District 14-C Lions Equipment Supplies

This list provides contact information for clubs that have medical and other supplies available for use by those in need. If your club would like to be listed, please contact the District Webmaster and/or the District Newsletter editor with the details.


East Prospect Lions:

Supplies: Beds (some electric),Walkers, Wheel chairs, Crutches
Lion Bruce Herbst at 717-252-2265.  The best time to contact him is in the mornings since he goes to work at 2 PM.

Jacksonville Lions Club:
Supplies: Electric hospital beds, wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, canes, bed pans, potty chairs, bath stools
Contact: Lion Dave Evelhoch, 717-422-8907, evelhoch@gmail.com 

Shiloh Lions Club
Supplies: Wheel chairs, adult & child-size aluminum crutches, potty seat risers and potty seat risers with arms, shower chairs, walkers with seat, regular walker, hospital beds, and canes.
Contact: Keith Kraut, 717-764-9791

Updated 10/17/2019



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