Link to District E2 Policy Manual

Link to the District Cabinet and Club Directory. This first few pages are the District Cabinet list and Zone structure. Club listings begin on page 7. To search, either "right click" or press "Ctrl F" and enter.

Link to 2016 - 2017 Expense Voucher

Link to the District E2 Regions/Zones

Link to Club Contribut‚Äčion Information

Link to template for Club Orientation booklet

Link to Hearing Aid application

Link to Sample Awards Worksheet

Link to Louis Gardipee Award application and recipients

Birch-Sturm Fellowship, Ray Hempel Fellowship, and Knight of Sight Fellowship recipients

Link to one method for selecting Melvin Jones recipient

Link to application for 100% Secretary/100% Treasurer

Link to application for 100% President

Link to list of Melvin Jones, Birch-Sturm, Knight of Sight and Ray Hempel Recipients

2016 - 2017 Cabinet Meeting Minutes


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