SPOT Vision Screening

Doing children’s vision screening using the four SPOT Vision Screening devices which our District purchased in 2015 has gone well.  Various documents have been developed to aid clubs in screening in their local schools and daycares.   Information on the use of the documents follows, and is available for download:

SPOT Screening Manual

Complete manual which clubs can print for their use in the actual screening process.  Click here to access. 

Gathering Student Information

This is the procedure for the school/day care facility to create a file on a flash drive of information for the children that will be screened. Most clubs are no longer using this method, as they have found it to be more time efficient to manually enter the student's name as an "Edit" on the screen after a student fails the eye test.  This file can speed up the vision screening process by eliminating the need to manually enter the children’s information into the SPOT screening device. 

Banner Use

The custom banner allows you to brand Spot printouts with your Lions Club Banner so the community will know exactly who is offering this life changing service!

Club Banners

Banners have been set up for each club. Alma Center, Altoona, Arcadia, Augusta, Baldwin, Blair, Black River Falls, Boyceville, Cleghorn, Durand, Eau Claire SeymourEleva Strum Elk Mound, Ellsworth, Fountain City, Galesville-Ettrick-Trempealeau, Glen Hills, Hudson, Independence, Menomonie, Mondovi, Osseo, Pepin, Prescott, River Falls, Roberts, Spring Valley, Whitehall & Pigeon Falls, Woodville

Save Kid’s Sight Flyers

Required to be posted at a vision screening per LCI Grant to WLF, especially if it is in public (health fair, etc), (but seldom done in schools).  We suggest sending a digital copy of this to those schools/daycares that will be sending the Opt-Out form to parents in advance of a screening. 

Opt-Out Form

Recommended: Used by many pre-schools, instead of parental permissions requested previously with wall chart screening.  You will need to insert and modify with your club "banner", as well as club name in body.

School Agreement

Use if desired, which provides detail of club’s handling of students’ data, and allows for annual screening.  Need to insert and modify with your club "banner", as well as club name in body.

Parent Referral Letter

Optional: Letter to go with printouts generated for those children who need referral.  Need to insert and modify with your club "banner", as well as club name in body.

SPOT Introduction

Useful, especially pages 2 and 4, to inform school of benefits of Lions using the screening devise. 


Useful tips gathered after years of working with the SPOT camera

Reserving the equipment needed
The below Lions are custodians of of our Districts four SPOT cameras, and can offer assistance when needed.  When your club is ready to request the use of a camera for a specific date, contact a custodian who is conveniently close to you.

Custodian Email Phone Club
PDG Dave Schaefer 715-538-4875 Whitehall
Lion Wyatt Kreutzer 715-379-2762 Menomonie
Lion Connie Gonitzke 715-386-5951 Hudson
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