Lionism comes to Multiple District 60. Lions Club Paramaribo chartered May 8, 1957. Lions Club Paramaribo changed to Paramaribo Central


Lionism extended to Guyana Aug. 23, 1960 Lions Club of Georgetown


Lionism extended to Barbados Dec. 28, 1961 with Lions Club Barbados later name change to LIONS CLUB Bridgetown Barbados

Provisional District P established with Suriname, Guyana and Barbados

First District Governor – Provisional District 60P – Jan van Marion (Suriname) 1961-1963


Lionism extended to Trinidad and Tobago


Trinidad and Tobago joins Provisional District P


Lionism extended to St. Vincent and Grenadines


Lionism extended to Jamaica

Lionism extended to Grenada – Grenada Lions Club


Lionism extended to US Virgin Islands


Lionism extended to St. Lucia



Lionism extended to Antigua and Barbuda

Lionism extended to Dominica


District 60 became a Full District – First District Governor – John Fernandes (Guyana)


Jamaica joins District 60

Lionism extended to St. Maarten

Lionism extended to the Netherlands Antilles


Lionism extended to St. Kitts and Nevis


Lionism extended to Cayman Islands

Lionism extended to British Virgin Islands


First Leo Club established in 60A. Leo club Nieuw Nickerie January 1972. Second Leo club Leo Gado Tjo - Nov 29, 1972.


First District Trading Pin

First time all Caribbean Territories marched as one body at the International Convention with a standard uniform


Proposal put forward to split the District


First Lioness club in Multiple District and 60B with the Lioness Club of Barbados North.  

1976 - 1978

First International Director Louis Chung (Guyana)


First Lioness club in 60A - Lioness Club Felice, sponsored by LIONS CLUB Paramaribo Central, LIONS CLUB Para and LIONS CLUB Paramaribo North March 3, 1977


Lionism extended to Anguilla


Multiple District 60 established (Grenada shifted from Region 3 so that there were enough clubs to form a separate district 60B)

First Multiple District Convention hosted by Kingston-Jamaica, 28 June 1980

First Council Chair IPDG60 Dr. Joe Robinson of Antigua. Vice Council Chair Gopichan Ramcharran DG60A, Member DG60B Cecil Sproul


Lionism Extended to Montserrat


First Mid Year Conference held November 11, Lions Cultural Centre Port of Spain


First Lioness District President 60A – Lioness Anna Marie (Maike) Storm van Leeuwen-Eliazer


First all female Lions Club established in MD60 – Port of Spain Upper Belmont Lions Club

1991- 1992

Lioness clubs converted to Lions Clubs across the Multiple District


Twinning of District 60A and District 63 – signed by DG Iwan Toussaint (60) and DG

Initiative of DGs Stephen Backer (60) and Rudolphe Robinel (63)

Multiple District Uniform established to reflect West Indies Cricket team

1996- 1998

Second International Director – Terence Boswell Inniss  (Trinidad and Tobago)

First Former Lioness to become 1st Vice DG60A - Lion Maike Storm v Leeuwen-Eliazer  (Suriname)  1996-1997.

First Female 1st Vice DG60A - Lion Maike Storm v Leeuwen-Eliazer  (Suriname)  1996-1997.


First Former Lioness to become DG in Multiple District 60 and District 60A – Lion Maike Storm v Leeuwen-Eliazer  (Suriname)

First Female District Governor Multiple District 60 and District 60A – Lion Maaike Storm v Leeuwen-Eliazer  (Suriname)


First Former Lioness to become Council Chair - Alison Sloane-Seale (Trinidad and Tobago)

First Female Council Chair – Alison Sloane-Seale (Trinidad and Tobago)


First Female District Governor 60B  - Shirley Quetel-Hendricks (US Virgin Islands – St. Thomas)


First Former Leo in the Multiple District to become District Governor 60B - Tony Buncamper (St. Maarten)


Multiple District 60 moves from Constitutional Area three (3) to Constitutional Area one (1)


First Former Leo in the District 60A to become District Governor 60A - Nadine Bushell (Trinidad and Tobago)

2016 - 2018

First Former Lioness to become MD 60 International Director - Nicolin Carol Moore (Trinidad and Tobago)

First Female MD 60 International Director - Nicolin Carol Moore (Trinidad and Tobago)


First Former Leo in MD to become Council Chair - Nadine Bushell (Trinidad and Tobago)

Lionism Enters Suriname

Past Council Chairpersons and District Governors.docx

Profiles of Past District Governors

Sub District 60A

Iwan Toussaint 1994-1995.docx

Gerard Jackson 2001-2002.docx

Maria Byron 2007-2008.docx

Glenn Noter 2009-2010.docx

Sean Noel 2017-2018.docx

Profiles of Past District Governors

Sub District 60B

Anthony Smatt 1998-1999.docx

Joan Jordan 2008-2009.docx

June Mc Catty 2010-2011.docx

Claudius Buncamper 2012-2013.docx

Izett Mc Calla 2013-2014.docx

Isaac Solomon 2014-2015.docx

Errol Lee 2016-2017.docx

Profiles of Past Council Chairpersons of

Multiple District 60


Owen Springer 1988-1989.docx

Karl Francis 1990-1991.docx

Edwin Tracey Jones 1994-1995.docx

Stephen Backer 1995-1996.docx

Malcolm Kirwan 1998-1999.docx

Eldridge Stephens 2001-2002.docx

Lindel Smith 2002-2003.docx

Shabir Hussein 2003-2004.docx

Alison Sloane-Seale 2005-2006.docx

John Ebanks 2008-2009.docx

Shirley Hendriks 2010-2011.docx

Bernhard Mossel 2013-2014.docx

Marvin Grant 2016-2017.docx

Nadine Bushell 2017-2018.docx

Sherwin Greenidge 2018-2019.docx

Rudolph Augustin 2019-2020.docx

Profiles of Past International Directors

Terence Boswell Inniss.docx

Nicolin Carol Moore.docx













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