutional leader and each areas has a GLT, GMT, and GST area leader.  For constitutional area 2, they are as follows:
Constitutional Area 2 GLT Leader PID Roderick Wright
         Area C GLT Leader PCC Polly Voon
Constitutional Area 2 GMT Leader PID J. Carl Young
         Area C GMT Leader PCC Gordon Ziegler
Constitutional Area 2 GST Leader PID Marvin Chambers
          Area C GST Leader PDG Rob Hill


At the LCIF Level
At LCIF there is a Global Action Team chairperson and 3 vice-chairs.
Global Action Team Chairperson PIP Wing-Kun Tam
Global Action Team Vice Chairperson - Leadership PIP Wayne Madden
Global Action Team Vice Chairperson - Membership PIP Mahendra Amarasuriya
Global Action Team Vice Chairperson - Service PIP Barry Palmer


Additional information on the 2017-2020 Global Action Team can be found at the LCIF website.

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