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District Governor Lion Don Radnor gets sworn in by International President Dr. Jung-Yul Choi with the assistance of his lovely wife Lion Ruth Anne

District Governor Don managed to keep us all update with his History lessons during our lockdown

Congratulations to IPDG Lion Susan Taylor as she receives her Past Disrict Governor Award from DG Lion Don Radnor and 1st Vice District Governor Lion Mark Kelso

IPDG Lion Susan and PDG Lion Gord will be leaving our District sometime in February and we hope you will all join us as we wish them all the best on thir next adventure.

PDG Lion Albert likes to share a few soda pops with his fellow Lions once in a while. YES, I am jealous.

Update 5 Feb 21 I started this virtual walk on 18 Jan in Courtice, home of the Courtice Lions club. Today, 5 Feb 21, I have reached the Glenora Ferry just east of Picton with 149Km completed.

Happy 75th Anniversary to the Brighton Lions Club

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