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District Governor Lion Linda Zwier and PDG Lion Bill Zwier 

2022 - 2023

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Many thanks to Lion WILMA BUSH for bringing us forward into the future. 

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  2022 - 2023 International President Brian Sheehan

 It’s so simple, so fundamental, and so true. Together We Can. President Sheehan believes it. He sees it in his work, in his service and in his wonderful marriage to Lori—teamwork   makes it all work. That’s why Together We Can is his message to Lions, and the world. We see it in our clubs every day. People uniting to build up our communities, to be the helping hand, to change lives. Together. We see it in the work we do with Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF). We take on big life-changing projects that make our communities   healthier, more vital and more sustainable. And we do it together. Lions know we can’t do it alone. To accomplish big things, we all have to pull together, roll up our sleeves and put in the work to make the impossible possible. And we do it with a smile because this is how we live, this is how we serve, and this is who we are as Lions. Every day, we live out the simplicity, the necessity and the absolute beauty of Together We Can.

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