1st Vice District Governor Mark Kelso's Campaign Message

Fellow Lions

When I was appointed to the position of 2VDG in 2019 I never imagined how the world and my role as a leader in our great district would suddenly change. We have been in uncharted waters for over a year now and hopefully there is positive change on the near horizon. Together we have made the very best of a bad situation as you have exemplified the meaning of “We Serve”. You have found new and innovative ways to serve your communities and have embraced new ways of meeting. I know that there are a few clubs who haven’t been able to do much, but I know that they are ready and roaring to get going again as soon as it is safe to do so.

The one thing that I have missed most during this past year is the ability to meet with you in person and to see, first hand, the excitement that your service and meetings bring. I am sending you this note along with my bio (separate attachment) in lieu of a campaign speech, so that you know how I feel about the District and where I see us going as we move into the next Lion’s year as I seek your vote on election day.

I believe that we have a fantastic district where every club is a vital part of their community and every Lion exemplifies our motto “We Serve”.  I see this in the social media postings about your projects and I hear about it from Lions in and outside the district. Our District continues to thrive and I see us moving ahead to where we can be the model District in MDA. We will take our new and innovative service projects started during the pandemic, grow them in size and number continuing to support our communities and the five service focus areas of Lions International; Diabetes, Vision, Hunger, Environment, and Childhood Cancer. Through these projects, and our successes of the past, there is awesome potential for membership growth, increased retention and leadership development.  Together we will grow our district and work towards every club earning the Club Excellence award.

I use the terms “us” and “we” because I can’t, and no one can, do this alone; we all need to continue working together by doing our part to support our clubs and the district to ensure leadership succession. As we work for the betterment of our communities our service projects should be fun; because fun and successful projects will attract new people and will encourage and inspire our current members. Through these projects, leaders will naturally rise to the surface and we will encourage, train and develop them to lead us into the next decades. If you are a Lion who wants to see change, I encourage you to step forward and begin serving your club or district as one of those leaders naturally rising to their potential.

As your DG I will continue to be committed to working closely with the DG team, Cabinet and you to assist with project planning, membership and leadership development. I will be there as a resource, a sounding board and will always answer my phone and e-mail. I truly believe that together we can make this great district even better and that we can impact our communities to a level we have not previously achieved; so long as we do it together.

I humbly ask for your support by voting Lion Mark Kelso District Governor 2021/22 on election day.

Remember always that;


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